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  1. Nah - from an external perspective (and having spent plenty of time in both states) california is weird, and quite a lot neurotic. Florida is full on, card carrying, screaming at the moon crazy.
  2. As currently a native of scotland I'm now extra snobby about Whisky. Crown Royal doesn't really qualify.
  3. Oh wow. It takes some serious head in the sand thinking to genuinely believe this. Read the john scalzi link that billvon posted. I don't hold much hope of anything penetrating but you never know. That's not the most wrong thing I have read on the internet today, but it's up there.
  4. The right wing talking point is that Sotomayor is just as bad because she took money from Penguin. They clearly aren't bright enough to understand the difference between a legitimate business relationship that was oficially declared, and whatever it is that Harlan Crow is doing to Thomas.
  5. In which case, you CAN protect people in schools, just about every country in the civilised world has managed it, there are just far too many people with money invested in not wanting to do so, mainly on the right hand side of the isle, but the left is not blameless either.
  6. Stumpy


    Oh dear, you really are struggling aren't you. Vietnam is probably not a bad analogy, in that the larger more powerful invading aggressor got schooled by the underdog.
  7. I'm guessing thats a rhetorical question
  8. In general, sure. We don't need the daily fear of terrorism or forced conscription of israelis. In gun control, not so much. There's a number of other countries that haven't had school shootings in years/ decades. Want to guess what the common factor with israel is? (hint - its not the walls and armed guards.)
  9. Yeah and israels best practice includes low rates of private gun ownership and strict controls on what they are used for, as well as social democratic policies to pay for all the guards, walls etc. You don't have to ship their issues, but you do have to ship the rest of the solution.
  10. And I repeat, you can't cherry pick part of Israel's solution without everything else as well.
  11. Yeah so lets all ignore him.
  12. Stumpy


    Can't say I am overly optimistic about his planned 2029 mission to mars
  13. Woke = alert to racial predjudice Fox = Bunch of racist dipshits. Fox =/= Woke
  14. Hardly, been here longer than you have. I know your ideas (and I respect them) Israel, however, is a shitty example.
  15. Yeah once a bunch of LGBTQ+ people start shooting people because they felt threatened by the seal team six crowd, I'm sure all of a sudden some of the objections to gun control would magically disappear.