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  1. Ok I have acquired a military mirps (modified improved reserve parachute system). this is the center pull soft loop system (CPSL). I have all the manuals and such for it along with parts breakdowns. What I do not have is the "Soft Loop Assembly" in other words the soft closing loop for the container. Is there anyone here that may be able to give me the aproximate dimensions and materials to make a correct closting loop for this system. from my research so far I have learned it is made from red type II gutted and sewn to a piece of type VI being 2 3/4 inches in length. if anyone can post pictures of this part or even the part number it would help greatly
  2. Right now I am currently working with my master rigger whom I apprenticed under, he has a decent flow of customers, but I am wanting to build my own loft without feeling im stealing his business. He does have me do most of his repacks for him. But i would like to make a name for myself.
  3. Ok guys here's a question i just recently got my senior riggers ticket, after a long process of learning to rig by apprenticing. Now my question is what do I do from here? I want to pack rigs and be an actual rigger but I have no idea how to get my name out there to the community and let them know I am officially open for business. Any suggestions?
  4. So in other words as long as its on a main canopy anyone can attach new lines? One of the questions in the rigger test bank asks, is a line replacement a major repair? What would be the official answer to that?
  5. I ask this since I'm working on getting my riggers ticket. The master rigger I'm working under has made it clear to me the changing a line set is a master riggers job as I understand it. However this weekend I was visiting a drop zone I frequently jump at and decided to spend time in the loft. While I was the there two senior riggers were both doing relines and they said that because mains are not tso'd that it's a normal practice. There is no master rigger at this dz. My understanding is that any major modification or repair to a canopy that could affect airworthiness would be considered a major repair requiring a master rigger. Which is correct?
  6. I merely wanted to know if anyone knew of any actual differences between the different cutters or if it was merely just different connectors with slightly different blade design and packaging but otherwise the same on the electrical basis as far as fire / no fire voltages and check systems and if you connected a different cutter would it still work correctly
  7. Didn't at one time or another everything begin as someone's home built project? People used to fear aads, wouldn't jump if one was around. Same for boc pilot chutes for fear of premature deployments. Digital and audible aaltimeters.Everything is new at some point and there will always be people out there who will be afraid of things that are new or different from their standard way of tthinking. I appreciate everyone's concern. But simply rehashing the same thing over and over does not move a productive conversation along. My questions were related to an experiment i have been conducting in controlled conditions using a test chamber certified for altitude testing.I do not plan at this time to construct my own aad. I am in full support of an open source project and would like to see it move forward. But even through such project im certain people will still object even if such a device becomes proven at least to a degree the current systems are. I believe there should be a standardized set of testing to prove these devices are safe and capable. As of yet though all manufactures seem to use their own testing structure and certification which allows for some very loose tolerances when comparing one to the other.
  8. Do not worry i have no intention of jumping this one live. This has been an experiment and a learning experience to better understand the principles involved in how my gear functions. I have learned that the intricacy of these devices is very and I stress very delicate and one can easily get it wrong. I have also learned quite a bit about the limitations of what this unit can and cannot do by reason of not being able to interpret or understand under certain circumstances, though rare, they do exist. I know enough now to never fully rely on any device. Doesn't mean I won't jump with one (i will never jump this modified one). But my goal will always be complete my EP's before my aad is needed. If I have to use it would be a last resort after all else has failed Edited for clarity
  9. I have one that was fired and without new cutters cannot put back into service, so no cost to me, Actually, the astra has been a surprisingly useful bank of information as it uses an interpreted operating system therefore making its programming really easy to back engineer. Unlike all the others I've tried with the tend to only use fully compiled coding which then has to be read, decompiled, parsed and sorted. Lots more work involved to just get the algorithms im looking for. I want to better understand how the gear im using functions, why it does what it does and doesn't do what its designed to do. I don't like the idea of trusting this mystery box just because someone says it'll save my life. I don't think there's anyone ill trust my life to more than me. Especially after looking at the histories of these devices. Even the ones that claim to never fail, there sure are a lot of reports with the names of those companies in them Unfortunately they stopped support of parts a while back and so the supply of cutters has dried up. I did enjoy my astra it worked wonderfully and without a life limit I feel I got my moneys worth out of it
  10. This information really gives me some things to think about, my intentions of learning more on this subject is due to my wanting to design my own personal aad system there are several features that I would like to develop but have yet to see them in a commercial unit. As far as the software goes that tends to be a specialty of mine but I am trying to figure out a few of the hardware items. I have had good success so far in making some software adjustments to my astra unit. But in my chamber tests some still need work. I have a cutter test probe but am wondering how a real cutter would react if any differently
  11. There are always updates to a particular component but what I am asking is can a superior part be substituted for an out of date or obsolete part without having to deal with any recertification? Say a ma ufaturer quit making a certain part but the was a similar and updated component that would do the same function without any major modification
  12. Does anyone know of any differences between cutter assemblies from the different manufacturers? They all appear to be the same generic concept. I know the connectors are different but besides that. Also us there any reason why I couldn't use a different brand cutter on an aad device? Are aads tsod in any way? I mean all the parts would be approved items just in new confuguration.
  13. I am currently looking for an astra cutter would you still happen to have one laying around that you'd be willing to part with?
  14. I am looking for info on finding a few parts I need to get my rig back in the air. I am needing a set of reserve toggles for an RI talon 1. Also I am in the market for a cutter assembly for an astra. Any help locating these parts would be greatly appreciated.