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  1. LouDiamond

    new Vigil Service Bulletins, SB 9 and 10

    Product Service Bulletin #9 and #10 from A.A.D. -Vigil, plus a link to the new “Multimode Vigil II User’s Manual US v II.0.6” which is available to download @ http://www.vigil.aero/wp-content/uploads/Vigil-II-users-manual-II.0.6.pdf Please read both PSB 9, 10 and the new manual carefully. - PSB 9 is regarding the waterproof of Vigil II. After water immersion, it is now mandatory to send the unit back to A.A.D. for inspection. Vigils that have not been in contact with water, are NOT concerned with this PSB. The Vigil II is waterproof. This bulletin is a precautionary measure in case moisture penetrates the seal of the unit. - PSB 10 is regarding the 14 hour forced shut down for Vigil II units from S/N 26172 or higher. This is advisory, NOT MANDATORY. Customers who wish can have their Vigil II (S/N 11800 until S/N 26171) upgraded to main software 2.50 or higher, to avoid “Airborne” situations. For more info, please contact A.A.D. (Brussels, Belgium) or Vigil America (Deland,FL). - The “Multimode Vigil II User’s Manual US v II.0.6” has some changes concerning water immersion and forced 14 hour shut down. Please read it carefully. Please let us know if you have any questions. Best Regards, Vigil America, Inc.
  2. LouDiamond

    Firebolt Canopies

    I have several hundred jumps on several sizes of the Firebolt canopy. I have nothing negative to say about it or it's durability. It's a very good, all around canopy when loaded at 1/1 or below. Loaded higher, it becomes a bit more sporty but not in a bad way. It's a fun canopy to fly.
  3. LouDiamond

    shock cord PC

    Short answer....Yes, this is a problem, do not use a bungee PC with a wingsuit. Simple solution is to change to a kill line PC or simply un-do the bungee from the PC making your PC non collapsible. See the FAQ in the wingsuit forum and or use the search term "bungee" for more background info.
  4. LouDiamond

    fullface helmet with the most rear protection

    The Revolve does. You can read the review I wrote on it as well as see more pictures of it here in the gear forum. Here is one of the rear of the helmet, it provides the same coverage as your typical open face helmet in the rear since it is designed to be a full and or open face helmet depending on what configuration you need it to be in.
  5. LouDiamond

    ALtering a wingsuit

    It needs to be done at the time of manufacture at the factory, doing it after the fact is really not an option.
  6. LouDiamond

    Colombia DZ´s

    No, not open to the public that is. There are a few military DZs on military bases so you are pretty much limited to Flandes.
  7. LouDiamond

    Military altitrack

    Why do you want this specific model?
  8. LouDiamond

    Wes Rich helmet production CD

    Talk to Matt Hoover, he has the CD. He mentioned not long ago that he would help people with obtaining a copy since there is no longer a source to buy them from. Shoot him a PM/E-mail .
  9. LouDiamond

    Ops-Core Base Jump Sport Helmet

    I have the Ballistic and the Bump version of the OPS-core helmet and use them both for jumping. I also recently got to play with the base jump version. Its cheaper in cost but the feel between the bump and the jump is noticable due to it being a molded helmet. Most skydiving helemts are made of CF and the bump is made with CF so the feel is similar,the molded jump felt very plastic-e to me. With that said, they both come with the chin strap you mentioned and occ dial adjustment system as standard. I use the Go Pro NVG mount with my Go Pro and a contour on the ARC rail when I need to use NVGs. With that said, jumping with a half shell isn't like jumping with a regular skydiving helmet, especially if you wear an audible. If you want a helmet that has the features of the jump/base but in a open face that can hold an audible, look at Boneheads military version called the Versa, they also make a half shell similar to the Bump(not on the website). I also have and use both of them and both are in the normal skydiver price range where as the Opscore bump is in the $600 range, BH's is made of similar materials and is in the $250-300 range. The jump is about the same/less but it is not in the same league material wise, its molded plastic and quite honestly,feels cheap. I don't see most skydivers liking or finding much use for a half shell that provides even less protection than the standard skydiving helmet but costs close to the same.
  10. LouDiamond

    Bonehead Hell's Halo - Any experience?

    I have one. What are you wanting to do with it? Depending on what your intended use is, it might be what you need but if you're looking to get into a camera helmet that you could mount multiple cameras on, its a bit lacking in real estate. It's a good recreational/FF camera helmet IMO. The ratchet never concerned me as snag hazard, it sits pretty flush. I'd recommend you try one on first if possible, the ratchet system allows you to crank down on the internal head band fit and I've had some people try mine on that didn't like the way it clamped down on their head. It can be a very snug helmet without the chin cup but if you put something heavy on top, I'd recommend the chin cup route.
  11. LouDiamond

    Storm 107 opening on terminal

    Jumped one in that size for awhile before they were readily available. Used it for wingsuiting and freefall, no issues. I use 97's now. It's probably gonna feel like it opens a bit quicker at terminal than you're accustomed to but the openings are just as nice and predictable.
  12. LouDiamond

    Finally got my Phantom 2!

    I'm glad things worked out for you in the end.
  13. LouDiamond

    PD's New Orange Vectran lines

    My concern is that these are orange coated lines and as such that coating will begin to wear off around 20-30 jumps +/- and will appear to be worn long before they actually are. Conversely, it may also make it harder for people to determine when their lines really are worn and should be replaced. It will be interesting to see how much or little this catches on.
  14. LouDiamond

    For new jumpers Ebay Finds, cheap parts

    It would be far more effective to just go direct to Ebay than to list items here that will eventually be sold or the links will expire. There is also the forum rules that need to be considered.
  15. LouDiamond

    Vigil bulletin PSB-7 missing blade

    I have unlocked this thread and removed PSB #6 due to it's being recinded by AAD and replaced with PSB #7. PSB #6 was a draft version and was not supposed to be distributed as it lacked some of the information that is now found in PSB #7. PSB #7 can be found on the Vigil Facebook page, the AAD website and via the links below. PSB-7 can be found here: http://www.vigil.aero/files/images/Product_Service_Bulletin__7.pdf Serial Number list can be found here: http://www.vigil.aero/files/images/gil_serial_N___with_Cutters_Oct_2007_Extract.pdf Report from Royal Military Academy can be found here: http://www.vigil.aero/files/images/Pre-Report-Jump288-031011.pdf