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  1. bbarnhouse

    Happy Birthday Lou Diamond!

    Hope it's a good one😊
  2. bbarnhouse

    Billy Rhodes has died

    Blue ones Billy.
  3. bbarnhouse

    John Kelly, Jr - JP from Byron

    Hard to believe 8 years yesterday. I'm still loving you, and miss you my friend. Your girls are now beautiful women. I will never forget....
  4. bbarnhouse

    Not only no, but HELL NO!

    LOL You are still so entertaining! Hugs to all..... B2
  5. bbarnhouse

    John Kelly, Jr - JP from Byron

    I'm still missing you...I would like to think that you, Tonto,Ash and a host of others are conducting copious amounts of the old "nig-noggery" in fashion. Besos
  6. bbarnhouse

    Happy Birthday Lou Diamond

    Many returns of the day.
  7. bbarnhouse

    Blue Skies Skydiverbry (Bryan Gaal)

    Damn. Blue sequin dress Bry...See you when I there.
  8. bbarnhouse

    Do We Owe HH Pimp Fees?

    Oh my! It's been forever! It looks like old school...
  9. bbarnhouse

    Do We Owe HH Pimp Fees?

    I say yes ...and good on you Lisa! I wish you happiness always and treasure the memories we built
  10. bbarnhouse

    The old "Skreamer spotting video"

    OMG one of the true classics! That still makes me laugh to this day. I loves ya Skreamer!!!
  11. bbarnhouse

    Happy Birthday Sunshine!!

    Happy Birthday beautiful you!
  12. bbarnhouse

    SkymonkeyONE lives

    Lordy! It's a Monkey reunion in here! BB waves to Mouth
  13. bbarnhouse

    SkymonkeyONE lives

    Hooty Hoo!!
  14. bbarnhouse

    Happy Birthday eeneR

    Belated Happy Everything eeneR!