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  1. I heard this on the radio. "Escape Captors?!" though? That has a ring of "the dog ate my homework" about it.
  2. Plus NONE of the things he's said actually contest that masks, even just cloth ones, are effective at reducing transmission rates. Feels like this one is another political animal trying to distort actual facts.
  3. Nah it be easy. I saw a documentary about it called "Maverick"
  4. Absolutely mind blown by some of the coverage around the stabbing in Australia recently with online commenters from the US trying to turn this into a reason why Australia should relax its gun laws when it's the exact opposite. (Man with knife attacked a bunch of people, killing 6. Australian police woman shot and killed him)
  5. Probably hoping the US will step in and do it for them.
  6. But better I'd never use parcel force by choice now. DPD seems to be the reliable option where I live.
  7. There's a lair? Damn i never wanted to be a moderator before but NOW i do!! Hollowed out volcano?
  8. Every time a GOP rep retires, they seem to suddenly see sense. What are they doing it for - performance art?!
  9. Scarlett Johanssen nailed her to the wall in the post SOTU sendup. Very well done indeed.
  10. Fixed it for you. Just about any motorbike you can think of can run sub 12. Some very cheap ones can run sub 10. Car drivers usually can't really conceive just how fast bikes are. Incidentally M4s and M5s can run sub 12 as well - i wouldn't group them in the rare/very expensive category - not cheap though, sure.
  11. To paraphrase Monty python, that just proves it must be true!
  12. I've just put a new map on my mx5 (miata) engine in my lotus 7 replica that has liberated about 25HP. Crazy how easy it is, and on a car weighing less than half a tonne, that makes quite a difference
  13. She is the best example of living rent free in their heads - it would be funny if it wasn't so weird.