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  1. LouDiamond

    REVIEW: Bonehead REV2 Helmet

    As is from the factory, no. But if you drill two holes for the Go Pro base in the shell ,you can easily transfer the Go Pro mount from the shield to the helmet shell when using it as an open face. "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING
  2. LouDiamond

    REVIEW: Bonehead REV2 Helmet

    This is a review of the new REV2 helmet from Bonehead Composites. For those just showing up, this is an improved version of the Revolution helmet which I initially reviewed HERE. If you aren't familiar with the Revolve, it might help to read my first post in that thread as I will be highlighting the areas of the REV 2 that I feel are an improvement and or change from the Revolve. Also of note is that both the Revolve and REV2 pictures shown in this and the previous thread are Prototype helmets and as such may differ from current or future production models in a few small ways. THE FIT: Right out of the box it fits good. Of course you can custom mold it to your head per Bonehead's instructions if you so choose. What I found different from the Revolve and feel is an improvement is where you chin sits and the padding. The REV2 doesn't ride on the chin as much as the Revolve does so I didn't need to fiddle with the padding in that area. So for the overall fit and way the REV2 sits on the head, I am pleased to say that it is a welcome and noticeable improvement. The tweaks to the helmet shape and design has not only improved the fit/feel of the helmet but it also has improved on other areas such as field of view and also the ability to see ones mouth for communication purposes even more. The shield itself has been changed, which is to also say that the hinged portion that slides up has changed. These changes are noticeable in the pictures and the benefit is noticeable when worn. The Revolve has a large FOV but the REV2 has opened it up even more both horizontally and vertically, which makes for unobstructed vision with out having to move ones head physically when in different orientations. Of note in the change in the shield is the way air enters exits the helmet. The production Revolve has a standard "air scoop" or hole at the base of the shield to allow air in and the wearers breath out during exhalation. The REV2 has eliminated the large "scoop" and now uses a small gap at the bottom of the shield itself. What is different is that in the small gap there is a piece of spongy material that acts as a sort of valve. It is held in place with a small strip of hook type material and can be field replaced and or removed completely by the user. This small piece of material keeps excess wind from blowing up into your eyes, yet still allows outside air to enter to keep the shield from fogging up if you happen to be a heavy mouth breather. Even with the material removed completely, the air flow wasn't felt to be excessive or bothersome to the eyes. I haven't tried it in really cold conditions but I am guessing in some places where it gets really cold and or is cold at altitude, it might benefit some people to remove the material piece in the winter for improved airflow, especially to allow ones own breath to escape and cooler air in to avoid any fogging. If you wear glasses be it sun glasses or corrective, you are still good to go, as the shield doesn't interfere when glasses are worn. The distance from ones nose to the shield is neither too close or too far from ones face so if you have a large nose or are concerned with how close your nose is to the shield, I would say it is perfect, not too close and not to far away. Bonehead will also make available tinted shields for those who like a shield with some tint or the blacked out look. Some of the hardware on the REV2 has changed, which really probably isn't a concern for most unless you were one of the ones who did take the face shield off for use as an open face helmet during the warm months. Changes of note are the way the shield hinges from on the sides. This point is now secured with a hex screw on each side and can be removed with the appropriate sized hex key. The screws that attach the clear shield to the helmet are your standard flat head screws, so you can use a flat head screw driver or a coin if need be in the field. The ratcheting ladder strap remains similar but the way it is routed on the top of the helmet makes for a smoother profile and also now allows for a GoPro mount to be mounted on the lip. The chin strap buckle has changed from the simple fastex buckle to a hinge type buckle that requires you to lift it to release the chin strap. This feature works in conjunction with the built in helmet cutaway system that comes with the REV2. Located on the right side of the helmet as you wear it, the cutaway is located by the base of the jaw bone It is made up of your standard cutaway cable material with an additional piece of tubing on it to make a handle to grasp. The cutaway system is attached to the chin strap buckle mechanism itself. So when it is pulled, it pulls the buckle itself open, allowing the chin strap to disengage. It is a simple yet effective design to get the helmet off in an emergency and is simple to reassemble if used. The cutaway itself doesn't stick out or pose a snag hazard and I was a bit concerned about its being able to be grasped with thick gloves on as it sits close to the shell. However there is enough of it that if you go looking for it, your hand will grab it. Worth mentioning is that when new, the cutaway sits really close to the shell but after using the helmet a few times, it sits where it needs to be if you need to use it. Likewise, the buckle itself may seem stiff to un-do or open as the cutaway uses a rubber ring as a means of attaching the cutaway cable to the buckle and when new it is a little stiff but loosens up with use. The same goes for the ladder strap on top of the helmet for opening the shield. The button is stiff at first but with practice and use it becomes easy to find and use with one hand when lifting the shield. As you can see from the pictures, the shape has changed somewhat but the range of motion you have while wearing the helmet isn't restrictive, especially when looking up or lifting ones head upward. Nor does it feel like you are wearing a bulbous motorcycle helmet. As for weight, I don't have exact numbers but its comparable to the Revolution, meaning it isn't heavy by any reach. You might also note that in the pictures there is an audible cut out on the right side of the helmet to allow one to access/see the screen of their audible while it is in the helmet. I stress again, this is a prototype helmet and chances are the production version won't have this cutout. While it might be appealing to some users, I found it to let in too much outside noise when no audible was present and when one was inside it, if pushed from the outside while the helmet is not worn, the audible moved around and or could fall out, although that didn't happen to me, it was a concern I identified and something that could potentially happen. As such, I cannot say with 100% certainty but more like 99%, that the production versions won't have a cutout audible section in the shell on the production models. Also, the GoPro mount on the shield is an option and is not standard I am told. OVERALL: I am really happy with the improvements and changes that are found in the REV2. It can be hard sometimes to determine if an upgrade or improved model is worth it if you're already happy with what you have. I can say that I was happy with my Revolution but the REV2 is definitely one of those upgrades that is worth it with noticeable enhancements to an all ready great product. EDIT: I removed the inline pictures as they are too big to fit in the frame here without having to scroll left and right to read the text or see the helmet. "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING
  3. LouDiamond

    2013 US Performance Cup Competition

    That's a good article. It's reminiscent of several conversations Klaus and I had about this topic back when he and I were discussing the addition of GPS into Paralog circa 2004-ish. The conclusion section of that article sums it up very well and as such, it should come as no surprise that be it GPS guided munitions or GPS guided bundles, all rely ultimately on a barometric altimeter in the scheme of things when determining true altitude. "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING
  4. LouDiamond

    seeking black female wingsuit pilot for fun job

    For those of you who posted here and your post disappeared suddenly, if you continue to post in this thread with nonsense, you will find yourself banned from the forum for a lengthy period of time. So consider yourself warned, you know who you are. "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING
  5. LouDiamond

    Neptune 2 freefall times while wingsuiting

    Lurch, without getting into a lengthy explanation, you are on track as to the explanation of why. I worked with Alti-2 some years back on this issue and short story is that it is a mathematical algorithm issue with how the unit interprets all of the data it is gathering at that split second in time and where it thinks it will be in the next. The solution was identifying a certain set of parameters associated with wingsuiting and identifying the line in the sand so to speak on what is and isn't considered a deployment. It's a trade off as too tight/too loose a set of parameters you sacrifice reliability/accuracy. This is what lead to the creation of the wingsuit mode and fix for the issue. Now the caveat to that is that while it does work most of the time, there are always circumstances where you might see the unit being tricked into thinking the jumper has deployed a canopy while set in wingsuit mode. But these can typically be identified as they occur on exit or shortly after and or after a prolonged dive followed by a rapid slowing down (opening wings all the way). "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING
  6. LouDiamond

    Wingsuit odor

    Good to hear. Your fellow jumpers will appreciate it as much as you.
  7. LouDiamond

    Neptune 2 freefall times while wingsuiting

    Is your Neptune set to Wingsuit mode? "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING
  8. LouDiamond

    REVIEW: BoneHead REVOLVE Helmet

    Just a heads up. I have my prototype helmet in hand and I must say I am extremely happy with the features and changes Bonehead has made. Once I have some time with it I will post pictures and feedback on it. For those who want to know what it looks like right now, head over to the Bonehead FaceBook page as they posted up some pictures of it a few days ago. "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING
  9. LouDiamond

    Wingsuit odor

    Try using a solution of warm water and good old Arm and Hammer baking soda in the sink. Rub the baking soda on the pit areas and let soak while agitating the water. After soaking,rinse it out and hang it up on a non metal hanger in the shade and let air dry. If you use a washing machine make sure you place your wingsuit in a delicate garment bag (mesh sack) so that it doesn't get wrapped around the agitator in the machine. You can potentially damage your suit if you don't use the garment bag. Use the gentle/delicate cycle and DO NOT spin it. Again you can use Arm and Hammer detergent known as Arm and Hammer washing Soda to work on the tough odors. Pull it out after washing and hang it up to dry in the shade. "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING
  10. LouDiamond

    REVIEW: BoneHead REVOLVE Helmet

    As soon as I have it hand and put it through its paces, I'll post up some pictures and commentary, be patient, it should be done shortly.
  11. LouDiamond

    WS WL?

    I briefly spoke about this in my book in the Aerodynamics chapter. Years ago, Robert P used to post white papers on the PF website. In one of those papers I recall his speaking to the fact that at the time the "average" surface area is in the neighborhood of 15-16 sq ft which I concurred with as thats what I came up with as well. Granted the suits have gotten larger since then but generally speaking, it is safe to say that the "average" sq ft number will still be closely within those numbers. This is due simply to the constraints of the human form and the ability to add and control additional fabric/surface area. What this means is that we load our wingsuits at 10 1/2 to 12 1/2 lbs per sq ft. on "average". The key point here is to remember we are talking in "averages" across all the suit designs out there and variables involved. I say this because I know some one will measure their suit trying to determine surface area and do the math. Just keep in mind that even if your suit is bigger in surface area that all that means is the WL lbs per Sq Inch number will come down slightly. I know someone will wonder about same model suit and small person vs big person and more material vs less material. Short answer is this, it's all relative to weight. Which should make a light go on in your head at this point. As with most topics in any online forum, we have discussed this before. I believe it was Lurch who actually played around with the incremental adding of weight based on this topic to increase ones speed in order to produce lift for BASE competitions, much in the same way swoopers add weight. And similar to swooping, there is a point where adding more weight becomes detrimental to performance, you just have to find it. I'm sure if you searched using Lurch and WL you could find his posts and conclusions, which in typical Lurch style, are quiet in depth and informative. "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING
  12. LouDiamond

    REVIEW: BoneHead REVOLVE Helmet

    This is just a heads up to let everyone know that there is an updated Revolve helmet coming out in the near future. I'll be playing around with one soon hopefully and will update this thread with pics and my thoughts on the helmet. Stay tuned.
  13. LouDiamond

    Optimum vs PDR reserve for a sub-par newbie

    Let me remind EVERYONE, that this is a topical forum and all forum rules apply. This is EVERYONEs one warning, stop with the playground banter and name calling. If you cannot articulate your thoughts without reverting to calling people names or insulting them you need to walk away from the keyboard and this thread. I have removed the posts that had inflammatory content in them or quoted in them. If your post is no longer there, do not repost it, do not complain about it. If your reply quoted an inflammatory statement made by another but your reply was civil, your post may have been removed for the quoted text in it and not your statement per say. Don't complain about it. Failure to follow the rules will result in a lengthy banning from this forum, so choose your words wisely and refrain from posting if you cannot control your emotions. "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING
  14. LouDiamond

    My first wing suit jump.

    Welcome to the flock.
  15. LouDiamond

    L bar removal

    Two screw drivers opposed to one another and forcefully moved simultaneously in a rapid scissoring motion will also work as a field expedient method. "It's just skydiving..additional drama is not required" Some people dream about flying, I live my dream SKYMONKEY PUBLISHING