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  1. So how about we get back to list of DZ's where Wingsuiting is banned :) _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  2. _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  3. Hi Guys, I am looking for a nice site to download royalty free music. Any suggestions. Thanks _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  4. Hi Guys, I am having a very weird issue perhaps somebody has had this and was able to fix it. When I import a clip recorded in HDHQ from my CX105 to vegas put it on the timelime without any editing the clip runs faster than normal speed even compared it to normal Sony AVHCD player. Vegas definately runs the clip fast. Thus it looks like fastforward. Help please help Thanks _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  5. Because thats what the best 4 pilots flew those years.... And actually Lutz pretty much handed everyone their ass when the first incarnation of the Stealth2 (Stealth WoM) flew there. Last year Harry Kloska was the first person to fly the Venom prototype at the competition in Gransee, and immidiately set the 4th highest score for time and 5th for distance ever in the whole comp circuit. And he isnt that skinny a guy even. Every single one of these results is more related to pilot skill than anything else. And depending on the suits they choose to fly, these results can stay like this or severly mix up. I have no doubt any of the flyers wouldnt score in the same top 3 if they switched to any other suit. There is a lot to be said for these competitions, but its mostly a comparison of athletes. And depending on the suits they show up with, the results show a certain suit as the best choice. Gransee and Marl both pretty much share the same flyers every year. Its logical the podium is 'always the same' Look at the results from the Hungarian competition from the last years. 2010> 1st Stealth2, 2nd V3, 3rd Xbird 2009> 1st Stealth2, 2nd V3, 3rd Birdman S8 2008> 1st SM1, 2nd Stealth1, 3rd Blade 2007> 1st BM S3S, 2nd BM S3S, 3rd Blade Paints a whole other picture. And with Intrudair also becoming a bigger and bigger player with suits that seem to mirror many design aspects from all kinds of doubt we'll see those results mixed up even more in the future. There are a lot of conclussions to be drawn from competitions, but the ones mentioned above for sure arent the correct ones... It always ends with certain people only showing their 'copy!copy!' posts with negativity attitude towards one party.... Just enjoy the fact that several people design wonderfull suits to fly. And look at them up close to see what they are actually capable of and made from... What I do find funny Jarno is how everything Bird-man was the best when they paid the bills and how PF is now the only thing since they're paying the bills. Nothing wrong with supporting your brand but giving credit to other manufactures for the good products show maturity and confidence in yours. _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  6. We unfortunately will have to take your word. As I not prepared to carbon date pictures/drawing. But there is a difference between speaking and doing. Tony did make them sold them with the wing design over arms zippers before the rest. Copying and using each others designs for inspiration is great it gives us skydivers alot more choice, and choice is good. So I not saying copying is bad and not knocking PF. It's just funny that the suits being copied most is Tony's suits. (Pictures or idea or the not can't claim it, if you didn't patent it or produce it first). I do however hate people who do the brand war thing give each suit it's dues, some suits are better for different people. I am also not fond of negative sales, telling others what's wrong with others suits instead of telling me what's good about their suits. Thus sell your suit in it's uniqueness and without knocking the opposition. Ciao _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  7. Imitation Is The Best Form Of Flattery Well done Tony :) _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  8. I remember watching video of Heath Richardson when I started jumping ... what happen to him and is he still jumping ? _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  9. The fact remains software will be sold and someone is going to make money from it within the skydiving community(motive to fight hard for there system). Photoshop doesn't care what system is used so no finger in the pie besides, I might have bought photoshop for different reasons not necessarily for judging formations. Alot of people who bought canon's and nikon's get a copy of photoshop elements anyway. Thus judging system doesn't affect photoshop sales thus no conflict of interest. New head-dot system software sales is solely depend on the exceptance of the judging system... conflict of interest. Then again do I really care which system is used, will I buy software to judge formations nope sorry. I am only interested in seeing Wingsuiting grow and progress. _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  10. My suggestion Close the registration a week or perhaps two weeks prior to the event. This would allow organizers to finalize the desired formation before the event starts. It will also give then accurate numbers. It would also provide the team captains with time to look through the jumpers in there group, allowing them to try and figure out who their known’s and unknowns are. Quick question: Spot you were at Elsinore at least 4 days before the event why then leave your registration to the last second? _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  11. Hi Personally I don't think there isn't much difference between these two suits. The big difference between then is a cutaway vs no cutaway, but this leaves me with a question for the peope who own Stealths. Has anybody cutaway the wings during freefall and if so what happened with airlocked wings you cutaway. Did they stay inflated, if so did they cause control problem and did they influence deployment. Perhaps people flying other airlocked wingsuits with cutaways systems can also let give us an idea what there wingsuits did with cutaway wings during freefall. Cheers Riaan _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  12. So buying a CX-100/105 in US will make sense for me as SA is PAL and thus 50i and the US version of the camera is 60i. _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  13. ... Stupid question for the Camera gurus. non-HD has NTSC and PAL does HD have the same ? I will be visiting the US again this year and buying a camera over there is alot cheaper than South Africa but we're pal region in SA, meaning up till now buying video camera in the US wasn't an option. Thanks in advance for the answer. _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  14. Thanks for organizing the event Scott I had a lot of fun. P.s. I can now see why many call Skydive Arizona the mecca of skydiving. _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...
  15. I don't believe we're allowed to post the pic as yet as they are still busy with the press. _______________________________________ You are unique, just like everybody else ...