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  1. I bought a 135 loading it at 1.64. I clearly didn't know anything about good flare before getting underneath this wing. Transitioning from rears to toggles is an absolute pleasure. Just when I think I used everything up on the rears, the breaks make any swoop a nice soft step off the curb. I could never really get too much harness input on my sabre2 either. I can basically spiral this thing with my breaks stowed. The openings are in no way as bad as everyone says. I was terrified at first. I've put 100 jumps on it and it's only twisted up on me once which was definitely packing error. For the most part, despite the sometimes searchy-snivelly openings, they are on heading. I dig it and plan on jumping it for sometime to come.
  2. Chems and strobe. Not that lit that up, just the requirements. Although...pyro would be sick.
  3. Anyone have any tricks and tips on how to utilize the stock flash on a canon rebel for night jumps? Settings and everything else? Thanks dudes!
  4. I've had my sl1 for 2 or 3 weeks and like it so far. Still gotta dial it in BIG time and definitely have years of learning ahead of me. The body is super light though. Battery is better than I anticipated. Sucks that the card/battery are on the bottom though...
  5. In my hour of tunnel flying...I found myself more nervous than my first BASE jumps. Respect the tunnel. I saw a girl slam into the glass while carving on her head. Dislocated her shoulder. Crazy shit.
  6. Tonfly 2xplus, hero3+, canon sl1, canon 10-22mm, pro mouth switch. Yiew!
  7. Hey dude, I just got an Sl1 with a canon 10-22mm. My primary use is going to be for tandems but will also probably use it for freeflying and some ground stills. What do you recommend with this set up? Right now I'm at evaluative metering, AI servo (on burst), and Ive been playing around with the ISO and shutter speed. My first couple of shots haven't been that sharp but I'm working on it...
  8. Just bought an SL1 and have a Canon 10-22mm on it. Definitely need some suggestions on ISO, shutter speeds for different lighting environments. I know there are other threads out there and I will look, but humor me if anyone on here has some good stuff they want to share. Thanks dudes.
  9. Buy yourself a c182 inspection port off ebay, drill a hole in it and mount a tripod mount on it or an adhesive. Screw the inspection port in. Enjoy.
  10. it's a 170 so I'm assuming 2inches out of trim isn't going to kill me. Think i'm going to try and put at least another 100 jumps on it. Thanks for the input dudes.
  11. So I'm doing patches...yep. Thank you all for your input. PD says that its 2.5 inches out of trim and I should get it relined while i'm at it. What do you guys think? Is this a "you need new break pads" sort of thing? Should I wait until I really need a new line set or just go for it now?