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  1. highfly

    not the worst article written about BASE

    I like this quote "It seems that with all the accidents and deaths that it would be a good idea to make it illegal to BASE jump." -- Janet Lets make driving your car illegal too, and how about making ciggies and booze illegal also? Dummy
  2. highfly

    Belly mount

    Thanks for sticking those up Bill. You look liek a happy one in that first pic. Did you make it yourself?
  3. highfly

    VIDEO: Z-Flock 2005 in Burble Flyers

    Thats a great vid. When you gonna release a full version dvd of all your tricks and flights? Out of all the w/s vids Ive seen so far, I like yours the most. Oh thats excluding Loics Mountain sweep of course Great job. Keep it up.
  4. highfly

    first successful back-dock achieved

    Theres a cloud in the perfect shape of proof in the sky?
  5. highfly

    You know you are busted...What to do?

    Youre a lucky boy.
  6. highfly

    Bridge Day 2005 Panoramic Pics Online

    Check out the chick on the 2nd pic. She is at the far left and then the far right. Twins?
  7. highfly

    Bullet Cam Questions

    I think Team Crank use a Bullet cam to take their footage. Drop cpoxon a pm and he should be able to help you.
  8. highfly

    LoL just cant pass Level 6 IAF

    Walk around on yout tip toes all week till you jump. Thatll get those legs straight.