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  1. trunk

    Sony A7II IBIS for video?

    When I spoke to the sony rep sounded like it was piezo based vs the boss systems. I left the meeting feeling like we would have an issue but I've been wrong before. Basically someone just needs to man up and jump it. Buy more Turned On's so I can afford to buy cameras again :-)
  2. trunk

    GoPro Hero 4 Silver vs Black - Hypoxic Comparison

    The comparison of the two frame rates is misleading. I shot the video with intents of just seeing the slow motion differences between the two cameras and then did a full blown analysis on it. Unfortunately with not jumping much this past weekend, I don't have much footage to compare. If i was I would just pull this review down. -Trunk (HYPOXIC)
  3. I believe under the covers you are going to still see the a7 processor but with a better heat sink design and better power handling. Doubt you'll be seeing as much thermal issues as with the Hero3. The K20 processor used for handing the wifi tasks is now something different and has balls. The power supervisor was hopefully upgraded and get rid of the power cycle twitches. The new mic on top gives better audio. The battery has been increased to 1500mah. And the lens is newer optics than the past hero3 black. Their Superview Mode is a method which uses the full 4:3 sensor, and then uses an algorithm to pulls and squeeze and somehow not make it look distorted. We'll see... The color calibrations where really worked upon as well as the dynamic range in low light. Out of the box you are going to see a better wifi experience, a box that is easier to use with bigger push buttons, and a good change with battery life. I'm surprised that they gave the silver 1080p60 but I guess that is to keep it competitive with the market place. -Trunk (PS Gopro's last rev fixed most of the major issues with the HERO3 firmware)
  4. Need to test it under tension. The only issue with the G3 is the chin material is an inherit hook so even unclipping does not remove this snag. With that said, I've personally been able to push off my G3 with it clipped under tension with force from vertical and ~25degrees without unclipping anything. Your results may vary.
  5. trunk

    Sony AS15/25 firmware update

    Sweet. Never expected Sony to release an update. I'll give it a shot. Hopefully it changes my mind about the camera.
  6. trunk

    Gopro 3 (black) file numbering

    Nope. I generally copy and reformat each time I download into a descriptive folder and just kill non-used files within there. Also remember you can sort by date so the numbering doesn't help me out a bunch. Another note, after a few months, you'll find that setting your date is very very important!
  7. trunk

    Permanent mount for HD ghost??

    Don't use the clip, just a 1/4-20 bolted to your helmet.
  8. trunk

    GoPro reverse image

    Reversed like text is backwards or upside down as top is bottom and bottom is top? The latter situation is a setting. The other one try with a different player/computer and see if you have the same issue. Otherwise contact gopro.
  9. trunk

    GoPro Hero3 mystery videos.

    Try opening up the the LRV file of the same name in VLC and see what it is. The LRV is a super low res version for viewing over wifi. You may have to rename it .mp4 That is odd none-the-less.
  10. trunk

    Holiday Boogies to Attend This December

    Seriously? The two major us boogies aren't even mentioned. Invasion in Sebastian and Holiday Boogie at Skydive Arizona.
  11. trunk

    GoPro 3 on Preorder

    Here is more of a summary for us actual users: [url]GoPro 3 Changes[/url] I will update as soon as I know more.
  12. Yep, You'll need a swivel clamp too. That is what allows you to "sight" the ringsight. [url]Ringsight Fundamentals[/url] -Trunk
  13. 1) It is not usable without it. There is nothing holding the flange into the mount. 2) a) Contact whomever you bought it from and see if they can't lend you one out of their stock until they can get one in from cookie. b) Contact Cookie composites via and have them post/sell? you one. c) I believe the demo box is at chutingstar in deland, perhaps they would be so kind to get one out of their parts kit. (cookie composites maybe able to shed some light onto who might have some spare parts) d) Take your girlfriend's sex toy and cut off a chunk of silicone that fits the void where the "kidney" goes. ;-) Sorry but I don't have one here. You can probably get away with making one by injecting the void with some RTV silicone and letting it dry that is if none of the above solutions work for you, but then again its probably worth the wait so you don't loose a camera or kill someone on the ground. -Trunk
  14. trunk

    GoPro in 3D box - video+photo?

    You basically need to have one camera setup in 1 button mode and the other can be setup in normal or 1 button mode. Don't use the sync cable, and just turn on the two cameras.
  15. Unfortunately no. The cheaper route other than buying a new computer would be using a media player that allows you to continuously play the files in order (AC Ryan, western digital, etc (do your homework first as not sure if these do that but sure some do)). Just connect your gopro to the media player via usb, the rca output to your board and there you go. I don't know if this is a feature going forward on the gopro, but I do know similar ambrella chipset based cameras have the same methodology.