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  1. Way to go Paraclete XP! This is exactly what VFS needs! I highly recommend learning VFS from these guys. Take advantage of this while you can.
  2. Just to clear something up. VFS is NOT freeflying! Freeflying is an artistic event. VFS is Vertical formation Skydiving. Same as 4-way fs but done vertically. They are two very different events. Freeflying at US Nationals is obviously declining in participation. I don't think (hope) it does not die. As a VFS competitor, I can tell you there was much frustration and disappointment, in the turnout for VFS open. I think most of the post here raise great points and are correct in their conclusions. VFS an already "difficult" discipline had blocks and random's added to the dive pool last year that slowed the draw down and changed the easiest random "D" (head down star) and made it the most difficult random (sit line). I am glad points were added so that we now have a 8 round meet, but I think the people making the decisions on new formations should be the ones that are actually flying the formations and participating in the sport. After the event was complete at Nationals we (SDC Standard XP) sat down with the enemy :) AZ Arsenal to discuss what WE can do to help intermediate teams move up to Open, and help people interested in VFS, to learn how to get started in VFS. We have some ideas in promoting more participation in VFS, such as skills camps, and Vertical flying events. Standard will be hosting skills camps and events to promote VFS and educate skydivers wanting to participate in VFS. Skydive Chicago now has an intermediate team that will train next year and we are hoping to encourage more. If you are at a dropzone that has a full time team such as SDC or SDAZ, and you are interested in VFS. Please feel free to ask questions, watch debriefs, go to skills camps. When broken down, VFS is not as difficult as some may think. Set realistic goals and get coaching when possible. I know that at SDC you can, at the very least, get started on learning and help with VFS from Standard for just being there. Nationals is at SDC next year and we are counting on a much better turn out for 4-way VFS. If you are interested in competing contact someone from Arsenal or Standard and begin your quest for competing in VFS.
  3. so smart, she can't spell who... "how ever wrote this"???
  4. SDC Standard is hosting tryouts for the 100-Way World Record attempts! June 13th and 14th are the official days, but we encourage you to show up and start jumping on the 12th. This will be the last of the tryouts being held in the United States. If you were not able to make it to Sebastian, Perris, or Arizona, now is your chance. Also, if you did make one of the other tryouts and were struggling or needed just a little bit more work, here is your opportunity to fine-tune your skills. Please don’t assume you don’t need to try out to be on the record attempts. World-class freeflyer’s are coming up the ranks by the masses, participating in 4-way VFS teams and doing lots of tunnel. There will be many qualified participants looking for a slot. When the final list is made, extras will be put on the bench. Again, if you are not current don’t assume your on, you will need to prove your skills as many others have at the East Coast West Coast and AZ tryouts. Participant Registration Form (ATTACHED) to be completed by Friday June 12th at 5:00pm Meet in the main hanger at 8:00 am on June 13th. The goal is to do 7 jumps per day. The cost of the tryouts will be the cost of jumps plus $50. Who Can Participate in the Tryouts? Anyone who participates in this event must be able to fly safely in a large head down formation. Participants must have the ability to control their levels and proximity to the formation. Be honest with yourself. If you can’t regularly dock on a smaller formation without problems then you aren’t ready for this tryout yet. There is always next time! The formations can be as large as 50 people. There will be an added stress on participants because they are being selected for a world record attempt. Keeping your cool is key to flying safely in a large head down formation. SDC Standard members will be honest with participants whether of not they can participate in the jumps. Anyone flying dangerously, or who is just not ready yet, will be asked to sit out. If you aren’t sure if you are ready, please talk to a Standard member. Please fill out the attached registration form and give it to Skydive Chicago Manifest by Friday May 8th 5:00pm. You can either fax it to manifest at (815) 433-6806 or bring it to manifest. You can pay for the 14 jump tickets with a credit card, or cash. The $50 registration must be paid in cash. If you are paying via fax, (815) 433-6806 please pay for the 14 jump tickets using the credit card authorization form attached to the registration form. You can pay the $50 registration fee when we meet Saturday morning if you don’t have the ability to bring it to manifest by Friday June 12th.
  5. Congratulations to Ben Kinkade for winning the free coaching at Skydive Chicago! Although there were many good names submitted and it took much thought and consideration we have settled on SDC Standard. As many of you know the Skydive Chicago's slogan is "Setting the Standard". We thought it was very appropriate to make this part of our team name. Ben will be here at Skydive Chicago during Summerfest 2009 taking advantage of the free coach jumps. Thanks again for everyone who participated in this project. As a side note: Mike W. would like to give a free coach jump to the person who came up with the name "your mom's a whore".... See you guys at Summerfest! Your not going to want to miss this one!
  6. There are some good names, and obviously some very funny names. We will be meeting as a team next week and decide on a name at that time. Thanks you to EVERYONE who posted a response and gave us some ideas. I will post our name on this thread as soon as we decide. mick
  7. Skydive Chicago’s new VFS team is looking for a team name! Rook Nelson and Mike Wittenberg formerly of Team Mandrin, Will Pesek and Mickey Nuttall formerly of Deland Hybrid XP and Noah Bahnson on video will complete the lineup for Skydive Chicago’s team. We are finishing up our first camp together at the Paraclete XP wind tunnel and training is going great. We only have one problem. We don’t have a team name. We have tossed around allot of ideas, but then we had an even better idea! Let the people decide. Please submit your ideas for a team name and if we pick that name, you in return for your creativity and thoughtfulness will receive 4 one on one coach jumps from one of the team members, or two jumps in the slot of your choice with the team! The jumps must be made during Summerfest 2009 at Skydive Chicago (July 25 – Aug 2). Not a bad deal for just coming up with a name.. We welcome any and all ideas, so let’s hear it!
  8. I can appreciate you wanting to see the picture to help you visualize how to build the points. However, if you do find pictures drawn for description I recommend spending lots of time with your teammate discussing how you can build the same formation based just upon the description and not try to mimic exactly what you see in a picture. Most of the 2-way vrw points can be built with an extremely "cheated" angle, that will help you move through the dive with better flow. Example; a vertical compressed accordion will typically be shown with the two flyers in a side by side orientation. You can build that same formation faced off with each other, to allow better eye contact and closer proximity for the following point.
  9. Oh my gosh Selwyn's in? Okay I want some action...
  10. Are there rules and a dive pool yet? I cannot find it if there is so on the skyventue co website...
  12. Can someone make a clicky please...
  13. Open Class 1st place Arizona Arsenal with 15.67 average 2nd place Paraclete Hybrid XP with a 11.67 average 3rd place Outbreak with a 4.83 average 4th place 9DAG with a 4.67 average Congratulations to Arizona Arsenal with an awesome performance! They killed it! Thanks to Outbreak for traveling all the way from the UK! Nice job guys. We were looking forward to Arizona Drives debut but they had a team member that was very sick.. Get well B! I don't have the scores for the Advanced teams but I do know that Elsinore Jedi took 1st place with a 6.33 average! Outstanding job by the new team! It was a great competition and very well organized. Thank you very much Skydive Arizona, and Arizona Arsenal for organizing the event!