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  1. As much as I would like to agree with Jerry and BIGUN, the reality is sometimes manufacturer's rigger gets it wrong. For example, the manufacturer is located in a place where the humidity is very low. Low humidity could drastically increase the packing volume. You are jumping in very high humidity. Or, the manufacturer doesn't have hands on experience with certain model/size canopy and their advice is based on "we guess" rather than "we know for sure". And yes, this have happened to me on several occasions with different manufacturers. If I were you, I'd listen to your dealer. That's the person you've chosen to spend your money with and he/or she will be dealing with you if you end up not being happy at the end. With other words, your dealer is more interested in you being happy than the manufacturer. For that manufacturer, you are just a name on a .pdf file. Now I'm curious what rig/canopy combo you are interested in?!
  2. Here are some questions for you. What model was the rig? Does it have a free fly tuck tab on the handle? If yes, was it tucked in? Did you get a proper briefing when you rented it? The reason I'm asking is, most modern rigs will come with some kind of freefly secure handle. Sometimes that handle will require a slightly different angle to be pulled out, or just more force. If you were not aware of it, I can see why you thought you were having a hard pull. Packing the PC in the pocket could also make a difference in the pull force. If I have to make a guess based on your story, I'd say there's nothing wrong with the gear. I spend about 20-30 min briefing people how to check and use the gear they rent from me. I explicitly tell them about the free fly tab and how to avoid a hard pull.
  3. I have them, and can also make you a pair! However, I HIGHLY recommend you get rid of the reversed 3 ring risers. Here's why!
  4. TSO is useless for that exact reason. You could certify something, then change it as many times as you wish as long as you log it as a "minor change". Vector Micron from February 2022 is exact same rig like 2 pinned Wonderhog from 1977 ..... In the eyes of the FAA
  5. How about you are unconscious and your AAD fires..... because of your body position only ONE raiser cover opens.... How would you like a spinning line twist under your reserve?
  6. What about the lockups after the ripcord pull? How is the cutter relocating going to fix those? Are you planing on changing the RPC cap to concave in order to accommodate for the extra thickness of the cutter? The rigs after the modification look like shit by the way.
  7. Hi Eric, I've received a statement from Pal Bergan saying :" All ground tests by pulling the reserve ripcord were successful." So which one is it? I find it strange that almost 2 months later they haven't identify the problem and came up with a solution.
  8. Try nancy at plabsinc dot com
  9. So I just checked that FORS you are talking about and it looks like they took the design of Eric Fradet and made it more complicated. (maybe to avoid paying royalties).
  10. PD won't do that. One, because of liability and second because every company has their own standards for acceptable permeability and measuring procedures. I doubt PS has shared their standards with PD.
  11. That's correct. However those loops don't fail that easily !
  12. That will make sense if PIA was about sport skydiving.
  13. Properly manufactured risers don't fail at the grommet. They fail between the middle and the small ring. Most manufacturers have the RSL ring integrated in the confluence wrap
  14. You think the site is impressive...? You should visit their factory in Germany if you have the chance..... That's impressive!!
  15. There we go.....another brand war. For me there's one AAD brand. CYPRES!!! It's very simple. Get the number of units made, divide it by the number of Service Bulletins. That number should give you an idea of how likely is that the "maintenance free" will turn into "I can't jump in the middle of the season" maintenance. By the way, my CYPRES just came back from voluntarily maintenance. Just as a side note: Can anyone show me a 20 years old Vigil or 15 years old M2? The expected lifetime, doesn't always match the real lifetime.