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  1. steveorino

    Age of active TIs

    Let me update my answer. The DZO is closing in on 50 and I'm 64 with 3000 tandems. Heck I have over a 1000 tandems on my new knee. Age is a hell of lot more than a number! STEVEMACHINE!
  2. steveorino


  3. steveorino


  4. That's why I sold my 3 and bought another 2. It is hard to compete with a 2 giving them 4x the amount of pics even if the 3 is better quality.
  5. steveorino

    video on tandems

    IMHO, numbers only give part of the story. I want someone who can fly their body without thinking, be very safety conscious, who will listen to me, who won't freak my student out with their stories, and knows where to fly (low and in front) to get a good shot. If they can do that before 500 ... fine (most likely it takes 300+ jumps to obtain those skills, and those jumps are better spent doing RW and coaching, not free-flying or hop n pop swoops) If they have 1000 jumps and can't do that, I won't allow them to jump with me and my student.
  6. steveorino

    RSL on Tandems

    I'm not a big fan of them. I don't have them on my personal rigs as I use to do a lot of camera jumps and I wanted the separation time. I know they have a purpose, but personally I prefer no RSL.
  7. steveorino

    Geriatric tandem instructors

    Dave, I'm 53 ... and counting. I work out 4 days a week plus the skydiving on weekends (Cessna). I do stretch a lot ... nothing designed, just simple stretches. Plus I lift light weights to keep strong. I have cut out process sugars for the past 4 months and while I'm no svelte, flat-belly twenty-something, I can hold my own.
  8. steveorino

    Linetwists on Tandems

    I had one on an older Icarus. We were twisted half way up (at least it seemed that way) I think I figured 16 twist. IMHO the passenger helps the most by staying still. Mine was trying to help me untwist and he was only making things worse. After only getting out of half of them by 2500, I chopped.
  9. steveorino

    Tandem Students jumping with stuff

    Two marketing people that were working on a Sonic Drive In ad. One jumped with a Sonic bag and the other was sucking on a Sonic shake
  10. steveorino

    Eyes, Altis, and Audibles

    I was jumping my new VISO last Saturday. I had made a demo the night before w/o incident. I was messing with it and I guess I put it on speed instead of altitude. I was on a 10K tandem and once I threw the drogue I looked at the altimeter. It said 120 ??? I checked my handles and looked again. Still 120, but then I realized it said 120 MPH! I kept a close watch on the ground and pulled at what i thought was the correct altitude. My protrack (which I keep in my pocket during hot days w/o a helmet) said I pitched right on time.
  11. steveorino

    First tandem this weekend

    Let us know how it all went.
  12. steveorino

    Age is only in your mind

    Why thank you! Uh, you were talking about me, were you not? Actually, I know my driver's license says I'm 52, but I hang out with people 10-20 years younger than me and while my back aches a bit, I feel young. I agree with you, age is an attitude, not a number!
  13. I try to make it "memorable'. My 1000th was because I videoed my wife's first (and only, so far) tandem. Maybe for my 2000th I'll take her. I have other income besides skydiving, but it is money I need to live on.
  14. steveorino

    Handicam Incidents? Have one? heard of one?

    I have had a reserve ride as a TM with a handicam and it posed no interference whatsoever for my emergency procedures.
  15. steveorino

    DZ Obstacles

    Almost none. Big open landing area at our DZ. It would appear intential to hit anything besides the hangers. Well, there was this one girl who landed in the only tree on the DZ about 1/2 mile north of the hanger.