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  1. Thank you for voting. Roberta won last months hottest athlete poll and she is now featured in this month's MensFitness Magazine. Also check it out online. check out the interviews and the photo galleries
  2. Roberta won and she wants to thank all of you that voted for her. Thanks everyone and congratulations to Roberta!
  3. I just learned that you can vote multiple times from the same computer. Thanks Y'all.
  4. The Mens Fitness Hottest Sports Babe. Roberta made it to the finals and she needs your help. Vote! Thanks.
  5. someone please make that an automatic link. i give up.
  6. [url] i think that should work.
  8. I believe its called natural selection or dumb ass bad luck!
  9. For all of you interested the dates for these canopy camps are posted in the events calendar under training camps. Contact me if you have any questions. Safe Swoops!
  10. The last thing I heard is there are some complications with the town of Empuria.
  11. If you want to swoop water then go to the southern hemisphere. Pond swooping is way to cold for Jan. anywhere in the U.S., plus really nice grass is better, always! As for Eloy....There is only a ban for swooping in 2 of the 3 landing areas in Eloy. There is a tunnel landing area which I have been using most of the time, except when I am on Back 2 back loads. The dz ground manager usually keeps track of those landing out at the tunnel and 80% of the time they come to pick us up in the van. The few times we walk back is no big deal because it's really not a far walk ( lazy bitches!!) After landing out at the tunnel I started to enjoy going out there more because there is little to no traffic. And since the ban the traffic issues in the main landing areas are worse in my opinion. I watch it all the time. The tunnel landing area is also very nice grass. Perfect freestyle training ground and also we can throw up gates and courses.. .But I rather just throw down the freestyle because it is way more fun!!! Except for when a military group is out there I land there all the time now. In january I am hosting 2 camps a beginer camp and an intermediate camp.
  12. I tested this canopy when it was first released in 2004. Made many test jumps with it and was very happy at the time. Since then I have not flown it because I have had no reserve rides (10,000 jumps with only 2 Malfunctions ever, thanks to my Xaos for its awesome openings, I never have to use my R-max) However, recently I had my 2nd Malfunction and had the opportunity to cut away and use the R-max again. And after 4 years I still find myself very pleased with this parachute. The fast but not hard openings and its performance. A great reserve, with reinforcements throughout the entire wing making it a very strong and reliable canopy. I also had a very soft landing thanks to the great flare that the canopy has. I would recommend this reserve canopy to everyone.