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  1. Oh dear - Jim Banks appears to have been asleep for several years.
  2. I suspect satire, but not entirely sure??
  3. If you vote trump back in, it's gonna be bad.
  4. The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead.
  5. Now that's cool. I hadn't realised they had got that fast. Once they become ubiquitous enough, the reasons to have an ICE car are dropping rapidly.
  6. Of course you do. It fits your sadly misguided and misinformed agenda.
  7. Yeah the current trolls just don't have the same class. Edit: their general literacy is much improved however....
  8. Depends if bruce willis is involved or not. I've seen the documentary
  9. From the review it sounds like he's actually gone about that the right way - but I need to read the book itself. "After expertly summarizing the fossil evidence for the evolution of human personhood, Craig arrives at a stunningly precise conclusion: the historical Adam was a real individual, of the species Homo heidelbergensis, that lived in central Africa around 750,000 years ago. He bases this conclusion on a range of genetic, archaeological, and paleontological evidence." He's also not implying "Adam" was the first being, merely that he is the most recent common ancestor from what I understand. There were other beings of the genus homo prior to that.
  10. @billvonI confess I haven't kept up with what religion thinks on this over the last few years (i did evolutionary biology for part of my degree in the early 2000's) but encouraging that at least some leaders are becoming more reasonable on this front.
  11. One of the weirdest things i've always found about Christianity has been the unwillingness to incorporate evolution into faith somehow. "Intelligent design" and young earth creationism myths are always rooted in misinformation or outright denial of settled science to the point of comedy (the banana video anyone?) Interesting new book out that I've just seen a review of that I think I need to get hold of, that puts adam and eve as real people and common ancestors 750,000 years ago. If it reduces the gap between religion and science it can only be a good thing.
  12. You've seen the other movies right?! Realism isn't high up the agenda! Thanks for the review though, sounds like it's worth a watch!
  13. Stumpy


    The source pretty much guarantees that the article will be a complete work of fiction. Hard pass.
  14. Hadn’t heard sky puppet. Sky wizard maybe.
  15. Agreed. The only unrealistic bit was the guy in the crowd who suddenly twigged that they were lying to him. Most people this satirises are not that self aware.