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  1. Lots of votes from me but he slipped onto page 2 overnight.. REMEMBER YOU CAN VOTE DAILY AND USE AS MANY EMAIL ADDRESSES THAT YOU HAVE.. Dont put in too many obvious fake ones they will check apparently LOL.
  2. I wish they would close one of the doors in Orlando too, It makes us coaches constantly think about positioning our students so they dont get the burble or drop out of the door whilst trying to keep them on camera.. One door would eliminate this and would in turn make the airflow faster and smoother. Because orlando is a big tourist tunnel its nice to have 2 doors, one for entry one for exit but for skydivers 1 is better... In my opinion..
  3. Here's a video showing both an inside and outside view of the method Chuck described: Quote My problem with that exit is they are already dearched leaving the plane... If you have them stand up with the shoulder out and hips forward they leave most of the time in that body position.
  4. This is how we do it in DeLand... The video is a Pac exit but its the same for an otter just the otter has a slightly bigger door. Always try and have the student get their shoulder out of the door with hips forward. I dont know how to do the clicky thing!!! Hope this helps
  5. Factory diver.........Recircs give you dry skin and open tunnels are filthy..
  6. I voted ..... Good luck Maia... This company rocks!!!!!!
  7. Totally agree, Skydive University just did a 25 hr camp here too... VERY impressed and for sure the best skydiver facilities of any tunnel i have been to.
  8. Kimsdu

    Sit Carving

    Free advice from the "Skydiving community college" Love it!!!!!
  9. Selwyn i have a political asylum case here known as "The African" is there anything you can do for him!!!!!!!!
  10. PS : Can i get Santas phone number from you the FU**ER ripped me off last year!!!
  11. I would really like to come to this community college as i am homeless and out of work, also both of my parents pissed away my trust fund to support their crack habit!!! and now are both milking the goverment by claiming disability allowance.. Do you take goverment grants i think i can manage to swindle them into paying for it. Just one more question.. Will i get a certificate if i come to your community college?? Or does that cost extra? Thankyou and i look forward to your response.
  12. Thanks to Bodyflight for putting on such an amazing event, Very nicely run, great vibe, excellent flying.. See ya next year thanks for the experience. Kim Worthington Skydive University
  13. Broken by Plamer and aired on last nights Mtv episode of Nitro circus Good job Plamer!!! If you missed the episode check it out via this link.