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    also, consider the source. the homepage of that site is a hot mess.
  2. The thing is - everyone fancies that they are in this group but it's a TINY proportion. But then, almost no-one actually needs an F150 at all, its worse for almost everything that they get used for than a mid sized car, but they sell on the basis of image that is, in the vast majority of cases, bullshit.
  3. Errrr…..
  4. Nice thought, but sadly if it's not facebook, it'll be the next thing, or the next thing. Sadly, I think some of the posters here are more than capable of analysing information, they just don't care and would rather "own the libs" independent of any factual information. (It's either that or their collective IQ is only in double figures, and I prefer to believe that most people are smarter than that.)
  5. Wow. Just wow. If you are genuinely a medical professional you should contemplate a change of career to something where you can't have any impact on peoples health.
  6. Stumpy


    Thinly veiled code for "I Lied"
  7. The more I watch, the more I think the US and (to a slightly lesser extent) the UK are fundamentally broken. The right in both countries are only out to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else, and the left (or slighly less right) are still playing by the rules of an out of date game. If it was just trolls like brent and winsor making fools of themselves online then it wouldn't be a problem but unfortunately they are just parroting what they are being fed by the politicians. Not sure what the answer is, but pretty sure Biden isn't it. He was the safe choice, not the good choice. He'll be competent and somewhat dignified (which is a nice change on both accounts compared to the last guy) but won't risk rocking the boat too much. The R's will get back in and then as long as they field someone halfway competent, you're all screwed.
  8. Just add him to your ignore list. It does wonders to increase the general intelligence of what you read here.
  9. Ah yes, Nascar. That's not a huge surprise.
  10. Stumpy


    This is horribly misleading and the sort of information that in the wrong place WILL ACTUALLY KILL PEOPLE. Please stop it.
  11. Agreed. Dunning Kruger is in play here.
  12. TL:DR - Word salad by Winsor. Again.
  13. They'll look at you a bit funny in France too. They are just Frites.
  14. Stumpy


    It's almost like there is more to this "doctor" thing than 10 minutes "research" on Google! Who'd have thought it?
  15. Is that really real? Feels like I shouldn't be surprised.
  16. And 6% of people are still utter c****
  17. Stumpy


    Perfect response.
  18. Stumpy


    I'm not convinced. He's certainly not demonstrated it recently.
  19. I still think the writing was on the wall when he couldn't make money owning a casino.
  20. Gender Identification as =/= disguised as. You are demonstrating your lack of understanding.
  21. You win the dumb comparison of the day award.
  22. Brexit has accelerated and exacerbated it massively, but it was a brewing problem already due to shrinking salaries and not great working conditions. The pool of drivers was already shrinking, and brexit has just added another nail in the coffin
  23. Stumpy


    I bet they are in chemtrails as well. It's of course totally normal that all these things come to light, that must be proof of a huge conspiracy involving thousands upon thousands of people, without a single bit of real leaked evidence from a whistleblower or similar.