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  1. Currently own a v 348, have had a sabre2 190 in it.. It's a tight fit though. Not sure I would do it again. It's made for a 170 and will fit a 150 as well. But really... My personal opinion is to get a container sized for the canopy You are planning on stuffing in it. Otherwise it's going to be a bitch to pack(especially if new)... Futhermore It won't look good...
  2. i've got it too.. It's awesome fun.. I'm on the ps3.. v3mseries is my psn name..
  3. How about a photo of the winning rig? I'd like to see what i was up against:-) I'm sure it's awesome
  4. Well, they obviously knew, sine I had to get their consent.. Was only 17:-D
  5. Mr. Awesome The Bacon King Optimus prime.. There you have it:-D
  6. I'm by no means an expert, but didn't Mirage move the cutter, so they did pack like the one on your pic? Thats why they started selling reserve PC's with place for the extra bulk? Just a thought..
  7. Well back when i was skydiving regularly I skydived all winter long... That said, weather didn't permit that many jumps, and it was cold as f'ck... Remember to wear some extra clothes, thin gloves, maybe a full face helmet, or at least make sure your goggles seal tight, since my experince with cold winds in my eyes at 200km/h sucked badly. I usuallu did one jump from 13200ft. a day and the rest from 3300ft. Actually one new years eve was the day i got the most jumps ive ever gotten in a single day(5 jumps i think...). cold - yes. Worth it? - I think so. You gotta do what you gotta do:-D Have fun:-D
  8. Well, if you don't feel like spending all your precious jump money on several suits, i'd suggest getting an allround suit. You can get freefly suits with grippers, deepseed and matter makes them, and others do too, I'm sure. For a first suit, I'd buy a deepseed inverter or a Matter matrix. But thats just me. I'm by no means i wise guy. just giving my opinion:-) Have fun with your new suit:-)
  9. Here's my idea:-D Well maybe you should go with the lightning design, since you have a lightning in your logo:-) But i still think my idea rocks...
  10. I've used both Neptune and optima.. Want log and canopy alarms and FF alarms - I's say neptune... Want canopy alarms and FF alarms and the awesome L&B customer service.. Optima... But now they have made 2's and 3's of the stuff so i dont know anymore.. It's not that big a deal, either way I think you'll be happy with your new audible:-D Only reason I switched to neptune is because i lost my optima, and my dealer gave me i dicount on the neptune.. I was definately completely happy with either one of the two. Except from the dfact that i lost my optima in a field when I landed out(removed my helmet to untangle my sabre2 from a fence), but that can hardly be blamed on the audible
  11. I'm pretty sure Wings offer a military discount:-D
  12. When spiraling there is the risk of inducing linetwists, slack lines and other not so nice situations.. But yeah spiraling is great fun - But other fun canopy drills can be done up high:-D Ask around your local DZ. The fun doesnt stop when you are under canopy, but you as, as always, have to keep your wits about you, and stay ahead of the situation. Have fun:-D
  13. Sabre2 150 PD Optimum reserve 160/ PD reserve 143 Cypres 2 Vector 3 Micron 310 Not cheap - But 100% awesome
  14. It all ads up to what your personal preference is. I jump a Vector 3, because i like the feeling of jumping the safest rig out there. (Its just a feeling, I know, at the end of the day, its not "better" than any other of new harness/containers) Here in Denmark the most seen rig, I think, is the Javelin/javelin Odyssey. A lot of people will buy what they see others have. You say that you like the mirage. Why not go for that again? My friend got a Mirage at the same time I got my Vector and the fast delivery time and the kick-ass rig he got, combined with the awesome customer service by Mirage really makes Mirage great. I would definately consider Mirage next time I order a new rig. Blue skies.. NIcolai