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  1. Cloggy


    Deleted: totally unrelevant to your question.
  2. Cloggy

    Water Dropzone - Looks Safe

    Works for royalty too. The Dutch royal family recommends landing in water . Pieter van Vollenhoven opted for a water landing because of "weak ankles". Footage from ancient times: Polygoon newsreel First part of the item is about PA, with legendary Jaap Havekotte: 7 times national champion.
  3. Cloggy

    Fingertrapping 550 cord?

    Thanks all for the input. I've done splicing for double braided rope: only for sailin g. With the small size and the loose strands, I thought making a splice in 550 would end in frustration... What I ended up doing was to sew the line with a zig zag (I only have a three step zig zag on my machine) leaving a few inches of loose end. I gutted that end (staggered) as much as possible and fingertrapped the sheath back into the cord. Good enough for me, it's not heavily loaded.
  4. Cloggy

    Fingertrapping 550 cord?

    Is there any good way to make a loop with a smooth transition in 550/type III cord? I'd like the loop to have a smooth transition to make it pass through an eyelet easily without catching. I can't see a fingertrap working well with the 7 loose strands inside? And sewing the bitter end to the line will not leave a smooth transition. Any ideas? Bart
  5. Cloggy

    A dream come true...

    Thanks for sharing Uwe, nice photos. Great to see what people drag from their attics nowadays Your friend is a braver man than me: going old school all the way! I put a PC Mk1 on three ring risers last year, that's where I drew the limit on the vintage experience. If you have any use for a NAA Mini System, let me know, it is just gathering dust. Or turning into dust I like the Paracommander a lot, made many fun jumps with it last year. The landings are a tad harder than on the SF-10a, but nothing bone jarring: PLF not always necessary (I'm ~87kg). Bart
  6. Cloggy

    Air Speed

    I remember this has been discussed before;search_string=Airspeed;#4280100 I think your best bet are sensors for paragliders/hanggliders: they've been using them for decades. I've also seen paraglider pilots with the sensor on a 'vane' (like Lee described) , so it's always oriented correctly into the airstream. It was a commercial product at the time, maybe from Flytec or Bräuniger?
  7. An example of a flag jump And just two loops at the corners should do the trick. Here somebody is jumping with a stick at the bottom:
  8. Considering how cheap digital printing is, wouldn't you be better (and safer) off with a custom flag or banner? Maybe with something like a broomstick sewn into the bottom to keep it straight in freefall? If you happen to drop that, it is just an oversized streamer.
  9. Cloggy

    Searching broken Neptune 2 with good LCD

    Maybe someone has an old N2 gathering dust? The LCD on my Neptune 2 is broken, otherwise it works fine. I'm looking for a units that I can slaughter for the screen.
  10. Cloggy

    A license jumping camera....

    Don't underestimate the adhesion of 3M tapes: they can take 80-100 lbs/in2. Twisting off will take less force, but it is not 'just adhesive'.
  11. Cloggy

    Slider stuck every single jump

    Looks like my Sabre2: same size, same wingload, apologies for the crappy footage. This opening was a bit worse than usual with more end cell closure and the slider hangs higher up. Usually it hangs about 1 meter above the risers. I guess it is by design : slider hangs halfway down most of the times. I just grab the rear risers and it comes down. I have around 600 jumps on this lineset and this behaviour seems to change over time: it wasn't always like this. I suppose this has to do with shrinking of the lines: changing trim and brake settings?
  12. I guess it shouldn't be expensive at all... Engineers love destructive testing Try to find a tech college. They might have a test rig for pull testing? Make it into a student project. Otherwise, steel cables and slings etc. basically anything used for lifting or hoisting needs to be pull tested and certified every year or so (At least on this side of the world). So a company doing that kind of work should have a test rig. Maybe if you walk in there on a friday a'noon with a case of beer??
  13. Cloggy


    Is unreachable for a few days already.