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  1. It's almost as if Brent doesn't really understand what he's commenting on.
  2. Go on then, why don't you read and digest that paper, and summarise what it ACTUALLY means back to us. (Hint: the answer almost certainly isn't what you think it is.)
  3. Having visited a few times, pretty sure there is no requirement. Of course I have generally come from "safe" countries.
  4. Back to biology school for you. Some homework for you; Define "biologically complete organism"
  5. There is no legitimate scientific OR religious basis for the GOP point of view on this one, it's purely a control thing. In fact, as you say, in the bible first breath is the point at which life begins so in this case it is actually science that is more restrictive.
  6. Stumpy


    To be fair, it doesn't specify which god. Loki probably feels pretty honoured.
  7. Stumpy


    Agreed. Veterans don't have a monopoly on that either.
  8. Stumpy


    Nonsense. Plenty of people do unpleasant, dangerous and often life threatening work to benefit others, usually for very little money.
  9. It's a sign of how moronic the man is that I had to check quickly if that was a satirical site.
  10. Most talented guy I ever jumped with. Didn't know him well but my heart goes out to his friends and loved ones. Fly Free.
  11. Or if a plane can take off on a treadmill?
  12. Yeah good job they did that to prevent an imminent war.