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  1. guineapiggie101

    re-starting AFF questions

    They might still have records of you. Do you remember the names of the AFF-I that you jumped with? Best bet is to drop by the DZ and talk to the instructors to see what can be done. Since you've been gone so long, they might have you repeat a level.
  2. guineapiggie101

    Rubber bands...and other

    can't you just buy them at the local gear store at the DZ?
  3. guineapiggie101

    Curious about injuries

    Yikes!!! How long did it take you to heal up from that? I'm a post AFF student, pre A-license, and I've screwed up early. Had a bad landing (flared too early) on my AFF 4 jump and sprained my ankle. Since then, I've hurt myself a few times, finally got off AFF and was on my 2nd solo, when I had another bad landing (I was confused and made some bad decisions), and had a compound fracture of my tib/fib. Still healing up from that. Good luck with continuing with AFF. It is a lot of fun. :)
  4. congrats on passing AFF 1 and 2. Hopefully your other levels go as smoothly. I am still stuck on 3, but am looking forward to passing it soon.
  5. Yes, I've gotten some answers to silly questions that I may have that I don't want to ask at the DZ. Overall though, performance and other skill questions probably would best be directed at it your instructors