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  1. Most talented guy I ever jumped with. Didn't know him well but my heart goes out to his friends and loved ones. Fly Free.
  2. Or if a plane can take off on a treadmill?
  3. Yeah good job they did that to prevent an imminent war.
  4. True. Blends don't generally have the depth of character and finish that single malts do. There are a very small number of notable exceptions but there are so many amazing single malts then really why bother. I save the blends for hot toddys, people who want to put coke in it, and cooking. On the other hand I just cracked a bottle of Glenmorangie Signet. Happy New Year everyone!
  5. Maybe there is hope for Christianity after all.
  6. At this point, that ship has already sailed, as evidenced by other leaders attitude to him.
  7. There are only two options at this point 1. Ron is trolling everyone in which case, congratulations, he's doing a bang up job! 2. He genuinely believes this stuff in which case it's probably best he remains a keyboard warrior in his mountain commune and leaves real people alone. This level of delusion used to be enough to get people put in a nice soft room with 3 square and a coat that only has buttons up the back.
  8. And that would be true - if the same lens had been applied to trump and he hadn't been given a pass for all his remarks. As it stands, that's utter nonsense.
  9. Moores law was along the lines of a doubling every two or so years. It's not really true any more due to the fact that chip technology is starting to run into physical constraints at a molecular level. That said, if quantum computing gets going then we will see some BIG jumps.
  10. Odd how they change at the same time administrations do. You aren't fooling anyone.
  11. When you have a five year old son who loves listening to the audiobook of it in the car it gets imprinted in your brain
  12. Matrix was way more believable though.
  13. Given that she accurately predicted trump's servitude to Russia, it might be worth listening to her on this one.
  14. Yeah I guess the Prime Minister is closer in essence to the house Majority leader. And the Lords is kind of like the senate, except most of the people there are appointed, not elected. They are also usually very old, very white, very male, and asleep. Occasionally they will wake up, yell something incomprehensible, and go back to sleep again until their carers come to wheel them out.
  15. Stumpy


    Nope. Common sense and a modicum of critical thinking is all that is required.
  16. The irony of this is outstanding. That's approaching trump jr levels of self awareness.
  17. That bastion of the left, Fox News, confirms trumps behaviour is impeachable
  18. And that "schtick" has got so much airtime that wouldn't have been the case if she'd just flown in and out, that she wins again.
  19. Stumpy

    The swamp

    Apparently a swamp is ok if it is a moat, and you can fill it with snakes and alligators. And shoot people in the legs.