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  1. Does anyone know what the delivey time is for a new JVX??????
  2. I am really happy that I asked a question about a safety concern in this forum. If you are not going to give an answer to the question presented, then dont post. I was asking if anyone has ad this problem because it has happened to myself 2 times. I will not sit back and search hundreds of post to find something that is sort of what Im looking for. I will say it out right, I dont think that people should put a Vigil aad in a small mirage container. The new cutter placement that Mirage has updated, degrades the plastic insert inside the cutter. Thus fraying the reserve closing loop, and possibly inducing a premature deployment of the reserve. Please respond if you have any knowledge on THIS subject, not something in the past. Thanks for looking at this thread.
  3. Why did you just step in and not let anyone reponde to my thread???? I am Looking for people who have problems with Mirage and Vigil..... Who are in the skydiving community....Not an advertisement!!!!! I have replace a cutter or two from Vigil and I was wondering if I was the only one. Im asking a question to who ever is out there that wants to learn of a problem, that I have had, and was wondering if it is happening in other rigs. Im sorry if I being am rude but I was wondering from people who have hade this problem. thankyou Respect
  4. Has anyone had a problem with a Vigil? Does it work better with any certain rigs? I have a mirage?? Drop the science on me!!!
  5. WOW, well done. I do have to ask about the 4th or 5th clip that you had. Was that a tandem going out of a dash8? Also was this the same Dash8 from the Skydiving magazine article? Looks good, I would like to see the finished copy. JC
  6. Great job guys..... I love jumping at Burnaby and all the peps. Great pics thanks for sharing them with us all. Congrats Does anyone have pics of the pimp and hoe party????kiddin
  7. I am also looking at the Vigil over the Cypres. It seems to make sense in the long run. Does anyone know of any saves that they have had? Thanks
  8. I will take a look at that one when it comes out. Got to play the racing games as well. Props to them.
  9. what up Snutch... It is JC from STI my gamer tag is skydivex...I know a little Cheez. you should pick up counter strike. it rocks
  10. Does anyone play on Xobx live, when we are not jumping? What are your favorite games? Im new to the whole live thing. Just trying to get ready for Halo 2 ....Nov 9th
  11. That is one of the best replys I have heard on this thread in a long time. Good Stand I like the Vigil I still have not heard any first hand person accounts that I trust. Rock on I dont jump a cypress or a Vigil ... Im Cheap......... and broke
  12. I agree with skypuppy, I also jump and teach at the same DZ. I am only a IA so I make less than half of the money that a IB will make, granted they do more of the work. It is very easy to make more on Coach 2 dives and regular students than in the IA FJC role, that is why I didnt try for my IB rating. There was more than 5 times this summer alone that I got up and came out and was turned away because there was not enough students too use me. We are suppose to get a credit of $25 on our acc. But I still wait to see that on my Acc. So I stoped showing. FJC students are fun but I much perfer to teach a person after there first jump because they are there because they want to progress and enjoy the sport. That is why I do it not the money....Some what. I think that all of our Instructors are very good at what they do. Unfortunitly our DZO's perfer to nickle and dime people till the get fed up and jump else where. They should know that we are the ones keeping this place running when they are too sick or too soar or there is too much too do.
  13. I clocked my friend AJ at 101 Kph. I think that is about 65 Mph or so. He was on a 84 Velocity, loaded around 2.0, I think. That was the top speed, I had lots of high 90's but we dont have a pond at our DZ. So we tend to hold back a little.