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  1. Tony-tonysuits

    Raptor - which version

    Yes, thats the first one, the new one is called the R-Bird, same leg, new arm, new fastback butt also
  2. Tony-tonysuits

    In the news

    they have his arms inside somth?
  3. Tony-tonysuits

    2 New Birds in the flock in Zhills~

    and both landed and orderd wingsuits haha, Quinn cuts em out for me so his is ready to be sewed up :-) Ilea stole everyones hearts when she jumped on the drum kit as the band rested that night, party on :-)
  4. Tony-tonysuits

    SDC Summerfest

    QuoteWho's going? What days? Jeff Neblekoptf :-) Justin Shorb and I will be there, I have to leave early for Coch though
  5. Tony-tonysuits

    AN 72 visitors from overseas please note: 5 days to WoM

    I'm 99% sure Im going to both, but just the last weekend of Cochstedt were at Summerfest in Chicago the same week
  6. Tony-tonysuits

    GS1 Review

    cool, the arm wing looks a lot smaller at the hip than the older ones Ive seen
  7. Tony-tonysuits

    Chick's Rock 07 Video

    nice backflying there Brian.
  8. Tony-tonysuits

    Chick's Rock - who's flying?

    I just took Jeff Noblikopft
  9. Tony-tonysuits

    Source for Black Mesh

    I have gob's, how much do you want?
  10. Tony-tonysuits

    Wingsuit Smoke brackets

    you should see the vidio.......... the moral was...... "put the smoke in the right way up, or down as the case might be
  11. Tony-tonysuits

    Tony Suit demos and FFC @ CSC (Hinckley, IL) 7/21-22

    I have a few suits to try, one is the semi super and one reg Mach 1 in the new design we have an orgernizer slot for Zach, so anyone wating to learn wingsuiting will only have to pay for there slot and Zach's pack job
  12. Tony-tonysuits

    The Bluebird of Heaviness

    I dont like the word "Anvil" that was your old life, Now you look more like a butterfly or an F16 maybe