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  1. Dragon, those guys look like they're doing military style static lines. Any reason why?
  2. Can anyone give me the email address of the DZO or of someone high up at Skydive Carolina in Chester, SC? I'm interested in going down there for a jump this weekend, and I have some questions about available gear to rent that will be more easily answered through email.
  3. What exactly went wrong on your landing? Just curious.
  4. How many jumps do you guys think is an acceptable number to start jumping with a camera? I'm not thinking about doing it any time soon, its not like i have the money to buy one anyway, I'm just wondering.
  5. You shouldn't think about buying a rig until you get your license. You have done one tandem, you've probably spent maybe three hours around a dropzone, there is no way you know enough to make an informed decision about what to buy. The question you're asking is like asking which airplane you should buy having ridden in one once. Even if you somehow did have infinite knowledge before you started jumping, which is impossible, you will need a very large student rig until you're certified, and then you may want to downsize to something slightly smaller. Unless you're planning on buying two rigs in a relatively short period of time, don't even think about it till you're close to getting your license. Another point, you may start jumping solo and find out this sport isn't really for you. If you've bought a rig, you're probably going to feel obligated to stay.
  6. I'm 20, unfortunately still pretty dependent on my parents to get through college, so i pretty much have to tell them everything i do that costs money. I told my dad I was going to do a skydive before I did my first, I didn't tell my mom until it was over. Both of them have actually jumped now. Unless you know your parents will freak out about it, there's no reason not to tell them.
  7. Yesterday i had some equalization problems while jumping, when i landed i noticed that my left ear was ringing very loudly, and i couldn't hear much until i stretched my jaw out and it equalized. It hurt for a while after the jump. What could have caused this?
  8. My first freefall was jump 10, I had some problems, but probably would have reached freefall earlier if the wind hadn't picked up multiple times between my last PRCP and first freefall. My main problem with stability during static lines was that i would experience sensory overload, and either completely forget what I was supposed to do, or lose track of what my limbs, especially my legs, were doing. All it took to fix these problems was simply getting used to being outside the airplane. Once i was comfortable, I could recognize what my body was doing, correct it, and do it right. Obviously i completely respect these people for sticking with it and trying to figure the thing out, I'm just wondering how problems before PRCP could last for as long as some of these people are saying they have. Can the people just not get comfortable outside the airplane? Because as long as you are semi aware of what is going on when you're outside the airplane, all you have to do is let go and arch.
  9. I haven't jumped since November, and I'm planning on going out for a jump or two tomorrow. I feel like i've remembered everything I've learned, but of course want to be on the safe side before i jump. Obviously I'm going to do whatever my instructor tells me I need to do, but I'm just wondering what is usually considered too long to go in between jumps before someone needs to go through some kind of recurrency course before they can jump again.
  10. Just jumped, forty degrees on the ground, wasn't too bad. The gloves i was wearing were absolutely not sufficient though I had trouble getting my hands through the toggles because i couldn't control my fingers.
  11. What about after your first cutaway? I hold a skydiving license, but i've never had a major malfunction. I don't think i'll go from feeling like someone who skydives to a skydiver until I KNOW that i can remain calm and do everything humanly possible to save myself in an emergency. And i won't find that out until it happens.
  12. I can understand why you wouldn't want to wear a suit, but I know that i am going to bust my ass occasionally on landing, and when i'm sliding across the ground on my face, i want some material protecting my skin, and I sure as hell want a helmet protecting my head. So personally, I'll never jump without a helmet, and unless i'm planning on landing in water, i'll never jump without something protecting my skin.