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  1. SEREJumper

    Gear Sharing

    This topic has been discussed before, although not in the context of listing it on a website to rent. More for just renting out your rig on the DZ. If you do a search, you will find the threads. It's not the best idea for skydiving gear IMO. Lots of liability #1, rigs cost a bundle usually so what happens if it gets stolen, what about in the event of a cutaway or damage, verifying the credentials of someone that wants to use your rig, doing stupid stuff with your rig, etc. Thats why a lot of dropzone's have rental rigs that jumpers can rent. Just my opinion.
  2. SEREJumper

    Military Airborne Rig.

    For an airworthy rig that you can trust: National Parachute Testing Center 10501 SW 147th Cir Dunnellon, FL 34432 PH: 352-489-4898 EM: or take your chances on Ebay...
  3. SEREJumper

    Finally did my first jump!

    This thread is a good one to read.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread Bottom line, I would not take any meds, just have your instructor hold off on the crazy turns. I got sick on my first tandem, but once I started jumping with my own parachute, it all went away. Kind of like driving don;t get car sick because they are driving. Next time, be the driver!
  4. SEREJumper

    Extreme motion sickness after parachute deployment

    If you get car sick easily, this can happen due to the "twist and turn" to navigate. We as instructors can make the turns aggressive or gentle. He probably didn't ask and went with the aggressive turns. Next time, just ask for gentle turns and be vocal about what you want to do for the parachute ride. Remember you are paying for it!
  5. What an amazing life he lived. Our country could use a few more people like him...
  6. SEREJumper

    mike furry sold dolphin?

  7. SEREJumper

    Damage at bridle attachment point

    Got any pictures?
  8. it came back with you "cat eye" to put the main and flare toggle through? Maybe the rigger thought came up with a new mod for the sigma...the "Icarus mod" Yeah, thats not right.
  9. SEREJumper

    When will the last Cypres 1 retire?

    12 year + 3 months from the last one manufactured Ok, Ok, that was to easy
  10. SEREJumper

    Rigorous Gear Inspection Training?

    Your instructor should go over the key parts to the parachute system and a basic knowledge what what each component does and how to do a proper gear check for the MAJOR items. If you haven't gotten this yet, you are probably just starting and there are things that your instructor wants you to learn first. The training should be more in depth as you go along, but it might not be as in depth as you may like, but... Knowing about your gear, how to all works together, what the different manufactures recommend for user maintenance, and how to inspect it are all things you SHOULD be taught if your instructor is doing his/her job you are paying them to do. You can also get this information for free from jumpers that have been around the sport a while and like to share their knowledge. To many new jumpers don't know enough about the gear that is the only thing between life and death, literally. Go get your answers, heck you may want to look into a future as a rigger too!
  11. SEREJumper

    PIA 2013 Videos

    Thanks for the updates, keep them coming!
  12. SEREJumper

    Sabre2 190 in a i44

    I would say no, I had an I-44 and a new Spectre 170 was pretty tight!
  13. SEREJumper

    Pilot Chute question

    Search function, upper right hand corner, this has been discussed a lot;search_string=pilotchute%20material;#54889
  14. SEREJumper

    Converting metal reserve ripcord to soft?

    It needs to be done at the time of the repack. If it is done later, the same rigger that repacked it needs to do the switch since he packed it last. Good on you, the more you know about your gear, the better. Your life depends on it.
  15. SEREJumper

    Mirage RTS riser covers issue

    Seems pretty common on older RTS rigs. Small tuck tabs that can get worn out easily.