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  1. This made me think of Chopper Reid. Harden the fuck up!
  2. Ya, I imagine most tunnels would frown on you having a phone inside. But surely you could put it inside an inner suit pocket or velcro it to your pubes or something else acceptable. The accelerometer would work fine in your pocket in the air or in the tunnel. There are plenty of GPS devices for sky. Someone here was working on importing KML files exported from a Garmin into google earth for wingsuit flights (FlyingRenhquist sp?, was the username).
  3. I'm a programmer as well and have thought of making some sort of skydiving app. It seems there's already apps for logging, planning, wingloading, landing etc. Maybe capture accelerometer data during tunnel flight and display it graphically? I haven't seen it yet, but it probably exists somewhere.
  4. This has already been addressed and patched.
  5. I use Bank of America and you can login to their web interface and set a "I'm going to be in England between these dates" .. so they don't flag it as suspicious activity and stop the card.
  6. That sounds like the Money Pak or the Homeland Security virus. If so, MBAM won't remove it and you may not be able to boot into safe mode.
  7. Good point. I hadn't considered that. I'm a programmer, so feature-creep is in my nature.
  8. That's pretty cool. Maybe consider putting the states in a select menu and only display the station drop down for the chosen state so you don't have all 50 selects on the page at one time? It's simple with JQuery.
  9. That pic is also on this site -> It's probably a stock image. There appears to be a cameraman in Empuriabrava by the same name as the one in the exif data.
  10. FWIW .. That image was taken on 4-15-2012 by Claudio Troncoso - CircovolantE.
  11. I asked this a couple weeks ago and someone came up with a creative use for them .. dogfighting wingsuits.
  12. That's Iggy Pop isn't it?
  13. I have an expired Cypres 1. Is there anything fun/cool/useful that can be done with it? Is there a way to manually test the cutter without tossing it out of an airplane just to see "what if?"
  14. Theoretically, the ship could turn upside down and the flyer would remain in place if the lift generated by the air speed difference between the flyer and the walls was greater than gravity. But ya, I kinda doubt a human would produce a nice, laminar flow.