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  1. Rick

    Scotty Burns

    fuck off idiot you come on here a year later to anonymously talk shit classy
  2. may as well get the list started Muff Bro Rick
  3. Rick

    Falling Angels DeLand

    A friend of a friend found an old jump suit at a thrift store and bought it for him. Does anybody know the history behind this or who Powers might be?
  4. Rick

    Halloween fun

    that is 1 big ass pumpkin
  5. Rick

    One up on Jeb?????

    wow love this in the comments "Some one want to explain how his balls fit through the crack??"
  6. Rick

    Z-hills Memorial Day Weekend

    I'll be there Seriously, this event has been a blast the past couple of years. The way the teams are drawn makes for good competition. Come out and have fun. Oh yeah you might even learn something.