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  1. I've been watching the Mike Patey videos about how they built the red bull plane - one of the things they said was that they wanted it to be multi purpose, so this isn't a one trick STOL pony. Underneath, its a carbon cub with as much weight stripped out as they could. They have replaced a number of panels with carbon to make it lighter, lighter tyres and stuff. The big changes were that they moved the fuel tank low down in the fuselage so the pilot could stand on the brakes without putting it on its nose - that fuel tank is only 7 Gallons and then they have a removable 25 gallon tank for transfers and airshows and what have you. Oh - and they gave it a 50HP shot of NOS to get it safely back in the air If you like engineering wizardry, all of Mike Pateys stuff is fascinating - his own previous plane builds, Draco and Scrappy are absolute monsters. This is the first Build video for the carbon cub
  2. Yep. And the mods seem unable/unwilling to take any lasting action.
  3. My concern is that all of those at the bottom of society will get exploited to the tune of their entire UBI, end up in exactly the same position, and those higher up the ladder will just get richer. As an example, a landlord will know the tenant has a guaranteed 1k, so will up his rent because he knows there is some guaranteed income every month. In concept, I think UBI is the right answer, because it probably costs less and is far easier to administer than any welfare scheme. Unfortunately in order for it to really work you probably need UHC as well.
  4. Because some people don't have the mental acuity to think and work these things out for themselves, and need to be told what their opinions should be. And that's fine, until they try and legislate it, or push other people to follow those same opinions.
  5. Ahhh - cherry picking translations. The usual then.
  6. Hey Wendy I'm curious. In your opinion, is that because they genuinely don't believe that he could have lost, or that they viewed fox as "their" team and that it should have stood by the lie to try and force the coup?
  7. Can't say the same for that cybertruck horror show
  8. It doesn't. And even if your warped analysis decides it does, who cares. The bible says I can't eat shellfish either but the chowder on my stove smells really good.
  9. Can you not just trim florida off and float it out into the ocean? Seems like you'd get rid of a lot of the crazy.
  10. The bit I don't get is how the GOP have managed to market themselves as the party of the blue collar, traditional, working man American while simultaneously legislating against, ridiculing and mocking people who actually are (or were - AOC as an example). I get why they attract support from all of the worst bigoted groups, that bit is apparent.
  11. The outside US news is full of the bit where Biden made them all look like amateurs with the SS and Medicare trap. It's hilarious to watch.
  12. I remember hearing stories about how good the Buccaneer was and (almost certainly exaggerated) stories about another plane being on a low level run and finding out there was a buccaneer basically underneath them.
  13. Plus, you could do all of that and they could still beat you to death for no reason.
  14. Ahh that old nonsense. People with guns kill other people (and themselves) much more quickly and easily.