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  1. A few things I like to practice in the tunnel: 1. Without wings slow fly. Try to fly as slow as possible. Learn the optimal body position and how engaged I need to make my legs. 2. Focus on keeping my head stable. You can really spend time on locking your head and the helmet in the tunnel. A shaky head=shaky video. 3. Mantis position. Slide slides. Using your knees not your arms. Basic belly to the earth body flight will make you such a better flier. Depending on your wings setup you may need to wear a climbing harness and tape up any exposed metal in the tunnel. I personally would spend as much time working on belly skills before working with wings. Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  2. With dropbox you can sync which ever folder you want on your children devices and you don't need the full mirror. It's an extremely cheap and mindless solution. With that said, I personally copy my content to a RAID redundant NAS after an event (photos & video). I keep my treated photos on dropbox and a boogie season's worth of raw photos on my laptop for quick access. I also keep a complete mirror of my NAS at my folks house (or leave at work or the dropzone for you) which gets updated about twice a year. Granted I have all my life's content so I have a lot more than 1TB to worry about. If I was to spend time on it, I would use AWS Glacier/S3 and doing a Rsync off of a local NAS. In all honesty, use dropbox until you outgrow the service. It's like a whole $9/month for 1TB. Also, leave a yearly/quarterly backup-backup somewhere just incase. Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  3. Evh, contact me directly ( and lets get your unit fixed. Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  4. A lot of what occurs with the HYPEYE ALPHA is limited by the Multi Term protocol itself. In the case of the bite switch, the status only indicates the state of the switch and not feedback from the camera. The photo activation for the X3000 is an additional feature we added, although not perfect, I feel its useful for some. I do wish the Sony Multi Term gave us feedback when a shot was taken, but it unfortunately does not. This is all documented in the instructions and page located on the product page. Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  5. The camera itself has a 1/4-20 mount. I would lose the waterproof housing and use a standard camera plate. There is a fairly inexpensive up lens cover you can buy. The camera itself is fairly robust without the waterproof housing. Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  6. We are now shipping the HYPEYE Alpha Indicator and Control System for the latest Sony Cameras. It controls Multi Term equipped Sony Camcorders, Action Cams, and Mirrorless Cameras. Take a look at the product webpage for more details. I tend not to get on here much lately so please to email me directly for specific questions not answered by the page and videos. Full disclosure. It's my product. -Trunk Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  7. Unfortunately there is no status other then recording started. The market just isn't there or we would have productized it a while back. Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  8. When I spoke to the sony rep sounded like it was piezo based vs the boss systems. I left the meeting feeling like we would have an issue but I've been wrong before. Basically someone just needs to man up and jump it. Buy more Turned On's so I can afford to buy cameras again :-) Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  9. The comparison of the two frame rates is misleading. I shot the video with intents of just seeing the slow motion differences between the two cameras and then did a full blown analysis on it. Unfortunately with not jumping much this past weekend, I don't have much footage to compare. If i was I would just pull this review down. -Trunk (HYPOXIC)
  10. Just because your final output is not 4K does not mean that shooting in 4K is pointless. Best example is a photo taken by a High end slr vs a simple point and shoot and uploaded to Instagram (600x600). You still can tell the better camera. Of course dynamic range, bit rate, color correction, etc all play into the equation. Also, recording with higher res than your output will allow you to perform more cropping, pans, and other interesting camera movements and post tricks. I have not seen the user manual yet, but seeing tidbits about electrical stabilization performed by the DSP. Electronic stabilization generally requires cropping of the FOV and in some cameras, lowers the bitrate. We've seen some nasty artifacts with Electronic stabilization in other POV and generally just turn it off. Watch the GoPro demo video at Ultra High Def on youtube. It's no "RED", but the glacier ice climb has some awesome imagery. The contrast in the white glacier is sick for a $500 camera. I'm sold from that shot alone. The exposure adjustment for night time lapses is pretty slick. We'll see if a nighttime star shots look as good as their demo. The nice thing about this exposure control is we can finally lock the exposure really low, so exits shots always look perfect. [business related here]Looks like Turned On by HYPOXIC will also work with the HERO4, but until I have one, I will not know for sure. Stay Tuned /business related here Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  11. I finally posted a video showing the differences between these two systems. Turned On is a status indicator. Everything else just tells the user there is power to the camera. This Comparison Video should clear up all the misconceptions. Trust me, its worth the short wait. Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  12. I'm sorta proud. Amy Chmelecki today used her Turned On during the Red Bull Air Force's jump over NYC and loved it! If you haven't heard, the Kickstarter is also fully funded so we should be in production soon! Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  13. The cameras are ok, its just you can't control them with the single wired protocol that the HYPEYE uses. Because of the cost of tooling their proprietary connector, developing a new board, reverse engineering their protocol, then coding a new product, I've decided to hold off at this time creating a new HYPEYE for these products. Since most everyone is moving to POV cameras, it just does not make financial sense. Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  14. One thing that no one mentioned yet is your kill line on your slider. Just be cautious that it does not go between the two cameras. Perhaps just a small piece of gaffers tape? I personally had my chop-line for my RDS loop around one of my two gopros one day. Gave me a chill for a half a second while I cleared it. Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC
  15. I wrote an article on these existing GoPro indicators to shed some "light" on how they work and why they will not put most people to ease. Moderators take down if you feel its inappropriate. Trunk's Blog HYPOXIC's Instagram Like HYPOXIC