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  1. DjangoWorldWide

    West Coast's DZ come here!

    Hello, I'm a newbie skydiver, about 30 jumps since August 2018. I'm on a bike trip from north to south America, and now having my A license it became "a thing" for me to stop for a few days in DZ's, jump and go on. So far I stopped in VSA (Vermont), in Montreal and Victoria (Canada). That was a blast. My friends in my "home dz" (SSX, New Jersey!) Told me about Elsinore, but it's a bit far now. I already need a currency jump since it was over 60 days, but I don't care too much. If there's a friendly place around Washington or Oregon, which allows A license jumpers AND, most important, allows camping (I have a tent), I'd like to hear about it. I usually camp two nights, to allow me a fun free day to jump and know the guys on dz. So.. I wrote too much. Be part of my trip to Argentina! Django on the bike
  2. DjangoWorldWide

    Skydive Sussex

    I got my A in Sussex, Awesome instructors. Very experienced, Lauren the dzo is really great and got everything under control. For the ladies among us, Sussex as a fair amount of female instructors/videographers. Place is closed durring winter so pretty busy in the season, which is great cause there are a lot of loads. More than enough packers. Always can find students and fun jumpers hanging around. A great place as home dz! 2 minutes walk you have a diner open 6am to 3pm, 5 minuts there's a bar, open day too and a deli next to the bar. Really great and easy to set up a tent for the weekend! Oh and they got the Caravan, which can take 18 people and has no problem get you to 13.5-14
  3. DjangoWorldWide

    So embarrassing. Need to repeat aff2

    Got my A a few days ago. What a blast! Aff2 was my only has-to-repeat CheckD was awesome. Thanks for the insights though! Haha! The bowling joke! I've heard that! In one of the rainy days all the staff went to...Bowling! Living in the dz really made the difference. From sunrise to sunset (and even after) I was surrounded by skydiving. That was an awesome expirrience and so much fun, beyond the jumping part.
  4. DjangoWorldWide

    So embarrassing. Need to repeat aff2

    Hey. So a new day started today, plus I changed an instructor and I'm both proud and happy, I am CLEAR FOR SOLOS!!!! today went so much better, passed 2-7 first attempt each
  5. DjangoWorldWide

    So embarrassing. Need to repeat aff2

    So I started today, and emidiatlly after arf1 I did 2, and to my embarrassment I failed. Didn't hold strong enough arch. I just kinda needed a place to spill my heart, I don't really expect special insight. I live in the dz (tent) so im sure I'll be ok, it's just the extra money that suck and general disappointed of myself. Peace