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  1. bbarnhouse

    Puerto Rico Freefall Festival 2009

    Are these dates set in stone? It's the same week as PIA Symposium
  2. bbarnhouse

    Stolen gear in Eloy, AZ

    Oh hell damn sorry for Daniel! I hope that he filed a report with the police?! Will keep a look out for the gear. X's and O's B2
  3. Oh come on ladies bring it!
  4. bbarnhouse

    VRW Events 2008

    Yes see here The 1st World Cup of VRW bid will be submitted by the USPA at the next IPC meeting in France. Tentative date is the week after USPA Nationals 2008. Location: Eloy Arizona IF the Cup is awarded we will get the information out as quickly as possible.
  5. bbarnhouse

    Hollywood (

  6. bbarnhouse

    Pilatus Porter anywhere?

    Skydive Arizona is in process of purchasing one. I do not have the info to tell you when it will arrive and ready to fly jumpers. I'll keep you posted. B2
  7. bbarnhouse

    In memory of Tom

    Thanks Sangiro for pulling up that photo. That photo is in the bar and lined on each side by the US flag. Tom was a veteran. Last night we gently placed that photo over the top of the bar in respect for Tom. Busch was tippin' all around the bar. Tom would have been pleased.
  8. bbarnhouse


    Sorry GQ but as far as I am aware...ASO is all we are gettin' this year. Divewerkz is looking for an alternate
  9. I have lots of comments. This is a long read, but an important one. A wee letter to the editor In the matter of the city of Eloy seeking to charge Skydive Arizona fees to use the airport, there are some facts that need to be stated. The city manager and the consulting firm first proped that Skydive Arizona pay $16,000 a month for access to the airport. They have stated that such fees are reasonable. In fact, the opposite is true. The suggested fees are completely unreasonable, violate exisiting contracts, and can not be justified by any logical or legal argument. The main point made by the city manager abd the consulting firm is that Skydive Arizona has a "through the fence" (TTF) operation, and some FAA and state DoT documents caution airport proprietors about possible abuse of this situation, The suggestion in those documents is that a TTF may be using airport facilities in such a way that on-airport businesses are put at a disadvantage, or that the TTF operation masy not be paying its full share of the cost of using the facilities. No doubt such situations may exist at other airports. However, they do not apply in this matter. The first case, that of putting on-airport operations at a disadvantage, is not applicable. Skydive Arizona provides skydiving services. No on-airport facility does so. Skydive Arizona does not sell fuel. It does not maintain,paint,upholster, build or repair aircraft or avionics. It does not provide flight training, charter flights, or other aviation services. In other words, there is no business on the airport that stands to lose any revenue (and therefore deprive the aiport of income) through the existance of Skydive Arizona's TTF operation. To suggest that Skydive Arizona is a burden to the airport by reducing revenue is obviously false. The nest question is whether or not Skydive Arizona is paying its fair share for using airport facilities. The consultants hired by the city manager state that the Eloy airports FY '05-'06 budget shows income of $73,636.04 and expenses of $181,450.00. This leave a shortfall of $107,813.96, assumming that the expense figure is accurate. Of those expenses, almost none are for services or facilities used by Skydive Arizona. Skydive Arizona uses the aircraft taxiway and runway. It does nto use the buildings. It did not need to buy or lease land. It did not pay for the training andf travel of city employees who do not provide it with services. The list goes on and on. Almost nothing that the city spent money on is a part of the airport used by Skydive Arizona-or other TTF operations for that matter. The city should consider how to better manage the facilities in orderti reduce expenses or increase income from businesses that actually USE the facilities, not look for the nearest "deep pocket" to releive their deficit. WhatSkydive Arizona does use is the taxiway and the runway. This was a major expense, including $50,000 tomatch State and Federal grants to improve the facility (more on that later). Airport improvement grants are based on the number of operations at an airport and funded by state and federal taxes on fuel. In 2005 Skydive Arizona paid $79,977.69 in such taxes abd provided the majority of operations that allowed for the grant to happen in the first place. During its time in Eloy, Skydive Arizona has paid over $1,000,000. in fuel taxes, about two thirds if the total cost of the entire runway improvement project. the suggestion that Skydive Arizona is not paying for the runway and taxiway use is without merit. Finally the city argues that Skydive Arizona should have a contractual agreement with the City that establishes fair compensation for the use of the Eloy airport. Well...such an agreement does exisit. Itwas formed withthe City of Eloy in 1990, when Skydive Arizona first agreed to come here. The gisst of the agreement was that Skydive Arizona would be a viable business to a community deseratley in need of these. In exchange, Skydive Arizona would have TTF access to the airport at no charge. Furthermore, since 1983 the Mid-Arizona Air Plaza has been a part of the City of Eloy's development plan. This air plaza is guaranteed legal access to the airport through the fence at no charge. In other words, not one but two contracts signed by the City of Eloy guarantee TTF access at no charge to occupants of Mid-Arizona Air Plaza, including Skydive Arizona. Skydive Arizona has more than kept up its share of the agreement made in 1990, bringing business to the airport and to Eloy. In 2005, the company paid $162,000 in sales taxes and $65,000 in property taxes. Other businesses, which would not exisit but for Skydive Arizona, added to eloy's income tax. Finally, Skydive Arizona paid employees and contractors nearly 2 million dollars in 2005, much of whcih was spent in the local area. By any economic standard, Skydive Arizona has provided a bonanza to the City of Eloy. The most conservative economic evaluation tequniques use multipliers in the neighborhood of 2.0 to 4.0 to estimate the economic benefits of businesses such as Skydive Arizona. In other words, when the amount of money spent at a business is added to the payroll and purchases of that business,one can assume that for every dollar involved, one to three more dollars in the economic activity is generated. Sales of lift tickets alone generated about two and a half million dollars in 2005. Instructional fees and other services add to that. Acillary services such as parachute rigging,packing,and repair increase the number. using the multiplier of just 2.0, Skydive Arizona injects a minimum of ten million dollars worth of economic activity into the region annually,much of whcih remains in Eloy. This doesnot take into consideration money spent off the facility at area grocery stores, gas stations, motels and so on bySkydive Arizona's customers, who come from all over the world to visit Eloy. Given that Skydive Arizona provides a tremendous economic benefit to the city at virtually no cost to the EloyMunicipal Airport. whatwould motivate the city to suggest that Skydive Arizona should pay a fee one hundred times higher than those proposed for other TTF businesses? It becomes clear when one looks at the history of the current city manager and his consultants. This is not the first time that Skydive Arizona has been the target of attempts to extort money to pay for improvements or services it has never requested and will never use. The City is proposing to make one successful business pay for the prospect of attracting other businesses, which may or may not generate income to the airport. The consulting firm admitted in open city council that their studies are a result of what they were asked to provide. They freely state that in forming their reccomendations, they did not examine airports and businesses with economic situations like Eloy's, contending thatmuch larger airports with many viable on-airport businesses provide an appropriate model. The consultants did NOT look at a single airport in Pinal county during his consultation. He did NOT look at a single airport with aomparable levels of activity. This is nothing less than incompetence. In reality, Eloy bears little resemlance to Scottsdale,Kingman, Yuma, or Mesa-just a few of the large regional airports used by the consulting firm for their analysis. The city clearly hopes to improve the Eloy Airport for future clients by attempting to pass exhorbitant user fees on the one business that could conceivably generate somee funding for these projects, even though that business will never benefit from any of those improvements. The consulting firm stand to benefit by being retained by the City. Skydive Arizona has no intention of paying any fees proposed by the City manager. A contract already exisits, and Skydive Arizona has never breached it. Should the City choose to breech the existing contract and attemtp to charge unreasonable and unwarranted fess, Skydive Arizona is prepared to bring the matter before the court. Before events proceed, Skydive Arizona has suggested to the City Council that they investigate the TTF situation at the Casa grande Airport, where the exisiting TTF agreements were upheld in court. Skydive Arizona has also asked the City Council to consider this: on two previous occassions the consulting firm and the city manager gave false information to the council about projects related to the Eloy Airport. The falsley stated that the FAA would not approve the SkyVenture wind tunnel or allow aircraft to operate on the airport taxiway while the runway improvements were underway. The Eloy airport is a federally funded airport, and with that comes the grant assurance program. If the City of Eloy is found to be in non-compliance the federal government has the right to ask for all the monies back. So far I have found 5 instances where the city is in non-compliance. Problem is...they havent even read the grant assurances. In the end folks..the City's actions may very well cost the City huge legal expenses and cripple one of the more successful businesses. Then again... If you made it this far...good on you! Thats about all I have to say
  10. bbarnhouse

    2006 Collegiates

    Might I suggest you send an email to the venue host? I am sure they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
  11. bbarnhouse

    Are you "This Guy" at the DZ?

    James...that was really very WELL DONE!
  12. bbarnhouse

    Eloy doesn't have team rooms?

    We have an equal amount of lodging as Perris. Team rooms have been booked for months. We can not bring in any more due to the city code. There are slots available in the bunkhouse or you can book at the new motel located on the DZ.