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  1. Facebook round canopy sale / wanted
  2. C182 + Dolphin: Sander K. is the man to talk to.
  3. Peter, thanks for posting that, it is the same file I have. I somehow assumed I couldn't attach any files in the forum...brainlock...
  4. Drop me a PM and I'll mail what I have. Bart
  5. P/N 11-1-4252-1 Locking loop assembly.
  6. OP wrote: "We aren’t allowed to use quick release routing of the standard buckle at our drop zone"
  7. That's right, the Techno is made by Parachutes de France. 1.5 wingload would be exceeding the TSO for any size of Techno. I jumped my Techno 155 twice at wingload 1.4, which is a bit above the recommended wingload. I found it an easy and responsive canopy to fly and land; no problems with flaring.
  8. I've hundreds of jumps with the thing, but for the life of me I can't remember if it switches automatically between screens at 1000ft or not. Mine is usually on the main screen on the ride up, changing betweens screens can be done manually by pushing the button bottom right. After detecting exit the Neptune will go to altitude display automatically.
  9. Hi Larry, a few years ago I got a PC Mk1. I didn't want to jump the old Minisystem harness and Kohnke reserve that came with it. I put the PC on 3-ring risers, made a deployment bag for it (with a lot of info and help here on the forum) and regularly jump it with a modern student rig. Bart
  10. I think these are called Koch fittings
  11. I jump a Sabre2 170 at a wingload of 1.3. I replaced the lines at 650 jumps. Not because they were worn: the lines were still in very good condition. Seems they could have lasted until 1000 jumps or more. I replaced them because the trim was way off: the outer lines had shrunk by as much as 6 inches. The canopy was still opening, flying and flaring fine, no strange behaviour, but flying characteristics were noticably different after 150~200 jumps. It was getting more difficult to fly on the front risers, after struggling with that for the last few hundred jumps I finally got fed up with that. After relining the changes were not dramatic, but I feel the canopy is flying 'cleaner'. I chose Vectran, it won't last as long as Spectra, but at least the trim will not change much. What Lee says about the brake lines is a good point: I had mine replaced early on as they had shrunk by about a foot... You say you didn't notice "any change in openings, flight / flare". Maybe because the changes are gradual and, with your jump numbers, spread out over many years? Anyway, if the lines are still good and you're happy with the way it's flying now, it doesn't really seem necessary to replace the lines? I guess best thing would be to ask a rigger for a second opinion.
  12. When I was the first at my DZ to start psychopacking it would draw a small crowd, looking at me as if I was completely mad and irresponsible (no comment... ). Shaking their head and saying things like: "I will go sit outside and watch you pull your reserve". I never had any problems or malfunction with this packing method. I don't think there is that much difference between psychopacking and propacking: first part is the same, then just a different way to put it in the bag.
  13. Just ordering a smaller slider in the hope it will fix your problems, are you serious? I hope you did some more research than just 'reading' on the internet and did actually ask the people around you for advice? -The packing could be the only thing you need to fix; review your packing technique with an experienced skydiver or have it packed by somebody else to compare openings. -Did you discuss the slider size with a rigger or Icarus: how do you know this one is 'huge' or too large for your canopy? The manufacturer designs it to a particular size for a reason. And is the smaller slider appropriate for your canopy size and W/L? I bet a smaller slider opens faster, but you could be in for a painful surprise as well.
  14. Disclaimer: I'm not a rigger, all is just my personal interpretation and opinion :-) The pin in itself is not the whole solution. The pin has a smaller profile (cross section) than a fabric tongue (nose). Most other soft toggles seem to use 1" square weave. The PdeF toggles (and probably the SWS too) use 5/8" square weave: also lower profile when passing through the slider grommet. All in all, I'd think there is less chance that the slider grommet comes into contact with the pin or toggle. The other part is the downward pointing tab immediately below the straight pin. This tab sits in the pocket on the riser below the guide ring, and prevents downward movement should the slider grommet come into contact with the pin or toggle. I tried to push the pin out of the keeper: very hard to do, even more so when there is any tension on the riser.