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  1. Has anyone heard of a motor falling in a tunnel? Heard a rumor but no details.
  2. I have heard a couple of rumors that a USPA Board member had their ratings suspended for taking under age tandems. Does anyone know if this is true? Thanks. Kev
  3. Anyone have any news on the wind tunnel at Universal Studios in CA? Is it open, how big, costs? Thanks. Kev
  4. Just got my Reader magazine and found there is a new DZ in San Diego. That's good! But, I went to their website and it says they are "California's ONLY all student drop zone." Damn!!!! Has Michael Hawks moved from Vegas to California??? Kev
  5. Word on the street is Joe, the owner, was recalled into the military. So he closed the school. While I have never met Joe, people say he is a good guy and I wish him the best. Kev
  6. KevinAllen


    What does a project like this cost? Kev
  7. Anyone still there??? Are you still operating? King Air?? Kev
  8. OK. It's been a month. Any word on the King Air? That pilot must be getting pretty bored. Kev
  9. $10 jumps are still a bargain regardless of the type of aircraft! Adam
  10. Any word on the King Air yet? Kev
  11. King air and $10 jumps? Cool! I'll enjoy it while it lasts but you can't do that for very long and stay in business. Let us know when it arrives. Kev WHY DO THEY CALL IT "FREE" FALL
  12. Cool! Make sure and post when it arrives. How about the landing on the airport? Kev WHY DO THEY CALL IT "FREE" FALL?????