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  1. Just need somebody to make a Lonestar 2 kit. I agree, I could see some open source equipment eventually becoming available. It is happening in so many areas, I don't see why it wouldn't happen here.
  2. Beatnik

    New SL/IAD "freefall" jump requirement

    USPA is a national aero club and issues licenses (certificates of proficiency) on behalf of the FAI and they are all internationally recognized. The FAI changed the minimum requirements for an FAI recognized license. The USPA, as a national aero club, has followed the FAI. This is a world wide thing and affects every aero club, not only the USPA. For the licenses to be internationally recognized, FAI licenses (certificates of proficiency), they had no choice. You can check out the minimum requirements here:
  3. Beatnik

    My little project

    He probably got the tapes and book from me. I gave it to a couple of people across the pond once I digitized all them. The audio tapes aren't anything special.
  4. Beatnik

    My little project

    I believe he is looking for a copy of the Lone Star Parachute Assembly Manual that mentioned early on in this thread. The manual, along with the audio tapes, was used to assemble the precut pieces that they sold with it at additional cost. The parachute did a few things that aren't conventional with modern parachute manufacturing. The manual used to be available online, I believe at the site. I have two versions of it scanned in pdf form and a couple of years ago I digitized the audio tapes. I will make it a point sometime this year to upload them somewhere as I don't want to field individual requests for it. If someone has a suggestion of a repository where they could be stored and accessed by anyone it could be helpful. I don't want to put it on a private server or where someone could try and turn a profit from it. The information at this point isn't that fantastic.
  5. Beatnik

    Strong Pop Top chest container PC options?

    Are you missing a PC for one and thats why you are asking? I might have a spare one in stock pile of spare parts, cap and all. I definitely have some MA-1s.
  6. Beatnik

    A dream come true...

    Congats to your friend for fulfilling his dream. Jumping a PC is something else. I think you might be a little disappointed in a Jumbo if you do happen to find one. I have one along with several other parachutes in my collection. While the Jumbo looks just like a larger MK1, it doesn't perform anywhere near it. It is pretty sluggish in comparison. I am not exactly a light guy myself so I don't think it has to do with the load. It doesn't seem that the success of the 24' is directly scalable in size.
  7. Beatnik

    Safire 2 and OP 126 in V306?

    Looking at the sizing chart. I think it would be one tight rig. Send Tara an email: She will be able to tell you best combination for what you are looking for.
  8. More pictures for the post.
  9. Beatnik

    CSPA valid in the US??

    The answer your are looking for depends on the drop zone. Since I have no affiliation with them I am not going try to comment for them. But some drop zones in the US require a USPA membership and some don't it is really up to the drop zone. If you do require a USPA membership, you can by a temporary USPA membership which should cover you for the duration of your visit. Some Canadian drop zones are USPA drop zones and not CSPA drop zones. They are trying to promote the organization that they belong to and it is easier for them with insurance coverage. One thing that you should note is that the CSPA SOLO CoP is not a recognized FAI CoP. So some drop zones might not recognize it and allow you to jump by yourself as they would here in Canada. You are best to check with the drop zone before making the trip as you might be disappointed if you require someone to jump with you. This is entirely up to the drop zone and how they want to run their business, so answers may vary from drop zone to drop zone. IMO the SOLO is more of a money grab by CSPA as it used to be an endorsement and not cost any money from the jumper. Because of how our CoP system works and requires you to get and process every CoP, the organization is able to know receive one more level of additional processing fees from new jumpers that it wasn't able to previously. Some people feel differently on this subject and there are many that share the same opinion. So take it for what it is.
  10. Beatnik

    Pilot chute attachment point

    With out seeing any photos it is hard to say exactly what you have. But it does sound like a Jumpshack pilot chute. With theirs the pilot chute is sewn down to the bag leaving only a kill line to go through a grommet. However, there is another piece of tape. limiting line, that is also sewn to the inside of the bag that is connected to the canopy with the kill line. There are two things that get connected to the canopy and it sounds like if you are going to use this pilot chute you will have to get a small amount of sewing done. I can take a picture sometime of what I tried to describe above but I don't really want to pull out a packjob to do it.
  11. Beatnik

    neptune 2 cord for updating and armor?

    You can get it everything you need from Alti-2 directly.
  12. Beatnik

    Rear screws on a N3 ?

    The N3 doesn't have the screw holes that the N2 had. It is held on by a strap going through the silicon armour or in the pocket of neptune glove. Nothing mounts to it.
  13. Beatnik

    Vintage Gear- Delta II

    I would gladly get it for the collection. But it is severely overpriced for what is there IMO.
  14. I don't know anything about Cazar sport rigs but there was another copy from a Canadian company in Montreal that is long gone now. They had a copy of the Strong Pop-Top and a few other designs including the Jerry Bird rig.
  15. Beatnik

    These canopies are?

    Can I guess or should I wait? I have a red and white checkerboard one.