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  1. Typical american response... No substance, no logic, no intelligence..
  2. Shouldn't these kind of features be tested under different circumstances and configurations and be proven 100% reliable BEFORE the product goes on sale?
  3. Mythbusters said its real... I call that good marketing! I recon they will feature this on their next episode :P
  4. make the 1k my FFC! ;) Its a winner!
  5. Teigen

    Bully ownage!

    The bigger kid could easily have pounded him back to the stoneage after that slam! But chose to step away from the situation after making his point! I think that shows that he's a good guy and not even remotely a bully! When it comes to walking away from stuff like this.. I would rather have a kid that would know how to say "enough is enough" even if it meant throwing a fist or slamming someone to the ground! WAY to many kids are instantly pushed down to the bottom of the pecking order early in school! Be it their appearance, disabilities or personality. And alot of them remain there and grow up to be pussies! Afraid to question stuff an stand up for themselves! Some even have psychological problems! I know some hatin be coming my way now, but im a huge fan of Joe Rogan (UFC host, MMA fighter and Fear Factor host) and i tune in to his weekly podcasts, and he once had a discussion about this! And he was talking about how he thought giving kids the opportunity to learn how to fight early in school could help alot of people grow up with better confidence in themselves! Its all about attitudes towards the use of force!
  6. Teigen

    Bully ownage!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOWwA_Z7xR8 Best....... Video...... EVER!
  7. Haha! My service would go way beyond shooting photos if someone did that! And i do mean waaaaaaaaay beyond!
  8. Wish i could come this year! It was my goal even! If it wasn't for Bill's WS ban and me jacking my knee up back in october i would be in the flock by now! Oh well! Some other time! If i had the money i'd fly over and do my remaining 15 or so jumps to get my FFC started with Jarno! And be your ground camera bitch for the time being! :P
  9. Johnmatrix I dont produce wingsuits darling. But that can all change tonight. a prediction for the near future....replies like....is there a little bit of wingsuit flyer in you? no...want some? and more bad jokes about bird-seed. Love where this is going.... Sssshhhhh!!! Lou is here!
  10. lol Jakee.. I blame the couch weed, it makes me miss stuff from time to time...
  11. No I didn't. She wouldn't be the first person to claim to be a hot 23 year old, would she? For all I know it could be my uncle Dave! Well she didnt claim anything, that was MY statement :P And its definetily not your uncle Dave! Stop arguing kids, spinning your wheels gets you fucking nowhere!
  12. Well, you knew it wasn't her and still posted a link..... @G: Stalking is fun!
  13. lol jake fail, i thought only 12 year olds still pulled that one! Think about it Giselle, where could i possibly find photos of you you dummy!
  14. Haha! I don't know what type of guys you prefer but once you get into skydiving you're staying with skydivers ;) Im just here for the drama! Like mccordia, having a beer or two while watching this unfold has made my evening complete! Seeing how easily some people are offended just makes me want to push a few random buttons on the panel to see wether the shit hits the fan, or misses it completely! I've got nothing against people persuing a dream or vision (unless its based on some kind of religion). You obviously have something you want to persue, and i say go for it! Just avoid debates with people on message boards! Because as you can see nothing really came out of this! As for how i know you're hot... Lets just say i do know!! And you would look pretty awesome in a wingsuit.. (PF ofcourse) EDIT: quick tip, take that ws avatar off and put a nice photo of yourself on there in stead! That way you will get the good kind of attention and not the silly kind!
  15. Giselle! You're hot and all, and i'd definetily bone you in a heartbeat (alltough i really prefer brunettes) But you're on a sinking ship with this thread! And as far as your knowledge goes, about the physics involved in wingsuit assisted human flight. You're way off track! You have yet to jump out of a plane and you're allready in cahoots with two WS manufacturers? Can you get us some statements from those two to document that? PS: saying my post is disrespectful goes in my ear, and then out of my dickhole!