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  1. I replaced my Left Knee in April 2016 - I was jumping by June and doing tandems by July - It was sore, and originally hard to bend fully, but I rehabbed that mother like no tomorrow. I replaced my Right Knee in December and didn't jump until March or April. It stayed stiff until this month. I rehabbed it hard this time too, but I'm older 65+ so the time to heal was a lot slower. My surgeon brags to his patients I have 1600 jumps on my new left knee.
  2. Let me update my answer. The DZO is closing in on 50 and I'm 64 with 3000 tandems. Heck I have over a 1000 tandems on my new knee. Age is a hell of lot more than a number! STEVEMACHINE!
  3. BSBD Hand carved, original, OOAK, Hobo Nickel on EBay now. steveOrino
  4. I carved this for a GK and it got lost in the mail so I made him another one. Today the Post Office returned it to me. It is now on EBay for anyone who wants to bid on it. steveOrino
  5. The time on EBay on this one is almost up. I included another skydiver coin with it. Two for the price of one! steveOrino
  6. That is a damn nice one! Thank you -- I'm learning as I go steveOrino
  7. One more on Ebay. I'm getting better. steveOrino
  8. latest with full face helmet. Available on Ebay steveOrino
  9. steveOrino
  10. Check out my latest Hobo Nickel on Ebay steveOrino
  11. Unless it is cold I don't wear a helmet now (I did when I started because I wore a protrack) Most of my students don't either. I only have 2500 tandems but have never been head butted because I'm looking UP at the canopy as I deploy. And as one who was given head lice by a pastor visiting from Africa, I don't blame people for not wanting to put a hat on their head worn by 100s of people. steveOrino
  12. One halloween I jumped in a reggae dread lock wig under my helmet. As I deployed I felt a hesitation before canopy inflation. Then I felt the canopy open. A good assumption was the dreads got caught in 3 ring system or risers. Never again! steveOrino
  13. +1 Nothing prepares you for the AFFI course like practicing Cat C&D jumps with an AFFI or a tunnel rat who knows what that is. And learn to teach a class. All the 4 way skills in the world won't help you with that part of the course. IMHO docking on a 4 way ain't nothing like chasing a student across the sky, stopping spins and flipping upside down students. steveOrino
  14. The man has 18,000 jumps! You think he may have some muscle memory for that? I only have 4000 jumps and 2400 have been tandems I have found myself checking the drogue release on a jump or two with my regular rig. LOL! steveOrino
  15. Everyone is judged by the color of their skin these days (not their character or content of their heart) We are a long ways away from what MLK envisioned (Black President, senators, Doctors, judges, QBs, etc non withstanding) steveOrino
  16. Good for you! I'm 61+ and did 10 last Saturday and 6 Sunday. This week should be more! steveOrino
  17. How about when they can longer pass the FAA medical? I fail to see that chronological age has much bearing. I know an 86 year old guy who is far fitter than many 35 year olds. Amen! and amen! I'm 61 and I don't want to retire because of some arbitrary age. I can stay with the 20 & 30 year olds just fine. When I can't pass a FAA physical will be my signal. steveOrino
  18. I'm a big believer that the ground control should have a Instructor rating, but I cannot find anything that is published that specifies it. I guess our friends up north (Canadians) have it written in B&W. I think USPA should have something written down, but no one is citing it. steveOrino
  19. What are the qualifications to operate the ground radio for students? Please site source (BSR, SIM, etc plus page #) steveOrino
  20. Id like to do more than Bring in a game ball or flag. I want to add smoke and other pyrotechnics steveOrino
  21. Anybody know where I can buy that book? steveOrino
  22. I have had my PRO rating for 12+ years and have made 100s of demo jumps into High School football games, pro baseball games, etc. We have used smoke and flags. I know the basics, but is there a resource for improving? I want to develop our demo team into one of the most professional demos teams in our area. Any suggestions for taking it to the next level? steveOrino