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  1. soulbabel

    Cookie G3 with custom MIRROR chrome visor

    Looks cool, but will it end up blinding people if they look at you while you happen to be facing towards the sun?
  2. soulbabel

    Suit cut:legs

    You'll be fine with the straight legs. Usually when you move to a tighter suit, it will have spandex at the joints so that you still have a great range of movement. Tonfly Uno618 or Vertical Suits Raptor for example.
  3. soulbabel

    Wind tunnel coming to Virginia in 2013!

    The tunnel will need support from the skydiving community to be built at its currently proposed location:
  4. soulbabel

    YouTube removing music?

    You need to check settings in your video editing program for the problem, because YouTube isn't capable of muting out just a part of your audio track: Try watching the source file you uploaded for this video, and see if the music is missing there as well.
  5. soulbabel

    GoPro Fullface Mount from Square1

    Here's the picture of the GoPro mounted on the Phantom X. I prefer the Z1 visor over goggles during freefall, and I like being able to lift the visor up when under the canopy, so I was never interested in mounting my GoPro on top of my helmet and losing these abilities. But after seeing the new visor mount, I tried the same positioning with the basic mounts that came with my GoPro. The only mount that allowed me to angle the camera correctly was rather long (see attached pictures.) It's only gaffer taped on, because I wasn't too thrilled about it and doubt I'll jump it like this anyhow. So I'm wondering how well the Square1 mount will work on a Z1 visor. Anyone have thoughts about the Square1 mount?
  6. soulbabel

    TonFly Uno?

    I should be getting mine within the next three weeks, so I don't have any actual experience with the final product. I know one other Paraclete member has been flying the Uno already, and I've heard it seems to be holding up pretty well. One piece of advice I can offer, is to contact them through email, because Giovanni is awesome at customer support. Over the course of two weeks, he answered all my questions as I slowly figured out how I wanted to design my suit. He sent me all the premade logos they have available for embroidery and a PDF of thread colors you can select from. And since I placed my order through email, I had way more flexibility than the online order form allowed. I actually took a screenshot of their suit coloring flash app, and superimposed which logos and the thread coloring on the suit to give him a solid blueprint for how I wanted the suit. I left the exact sizing and placement in his judgement though. I couldn't pick a spandex other than black or red, though, even though the image on the site has a suit with gold spandex. I found some pictures on their facebook page, "Tonfly Corner", that really showed some nice color schemes that can be done regardless. Their flash coloring program doesn't really represent the actual fabric colors very well, so I used the pictures to better gauge the colors. I've attached the ones I thought were really nice. For payment, I used paypal as the bank transfer was actually going to be more expensive for me, because of my bank's additional fees. Using Paypal added an extra 4.5% to the total cost. We don't have to pay VAT, but shipping was 26 euros. Without any custom embroidery, the cheapest the total cost will be is around $580. The custom logos really add personality to the suit, so I added 4 of them. What's nice is he doesn't charge for some of the Tonfly logos. You'd need to get some clarification on that from him, though. I'll let you now how my suit does after I fly it. Right now, I have a really positive impression of the Tonfly company. The only downside would be having to send back the suit from US to Slovakia for any size adjustment.
  7. soulbabel

    Jumping in Virginia

    Both good DZs. I would just go to which ever one is closer. If you want to fly belly, though, Skydive Westpoint definitely has a ton of belly jumpers. If planes make a difference, Suffolk has a PAC, and Westpoint has a King Air (I think).
  8. soulbabel

    HD drills?

    If you can't back carve yet, try learning that at belly speeds. It took me awhile to get used to the awkwardness of the posture, and it's also good for resting your muscles when your hd training starts wearing you out. Once you get the back carve, it'll make it easier to learn inward facing carving at hd speeds.
  9. soulbabel

    indoor skydiving in germany
  10. soulbabel

    July 4th east coast boogies?

    I'm not sure how helpful this info will be for you, since you're looking for wingsuiters, but Skydive Crosskeys in New Jersey has a July 4th boogie where tickets are $17.76. I've only jumped there two years ago when I was on coaching status, so I didn't pay attention as to whether they had wingsuiters or not. The place was crazy busy when I was there though.
  11. soulbabel

    Tonfly Uno 618

    I don't have any personal experience flying those suits, but I know all the instructors at Paraclete XP recently switched to the Raptor. They seemed to like them alot compared to their old suits, perhaps one of them might chime in and elaborate. Also, I think this thread might be seen by a more appropriate audience in the windtunnel board, since the suits in question are more tunnel suits. In terms of style, I think the Uno suit looks nicer, but you might want to also look into BoogieMan suits, too.
  12. I got off the net after about 3 to 4 hours of hd training. For me, it just finally clicked and I was off the net, but I still have a long ways to go to be a proficient hd tunnel flyer. Normally the fans are not super fast, to prevent you from hurting yourself if you cork out. The problem with slow speeds is that you really need to work your legs to get enough lift. If you look stable/balanced on the net though, I think the operator will slightly increase the speeds to help you out. The good news is you can probably fly head down in the sky without corking, although, it might take a few jumps to get adapted.
  13. soulbabel

    Skydive Suffolk Training Center

    This is my home dropzone, but now that I have been able to visit other dropzones over my first year of jumping, the more I consider myself lucky to have this as my home dropzone. My favorite policy at this dropzone is that you after you do 5 jumps in a day, tickets are half price for the rest of the day. Usually I'll do about 10 jumps a day for $175, which over time saves alot for experienced jumpers. Also, because the PAC 750XL is so fuel efficient, it doesn't require alot of jumpers to start the plane and run hot loads which is great for slow business days. The dz only requires a single AFF or tandem student, or 7 fun jumpers to get the plane started (and then only 5 fun jumpers to keep the loads hot). I've been on loads with just a single tandem student, and the ride to altitude was incredibly fast, even for a PAC. Like any other dropzone, there are some things I'd like to see improved upon. However, despite any drawbacks, I'm still having a ton of fun at this dropzone. Although my student training progressed a little slow at this dropzone (mainly due to wind holds last summer), my jump numbers rocketed once I had my A license and my own rig. I've been able to do over 300 jumps in my first year jumping at this weekend only dropzone, and at a pretty good discount. This dropzone is excellent for any fun jumpers looking for a home. Plenty of skillful jumpers, spaceball jumps (if the jump run allows), and a friendly atmosphere. I plan on calling this my home dropzone for a long time.
  14. soulbabel

    Skydance Davis, vs. Skydivesac

    You will need to do at least 25 jumps to get an A license, so you can try both dropzones to figure out which one suits you better. You don't have to do all your jumps at the same place.
  15. soulbabel

    Cookie Atomic update

    Big thanks for the update, because I was also wondering about that helmet.