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  1. They white is no good either. It will be taking so long because of all the people waiting in line to get a sail canopy when they is still don't have any material to make them with. If you don't wanting to wait for them to find some sail material that lasts then buy a zp one. ZP is awsome, velocity's use zp and still win most comps ;)
  2. Yeah Frost, I was going to elaberate on the title when I posted it but decided to just split up the question into two parts, if you read the original post you will see the two seperate questions. 1) Who is the best pilot when you take away special wings etc. 2) There are alot of new comers who are rippen, how long do you think it's gunna be before the new gen takes over etc... Also a conversation needs to evolve otherwise it stays in the same place for ever and gets boring, you know, like your canopy progression and competition rankings ;)
  3. Yes Pablo's the man for sure. How about the Aussie boys, I believe Michael Vaughen is one of the best pilots out there flying his 69, also Shae, Drew and Matt from Aussie are insane. Keeping in mind these guys, unlike the US guys, don't get to train on competition courses very often. Nick Batsch is crazy good all round too! There's Ricky Good from New Zaeland who placed 17th, I think, in the World Cup without ever even seeing a speed or accuracy course before the comp. Don't forget the South African boys too like Rob Kruger who went 128m in a distance run on a vmax at the worlds.... Aswell as guys who don't compete at all, who go ultra fast and far, put them on a course for a few weeks and see em go.... Don't be fooled there's some talent out there that poses a huge threat to the top boys in the next few years.... And yeah freestyle I have to say Vince is amazing, but my favourite to watch is still Nick Batsch, double miracle man ghost rider!!!! What the???
  4. Who do you all think is the best canopy pilot in the world. When you take away prototype wings etc. If everyone was flying the same wing who would be the best pilot in your opinions. Also, there's alot of new-commers out there who are smoking, not just in the US but everywhere, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc. How long do you think it's gunna be before the new generation takes over the top spots?
  5. Hi everyone. I'm interested to hear, from the very experienced canopy pilots, what height you typically start your turn. Especially the guys flying JVX's. I have read on Jim's website that the ideal turn height on a loaded jvx, for a 270, is around 850. I don't think that seems right, I've tried that height and it takes about 8 seconds under my jvx at 2.4. He says that for hybrid and sail its even higher.... I fly a jvx 89 loaded at 2.4. Typical turn is a 270, about 700 feet, at sea level.
  6. *** What a lod of crap. __________________________________________________ Wow you seem like a really nice guy hahaha :) I would like to hear how you fly your jvx? Do you think letting the canopy recover itself is how you should fly it? If that's what you think ,you be wrong my angry friend :) I don't think Ricky was saying you have to be dangerously in the corner to get the most out of the swoop, what I got from what Ricky said was that you have bring it out of the recovery on the rears. But if you use too much rears the canopy will die. Which is what alot of other people have said on here, that the jvx has to be flown better than other canopies or you won't get much out of it. I know you like to argue, but try not to be offensive :)
  7. I saw that vid of the last PST comp at Mile Hi and Jay and the Team X peops were swoopin 450 plus? The distance scores seem a little short at this event was it windy, or do canopies just fly alot further at Mile Hi?
  8. I think this is the main problem. Your tandems should be establishing and flying their pattern. Where does this opinion of their's end? Can they land opposite to the traffic pattern into an oncoming crowd of upjumpers? If they're spiraling down into the pattern then it's not just a TM vs fun jumper issue, they could be screwing each other also. This hits the nail on the head. Most of the TI's at the DZ are awsome, considerate and always looking out for each other. But like I said in the original post it is just a couple of TI's that interupt the patterns, and yes your right they do have issue when stacking with other tandems. It's also funny you should ''can they land in opposite direction to the traffic because of their opinions.'' This happened with one of the TI's on a fun jump when he was flying his sport parachute, spiraled into trafic and landed across the pattern which is almost worse. But like I said in the original post, knowone can question this because in their eyes, they have done it longer, they know right.
  9. Yeah that is how we feal too that it is a matter of looking out for each other, but the dz I jump at isn't really about that if the TI is right according to the book then thats the way it is. It's good to know now that tandems do have right of way though. And yeah if the 1st tandem out on the run starts spiriling straight away after opening then yeah they can easily beat down the last sport canopy on the load, especially if it's a windy day with loads of seperation. And if the tandem has no camera I'm sure the TI takes the opening hight way down too which doesn't help anything. Cheers everyone for clearing it up for us. Blue ones
  10. Thankyou for the replies so far. It wasn't an isolated incident it happens alot with the same TI's. It happens alot if a sporty or camera man has a deap spot and has to go on deap brakes to make it back. Also quite often the last camera man or woman has problems setting up because the TI will just spiral down and interupt the pattern. I know tandems are hard to set up with but it's not an issue of difficulty, these instructors have 10,000+ tandems, all they fly is tandems, so it is not hard for them to set up, their accuracy is on the money. It seems to us that it's a matter of, ''we have more jumps, so we can do what we want and you can not question us.''
  11. Hi everyone. Ok so I jump at quite a busy commercial dz. We have had a couple of situations lately with tandem canopies landing the same time as sport canopies. No accidents and no close calls, but it is a dz with some tandem masters with 10,000+ jumps, not a whole lot of canopy skill but alot of pride that they feal they need to throw around. The other day a tandem spiralled down below the small sub 100 sport canopy close to the ground forcing the sport jumper to land at the same time. Well, shit hit the fan, we had a meeting where we were told that tandems have the right away in ALL situations, no exeptions.... This seems a little crazy to us, so we wanted post this to get the opinions of some of you guys with alot of experience. Thanks, keep it safe
  12. Thanks for the feedback so far, it's all good stuff. Frost, by flying style I mean, the methods a pilot uses to get the canopy flying at it's maximum speed, some pilots like to fly mainly harness, some mainly risers, start the turn fast, slow, carving, straight into a steep dive etc, some canopies won't respond as well as others to a certian style, as in you won't get the most out of a jvx if you try to fly it like a vx or vice verser, just an example. Also some people, infact most people, won't get to thier set up point at the exact moment, then being too high or low and having to change the turn accordingly, some canopies are better with this than others, and like Stu said he felt he had to be exact or he wouldn't get a decent swoop out of it. Did anyone else find this? I know that if you get on the rears a pinch too late or too early the swoop really suffers with the jvx, so I've been told :) But the vx likes to be taken nice and deep in the corner then kind of 'popped out.' Diablo pilot, I never asked about the sizing of the wing I'm sure you've already discused it on another forum and Frost is right that vx and jvx is built by the same pair of hands so why would they meassure diffently? Don't answer that keep it on topic :) Cheers keep it comin I'm starting to learn something from you fella's.
  13. Thanks for the feadback, not really what I was looking for though, 'flying styles' was what I wanted to hear about. Not just 'this canopy is better, than that canopy'. Alot of people still prefer the vx to the jvx because of the way you have to fly to get the maximum out of the wing. So you got it going faster than your old vx, cool, but how did you find the way you had to fly to get it going faster? :)
  14. Hi everone, I'm thinking of getting a JVX hybrid, I have heard they are very nice to fly, I have also heard though that they can feal quite mushy at the end of the swoop because of the air spilling out where the stabalisers would usually be? Evey wing neads to be flown differently to build the best power, to be pulled out of the dive etc. Also every pilot has there different flying styles and it is best to get the wing that suits your style the most. I really like flying my vx and I think it suits my style well. I would like to hear from JVX pilots about how they found it best to fly thieir JVX's. Building power, flying the rears, harness power etc. Hopefully hearing from pilots actual experience can help me figure out if this wing will be right for me. Look forward to hearing everyone's opinions :)