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  1. Yeah and Kim is a hootie with a nice rack!!!
  2. I cant vote now the page is gone.. Is voting over?? or......................................Dun dun dun Did one of Mistys people complain to the magazine?????
  3. Multi clicking madness!!!!!!! I am addicted to multi clicking.. Poor Misty and her silly volley ball friends must be in a frenzy right now looking at those percentages, just when they thought they were close to closing the gap BAM hahahahaha i guess skydivers are just smarter!!!
  4. Well i am Multi clicking now like Lana26 says and all of a sudden it went from 43% to 45% IM WITH LANA26 its working.
  5. I was at XP this last weekend doing 4 way scrambles and watching the record attempts so of course all the tunnel gods from all over the place were there. I just wondered who you PERSONALLY favor as a flyer?? After this past weekend mine would be Ray Kubak from AZ ,This guy is sick ,and a totally different style completely my second place would have to go to Brett ???? this boy could flip and twist so fast that you would not believe it unless you saw it for yourself. So who has your vote?
  6. Ari is good however he is NOT a skyventure orlando employee!!! He is an outside coach who brings business to the tunnel. Getting coached sitfly by a SVO employee with only 7 skydives is quite comical BTW. I can name many SVO staff that were fired or quit because of this new guy Marc......Who are baddass. I feel for the staff who work there. THEY ARE NOT HAPPY!!! Yes the air straightner is in only took 9 MONTHS!!! That is speedy good for business service if i ever saw it.
  7. Since this new guy took over hes fired all the good tunnel staff!! He got new tunnel staff!! And even some of them got fired!! I have had so many bad experiences at SVO since this guy took over. Has anybody else had a hard time or is it just me?
  8. Not sure how it relates but it makes me wanna go more!!! heheheheehehehe
  9. Dave Colucci a "freefly guru" hahaha thats funny///
  10. Alouettes are no longer allowed to fly jumpers.. Its been sitting on the ground at xkeys all season boo hoo.
  11. I heard it was an AFF jump at Start skydiving in OHIO and a tandem and that it was the DZ manager.
  12. Another great reason to come to this boogie. I booked my hotel today, The best western are doing the same rate for us as they did last year just so you know...........
  13. Thanks for the info. Kim this boogie just keeps getting better, I do not know how you do it!! I will definitly try out for the Head down record....
  14. Do wingsuit Instructors have to be coach rated or Aff rated??? If not ,Why not?? Should Uspa introduce a Wingsuit instructor rating? I do not know the requirements but it would seem to me that all of the factors in a wingsuit,ie new equipment, difficulty pulling and malfunction problems should require the new flyer be taught by someone who has proved themselves qualified.