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  1. Hi , I want to ask any technical reason about why on the MIL DTL 6645 , specify this about glue guns ?? ....: 3.4.1 Assembly aids. For Navy and Air Force procurements, hot glues are not authorized as an assembly aid. any info will be great, Thanks
  2. Thanks a lot, yes I already did the pul test on 3 cells top skin and pass great, also I check those SB about bartacks and is OK and the canopy is in very nice shape, probably never used. tanks for the info and the link of the manual, very nice. Nico
  3. Hi, I need to put a vigil on a P de F Campus student rig, any info for this?? the rig has the two thinner cypres loops for the two RSL pins, any idea also where I can order this thin loops?? Also this is what I found on the last repack, both pins into the 2 regular cypres loops. Thanks Nico
  4. Im looking for a manual to pack a Swift reserve Para Flite I already found service bulletins on parachute manuals and Australia Parachute Federation web but no manuals. Thanks
  5. Wich reserve size will fit into a Telesis size D+/14, has a a PD 235 but looks to big. I cant find the D size over the manuales, and rigging innov doesnt answer emails Tanks
  6. rapaz


    Tanks pobrause. Why is so funny bogboybirdy?
  7. rapaz


    Hey riggers, I need to rent a dummy for structural overload tests, Any info will be great. Tanks Nico
  8. Hi machines guys, I need a new thread spring "parte 11506" for my 7-31, the upper thread tensión spring. Tanks a lot Nico
  9. rapaz


    What about the 22 lbs on the reserve handle with cones?, or with a bulky packjob?, service bulletins on cones? More easy to bent pines?, prevent premature openings for loop failure in large troop military jumps?
  10. Hello this is a tech question, special for the ones who has experince manufacturing rounds. I have a consew 332 double needle needle feed, with NO puller on the back, Im planing to build a round 22 panels, 28 foot, block construction, the thing is : the puller will be mandatory to do a nice work, its for both bias and block type or I can handle it with skills Tanks a lot
  11. rapaz


    Any good reason to keep using cones and end tabs eyes and elástic hooks like the navy NB 8 Tanks Nico
  12. Anybody knows why a brand new reserve, Icarus Nano 126, al white has a red right stabilizer???? Any toughts, mayor be they run out of some f111 batch?? Nico
  13. I also receive emails from Linkedin from him. So now I know its some spam.. I have some emails with him a year ago, let me know if doesnt find any, I can give you that email. Nico
  14. Hello wich are the tech specif of the hardware RW8 or 10, in terms of metal name, treatment, hardness, not the Stainless Steel ones. Also the name of the main company producer or data Tanks a looootttt guys
  15. Hi, what is the advantage over the nylon of Aramida tape reinforcements in some round parachutes? Tanks Nico