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  1. Thank you thank you thank you...... As soon as I read "Perflare" that was it. I knew you had found it . www.myspace.com/durtymac
  2. There was an old skydiving video from maybe 8-10 years ago where a guy had a mal and managed to free his reserve just in time to get it open before hitting the ground. I do believe he was German and wearing a yellow wingsuit. He almost hit a brick building when landing. I seem to think it may of been one of the Swedish boogies. I also seem to remember this guy having long hair and a goatee. he was a well known wingsuiter back in the days before youtube . The video was hosted on skydiving movies when it was up. Anyone with any ideas? www.myspace.com/durtymac
  3. RIP Dave. You have had a lasting impression on my life with that one skydive back in 2002 at Seb. Fly free friend. www.myspace.com/durtymac
  4. Hey DudeNZ Contact this guy from ASC about a SL course..... TIM FASTNEDGE. ASC Parachute Section - Operations Officer P 0275 701 702 P 09 832 5865 (hm) P 09 827 6567 (wk) E tim@techspanonline.com W www.skydiveclub.co.nz www.myspace.com/durtymac
  5. Hey Dan. If youre on Facebook look a this....... https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/home.php?sk=group_174587035901472 Plenty of freefliers there mate www.myspace.com/durtymac
  6. And I thought Id been out for a while on 6 years. Welcome back www.myspace.com/durtymac
  7. Well funny say say that my friend. Both myself and the wife have been contemplating a little holiday soon. So as soon as Ive saved up for my rig again itll be on. www.myspace.com/durtymac
  8. So after taking the last 6 years off from skydiving due to starting a new life in NZ, a new family and a lack of cash Im back into it. Ive been wondering what has been missing from my life over the last few years in regards to personal activty and have tried Paragliding and Gliding as a replacement to skydiving because part of my mentality was telling me it would be a lot safer and also cheaper, but it just didnt cut it. So I bit the bullet and went to my local dropzone at Whenuapi airbase with http://www.aucklandskydivers.co.nz/ in Auckland and managed to get on a load with an instructor to do a check out dive. We went to 12k and I done a dive exit with 2 drp's a couple of turns, 1 back flip and 1 front flip with a nice track at the end. Pulled at 3.5k I even managed to stand the landing up . Boy it feels good to be back again. www.myspace.com/durtymac
  9. Just watched that and was blown away. Id rate it on par with Jokkes vids if not better. www.myspace.com/durtymac
  10. Heres a video showing the camera system on Felix's world record attempt for the highest skydive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HBAW67wRhc www.myspace.com/durtymac
  11. I gotta say the best pics out of those on the link are the lightning ones. Awesome capture.... I couldve stayed all night long taking pictures of those sparks www.myspace.com/durtymac
  12. Article on BBC News Website http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/8475288.stm The Austrian extreme sportsman Felix Baumgartner says his next goal is to try to break the long-standing record for the highest ever parachute jump. It is 50 years since the American Joe Kittinger made history by leaping from a balloon at 102,800ft (31km). Many have sought to repeat the feat down the decades but all have failed. Baumgartner, who is famous for stunts such as jumping off the Petronas Towers, aims to skydive from a balloon sent to at least 120,000 ft (37km). It is likely that in his long freefall of more than five minutes, he will exceed the speed of sound - the first person to do so without the aid of a machine. "No-one really knows what that will be like," he said. "The fact is you have a lot of different airflows coming around your body; and some parts of your body are in supersonic flow and some parts are in transonic flow. What kind of reaction that creates, I can't tell you," he told BBC News. Rio base jump Felix Baumgartner's base-jumping has not always pleased the authorities Baumgartner and his supporters claim the project will gather scientific data also about the stratosphere and how the body copes with the extreme conditions so high above the Earth's surface. The most recent attempt to try to better Kittinger's mark was made in 2008 by the Frenchman Michel Fournier. Joe Kittinger (USAF) Joe Kittinger made his leap before the first American went into space The former paratrooper and adventurer had spent years preparing for "Le Grand Saut", or Big Jump, only to see his balloon break free and float off into the sky just as he was about to climb inside the ascent capsule. Baumgartner has frequently incurred the ire of the authorities because of his base-jumping - the highly dangerous practice of parachuting from buildings. He also made headlines in 2003 when he crossed the English Channel on a carbon wing strapped to his back. His assault on Kittinger's record is likely to take place later this year over an as yet unnamed location in North America. He will ascend to the stratosphere in a pressurized capsule attached to a 450ft-high (140m) helium balloon, and then jump out at an altitude he hopes will exceed 120,000ft. . He will be wearing a specially modified full-pressure suit and helmet. Altitude graphic (BBC) The organisers of the project called Red Bull Stratos say, if all goes well, he should break the speed of sound about 35 seconds into his descent. Joe Kittinger's 16 August 1960 jump was an extraordinary achievement. It was made nine months before Alan Shepard was even launched on the first American sub-orbital space trip. Kittinger experienced intense swelling in his right hand as his glove malfunctioned and his body reacted to the low pressure at high altitude. "I was headed back down to a friendly Earth," he recalls. "It's extremely hostile up there and the further you fall, the friendlier it is," the retired USAF colonel told the BBC. He is now supporting the Austrian in his endeavour. As well as coping with freezing temperatures and ultra-thin air, a key objective for Baumgartner must be to try to maintain a good attitude during the descent and prevent his body from going into a spin and blacking out. Felix Baumgartner (Red Bull Stratos) Baumgartner acknowledges the risks of breaking the sound barrier If he does go into a spin, it is unlikely, he says, he will be able to correct it. In any case, his chute will be automatically deployed if he is unconscious. Baumgartner has an eye on the benefits he believes can accrue to space exploration, making it possible to bring astronauts back to Earth alive if their vehicle malfunctions. "We want to prove a human person - if they have to bail out of a capsule from 120,000ft - can come back safely to Earth," he explained. Michel Fournier has promised to make another attempt in 2010 also, if he can secure the funding. A BBC/National Geographic Channel documentary is being made about Baumgartner's project. The 90-minute film will be transmitted on BBC Two in the UK shortly after the jump. www.myspace.com/durtymac
  13. Just caught a little segment on our news about Laszlo Csizmadia swooping almost through the Hole in the Rock in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand. The hole in the rock is detailed in the following URl. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/...82510_27ca29249b.jpg Big ups to Laszlo Csizmadia as the hole aint that large. http://tvnz.co.nz/...hole-in-rock-3334882 Vid and full story here www.myspace.com/durtymac