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  1. guineapiggie101

    Did you do night jump? If so, any advise?

    wish there were places where you could do night tandems :) . Now that would be WAYYY cool!!!
  2. guineapiggie101

    maximum recording time for a GoPro2

    It was just about GoPro recording times. I ended up getting the answer from a friend.
  3. guineapiggie101

    maximum recording time for a GoPro2

    I have an old GoPro 2 that I've mainly used to record some of my tandems and short videos of daily life. Wondering what the maximum recording time for a GoPro 2 is. Need it to record part of a music performance next weekend for my mother.
  4. guineapiggie101

    Judge training course...

    Cool. Thanks! :) .
  5. guineapiggie101

    Judge training course...

    Thanks I took a quick glance at it. It seems I would need to find a current judge who is willing to work with you in order to complete the judge rating proficiency card. I guess I would have to ask around at the DZ about this, or does anybody have suggestions?
  6. guineapiggie101

    Judge training course...

    Where to find out more about it??? Besides doing tandems, it has been suggested to me that being a judge might interest me. I know one has to take a course for that and I think it would be a cool way to stay involved in the sport :)
  7. Tandems are fun. I used to do AFF but after breaking my leg on a solo jump, I decided that tandems were a great way to enjoy the sky without worry. I have over 50 tandems and each and every one is fun and breathtaking :)
  8. I'm bad :( . I guess I never really did tell my parents I was learning to skydive. My husband knew and thought I was nuts for wanting to learn to skydive. I did try to "ease" my mom into it by telling her that I wanted to do a tandem (this was after I was already doing AFF), and she majorly FLIPPED out on me and berated me for even considering something as "crazy" as that. I did tell my brother (just in case anything happened to me, that he would know what was going on). That came in handy when I broke my leg skydiving, later down the road. My thought is, if you think your parents are going to "flip" out over it, and you are not, in any way, dependent on them, then maybe it might be better NOT to tell them.
  9. J-S, thanks for the heads-up.
  10. I agree with the others, tunnel will help with the spinning. BTW, I had to repeat AFF 3 TEN times before I passed onto the next level. Good luck!
  11. guineapiggie101

    Tandem competing

    Someone recently mentioned to me that I could get involved in tandem competitions. Can someone tell me more about it (what it involves, costs, etc). Recently, I was awarded a restricted A-license with the help of some excellent DZ friends at Elsinore.
  12. guineapiggie101

    Good tandem DZs near London

    If it is that much of a hassle, I may decide NOT to do a tandem while I am out there (as much as I want to). Thanks all for the info.
  13. guineapiggie101

    Good tandem DZs near London

    Yes, my bday falls in the middle of the week of my London trip. Guess I will have to do a tandem before my actual bday. The UK seems to have some stringent rules even in regards to tandems.
  14. guineapiggie101

    Good tandem DZs near London

    Yikes!!!! They actually ask for that if you are doing a tandem, if you are 40???? I never heard of that in the US. I know I have to sign a waiver and that, and I have 50 tandems under my belt. Also, my plan is to be in London the week of 4/17- 4/24
  15. guineapiggie101

    Good tandem DZs near London

    I've decided to go to London for a week for my 40th bday. This will be my first time there. I know there are a few DZs in the UK. Wondering which would be a good DZ to get in a tandem. Keep in mind, I do not plan on renting a car during the week I am there, so I will need something accessible by bus or Tube.