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  1. Heres my dawg. Sadly the radioactivity from Fukishima has hit us bad in NZ..... She's a Shitzu.. www.myspace.com/durtymac
  2. All with this lovely 1 minute video...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e59guruVL4o www.myspace.com/durtymac
  3. Hes been picked to represent SA In the 2016 shooting team. www.myspace.com/durtymac
  4. Thank you thank you thank you...... As soon as I read "Perflare" that was it. I knew you had found it . www.myspace.com/durtymac
  5. There was an old skydiving video from maybe 8-10 years ago where a guy had a mal and managed to free his reserve just in time to get it open before hitting the ground. I do believe he was German and wearing a yellow wingsuit. He almost hit a brick building when landing. I seem to think it may of been one of the Swedish boogies. I also seem to remember this guy having long hair and a goatee. he was a well known wingsuiter back in the days before youtube . The video was hosted on skydiving movies when it was up. Anyone with any ideas? www.myspace.com/durtymac
  6. Ive just found out that my father has Lung Cancer, followed up by a call to tell me that my Aunty also has a form of blood cancer which is rare and untreatable. Nice news on your 40th birthday eh. Sorry about your loss www.myspace.com/durtymac
  7. This happened yesterday near Carterton in New Zealand http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/6226729/Fatal-balloon-crash-victims-named "Police have released the names of the 11 people killed in a balloon crash near Carterton. The 11 died when their Early Morning Balloons flight hit powerlines and burst into flames yesterday. They were this afternoon named as balloon pilot Lance Hopping, 53 of Masterton, Howard and Diana Cox, aged 71 and 63, of Wellington, Desmond and Ann Dean, 65 and 70, of Masterton, cousins Valerie Bennett, 70, of Masterton, and Denise Dellabarca, 58, of Paraparaumu, Stephen Hopkirk, 50, and Belinda Harter, 49, of Lower Hutt, and Johannes (Chrisjan) Jordaan, 21, and Alexis Still, 19, of Wellington. Wairarapa Area Commander Brent Register extended his heartfelt sympathies to the families of those who died in the crash. Police would remain in contact with the victims' families as they came to terms with their loss, he said. Photos of the victims would be released in the coming days. "These families are extremely shocked," Register said. A further two bodies were removed from the scene this afternoon, while another two were bought out by two hearses this evening, under police escort, and in torrential rain. The others would remain at the scene overnight, police said. " RIP www.myspace.com/durtymac
  8. RIP Dave. You have had a lasting impression on my life with that one skydive back in 2002 at Seb. Fly free friend. www.myspace.com/durtymac
  9. How did the ferris wheel not fall over? http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/australia/5716365/Plane-crashes-into-ferris-wheel-in-NSW www.myspace.com/durtymac
  10. Ditto. I guessed straight away www.myspace.com/durtymac
  11. Hey DudeNZ Contact this guy from ASC about a SL course..... TIM FASTNEDGE. ASC Parachute Section - Operations Officer P 0275 701 702 P 09 832 5865 (hm) P 09 827 6567 (wk) E [email protected] W www.skydiveclub.co.nz www.myspace.com/durtymac
  12. Any Comments? www.myspace.com/durtymac
  13. Reactor number 3 has blown.... Not onl this but theres another Tsunami due after another quake of 5 on the scale www.myspace.com/durtymac
  14. Heres a couple of mine from a few weeks back now. Seen as though you like the sunset ones here you go...... http://www.flickr.com/photos/durtymac/5441437464/lightbox/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/durtymac/5440835079/in/photostream/#/photos/durtymac/5440835079/in/photostream/lightbox/ www.myspace.com/durtymac
  15. highfly


    Forget booger picking......... http://www.break.com/index/poo-muncher-caught-on-camera.html www.myspace.com/durtymac