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  1. I guess that is the best way to go with it. I'm a bit worried at how much $$ the fine will be, as well as the traffic school. But I DO want to avoid the point off my license. Thanks for all your help. And it's been entertaining reading the speeding anecdotes on here from others. I need to pay more attention to my speed when I drive.
  2. Thanks! Whatever I do, I do have the option of traffic school (which will mean I DON'T get the point off my license), so my insurance doesn't go up. I guess I will ask for traffic school, pay the fine (not sure how much THAT will be) and then it won't affect insurance.
  3. I got a speeding ticket two weeks ago. The cop clocked me 19 over the speed limit. . This is my first speeding ticket in CA (and I've lived here for 8 years now). They will send me a note in the mail telling me the fine (2 weeks before court date - which is NOT mandatory). In CA, if you haven't had a ticket in the previous 18 months, you can ask to go to traffic school and that will negate the point off your license. So, that is a possibility. A friend of mines suggested that maybe I could hire one of those traffic lawyers around and see if you can get the ticket dismissed or else reduced (without having to go to court). I'm busy with work, but I can find time to go to court. I just don't deal well with crowds and such. I dunno. Anybody here live in CA, and hire a traffic lawyer to deal with a speeding ticket? Was it worth it? In my city, it costs about $100 to hire a traffic lawyer to deal with a traffic ticket.
  4. I do plan to get an oil change and the car checked out before I go. Thanks for the reminder!
  5. We'll fly you up in the PAC and jump you in....for a nominal fee Drive. That'd be REAL cool, heheheh!!!! Guess, driving it is. :) . I am hoping to take a drive afterwards to the redwood forests close to the CA/OR border.
  6. In about 3 weeks I am going up to San Jose, CA for a reunion of some sort. I will be up there for a few days since I want to do some touristy things too. Should I fly or drive? Trying to find the most economical way to do this. If I drive, I am planning to take my own car up. It's a 2012 Civic with 68K miles on it (yeah, I do a lot of highway driving). I like driving since I have more control of time and I can do stuff on the way up. Just not sure if adding so much more miles on a 3 year old car is a good idea. If I fly, I would also have to rent a car while I am up there. If you were in my shoes, would you fly or drive?
  7. wish there were places where you could do night tandems :) . Now that would be WAYYY cool!!!
  8. I think it's 24 hours from the time you first press "play".
  9. It was just about GoPro recording times. I ended up getting the answer from a friend.
  10. I have an old GoPro 2 that I've mainly used to record some of my tandems and short videos of daily life. Wondering what the maximum recording time for a GoPro 2 is. Need it to record part of a music performance next weekend for my mother.
  11. Thanks I took a quick glance at it. It seems I would need to find a current judge who is willing to work with you in order to complete the judge rating proficiency card. I guess I would have to ask around at the DZ about this, or does anybody have suggestions?
  12. Where to find out more about it??? Besides doing tandems, it has been suggested to me that being a judge might interest me. I know one has to take a course for that and I think it would be a cool way to stay involved in the sport :)
  13. Wow!!! That's an eyeful right there. Actually I miss seeing his posts on here. He was great for shits and grins. :)
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I will check it out. Squeak, the running does concern me a bit, but it looks like fun. Just curious, does ground launching require that you have good knowledge of landings, similar to skydiving???
  15. Been seeing pics of people doing that, on my Facebook. Looks like fun and (from what I was told) doesn't need a license. How does one learn to do that? Are there lessons one can take??
  16. The eyestrain is my biggest issue. I found that since I've been reading more on the iPad, my headaches have increased. The new Kindle paperwhite is reasonably priced so I probably will get it.
  17. Which do you prefer to read your books on? Currently I have the iPad 2 with Retina display and I read book on it through the Kindle app. I like to read and I will spend hours reading on the iPad. I notice that I get more headaches and eye strain from reading on the iPad. Would reading on an actual Kindle help with that? Looking to buy a Kindle Paperwhite. Price isn't bad, but not sure if it is worth it considering I already have an iPad that I can read books on through the Kindle app.
  18. This is probably what it is all about. Yes, they have been living together for about two years. Interesting twist to a wedding shower though.
  19. I agree. Sometimes perfume is WAY over-applied (as in I can smell the perfume STRONGLY for a while after that person has stepped out of the room).
  20. I just got an invitation to a Chanel perfume bar wedding shower for my future SIL. I've been to wedding showers before, but never a wedding PERFUME BAR shower. Does anybody know what that is all about?
  21. My 2010 21" iMac has been starting to run slower than normal. Takes a while to load up stuff, etc. Took it into the shop to get it look at. Apparently, I need a new HD since mines was pretty full. They are gonna put in a new 1 TB HD and add more memory (4GB to 8 GB). For all this, they are charging me $355. With this my iMac should run like new. Other than that, my iMac is in good running condition. Am I paying too much to upgrade an Apple desktop that is over 3 years old???
  22. Tandems are fun. I used to do AFF but after breaking my leg on a solo jump, I decided that tandems were a great way to enjoy the sky without worry. I have over 50 tandems and each and every one is fun and breathtaking :)
  23. I've never been a fan of Twinkies especially since I heard they had a long shelf life. I have some friends who like deep fried Twinkies (blech)