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  1. Holy Cow does that bring back meomories. I did the AFF course with Jay and Yong. It's not easy. JP
  2. Soon as you get it, G, we'll get some in-flight pictures!
  3. My hundredth was a brilliant 3 point 14 way. My thousandth was going to be a tandem and I got very pissy about it and manifested as a solo. I actually got 10 people to do something fun for it, but I had to be about as whiny as a turbine engine for it. My two thousandth was video'ing my 4 way team, and they eventually dumped be for a ringer 4 way camera flier. My mentor just had her 10,000th skydive, and she did it as a tandem, and the passenger had no appreciation for what an accomplishment it was. We did it again (like JP furnari suggests) later in the day. At your level, it's pretty much skydivers with like experience who understand what a big deal it is (especially in England!) Get through with the business of the day (or sit it out if you can) and then share your milestone with people who understand what you went through to accomplish it. Cheers, JP (the old one)
  4. I saw the one in Hollywood last week. It's on the Universal Studios City walk and will have a window onto one of the busiest tourist streets in SoCal. It's right across from the Hardrock Cafe Hollywood. Parking is a fortune, so I doubt it will get much skydiver traffic, plus as the tourists walked by this site almost all of them made some excited remark about trying it, and disappointment when it wasn't open yet. Their walk in traffic will be huge.
  5. What was his reason? Unless I hear a good one, I won't ever order anything from him. Well, that's one of the things that makes skydiving different than the ourside world. It's smaller. I know Bonnie of gravity gear better than Max, but if she went through a rough patch I'd wait and still do business with her. Max is a standup guy. I'll always only buy wides from him. Skydiving is small. It's about individuals and people aren't as resilient as big businesses. Cheers, Max, I hope all is well. JP
  6. Max is a great guy. We all have lapses. JP
  7. I did the Air Force altitude chamber training back when I was a good air force cadet and was kicked into the Marine Corps program. I did the program at Mather. My partner was a 50 year old or so airline pilot, and a smoker. At 30,000 feet or so he took off his mask and promptly passed out. I put his mask on pressure back on and he came to right away. Oxygen is marvelous. I did several tests in the chamber, but the most amazing was the color test. You watch a TV color test and take off your mask at altitude. After a few seconds you put the O2 mask back on and there is an amazing "Wizard of Oz" moment as color floods back into the view of the user. People pass out, vomit, crap their pants (brown out) etc. I'd do it again, but I don't thing I'd gain any more respect for altitude. My training included explosive decompression to 30,000 feet. Kicking and unconscious guy out at 21 grand is equivalent to attempted murder without the intent, cause the kicker is not in a right mind. Geez. Why are we trying to make this sport more dangerous? Geez.
  8. I enjoy shooting with a fixed 100mm lens. Hardest part is just getting your site squared away. I had a tele picture of Gravity girl that had the two page center spread in Parachutist.
  9. Iwan is your guy, Vert. Go Hollish, or go home! JP
  10. Hell yes! I've taken both rigs and my camera gear to LA/San Diego a bunch of times! (K1200RS). It works best if you have a backrest on your seat (Corbin makes nice removable ones). Use ratcheting straps. The load will compress as you ride, and it's easy to just put a couple more cranks on to hold everything rock-solid. Sunshine Factory makes excellent gear bags.
  11. I was helping by plugging in the King Air to the start cart. Once the engines were started and the pilot gave me the disconnect signal I couldn't get the damn plug out. I grabbed it with both hands and pulled with all my might. Suddenly the plug exploded out from the socket and I tripped into the turning propeller. Hurt like hell.
  12. And thousands motivated by your example. And just a couple skymonkey hats. Thanks MonoUno! (nice avatar)
  13. Next time you see her tell her a "Hello Clarice" from me!
  14. Roy is right, let me know what day you'll be in byron and you can jump them. They're dacron-lined. If you're about 6 foot and thick you can just jump them in their fine articulated Wings harness and containers!