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  1. I went from a Katana 107 to a JFX 84. If you have been doing loads of 270° turns on the Katana, landed it in all wind conditions it's not as big of a step as it sounds. The crossbraced conopies can fly bigger if you want them to and it helps if you already know what it looks like if you're coming to low. But that is just my personal opinion and it might be differently for you. Whatever path you chose. Invest some money in canopy coaching and do hop&pops to get a better understanding/feeling of what you're doing.
  2. I took a similar step. Went from a 135 storm to a 120 Katana. Storm is quite sporty and ground hungry for being a 7 cell. So the step felt smaller than expected. Yet the canopies are as different as they could possibly be. Body position during the opening, wasn't really something I had to be aware of before. The way I had to fly the canopy to keep my position in the pattern compared to the other canopies became different. So no more 360s for fun before you start finding your slot, more flying in brakes to keep your position. After opening, traffic and planing my landing became much more important. If you only want something "a little more sporty" I would probably not get the Katana, as it is the wing you buy if you got Xbraced in mind and you want to really work on becoming a swooper, You need to be dedicated if you wanna fly this canopy. I personally would still take the same step. I don't know you. But If you plan to take this step, definitely do some hop&pops to get the feeling before you take it into the traffic with the other canopies. And please get coaching, this will increase your chances of not getting hurt.
  3. I haven't done to many jumps on the crossfire, maybe 10 each on the 2 + 3, But got a little over 500 jumps on the JFX. They both like harness inputs and are great work horses. I can't really say anything bad about the JFX. Great, quick, direct, mostly on heading openings, which is great if your student took a little longer till he pulled the canopy. I never had to land out with this canopy, coming from the Katana this was a nice change . Long spots are not really a problem with it any more. Swooping it took me a while to figure out, as you need to force the JFX a little to start diving. Once it is diving and turning you find yourself under a sports car.
  4. yes the techno is my old reserve, I will pack a Optimum 113 in the future. I had a wingloading of 1.53 on my techno - landed it once so far. - was fine.
  5. Thank you for the reply. I don't mind it not holding as long as a normal main. I wouldn't be allowed to use it otherwise anyway. So I prefer it being used more than once before I through it in the bin. I got a Techno 115, 17 years old and only jumped once by me. Landing was not to bad. Thank you for your replies. So I need to figure out a way to attache the pot, will ask my rigger for a favour.
  6. My rigger told me, she won't pack my reserve anymore as it is getting to old. I got myself an other reserve. But now I have that old reserve, which I would not like to through away just like that. I was wondering if I could use it as a main for a couple jumps. Has anybody experience doing that? Or is there anything I might forget to consider? I still got an old pot + some risers. My idea was to start with hop&pops to see how it goes. :) and if I am lucky I don't have to spend a 1000 bucks for a shiny epicene.
  7. No, it should be a replacement for JVX Something between Leia and JFX, nice long dive but not as responsive on harness as a leia, which should be good for freestyle. This is what they say at least.
  8. Depends what you are doing and is for everybody a bit different. In the beginning less might be more. Doesn't really help if you are to tired to fly. So don't overdo it until you get used to it and realise you can fly in a relaxed way and aren't fighting against the wind to much anymore. I think it is better to fly regularly like at least every second week a small amount of time than once a Year a big camp in which you fly up to 1hr a day. In the perfect world you would do both, but who can afford that? Start sharing your time as soon as possible as an addition to your time with the coach, this will help and don't forget to have fun in there.
  9. 1-15 jumps Silhouette 260 15-25 jumps Silhouette 230 25-50 jumps Silhouette 210 50-53 jumps Silhouette 190 53-200 jumps Pulse 170 200-250 jumps Sabre 2 150 250-330 jumps Storm 135 330-430 jumps Katana 120 430-720 jumps Katana 107 720-1030 jumps JFX 84 1030 and still going @arund 1200 jumps JFX 79 WL around 2.3-2.4 waiting for Anna from NZ Aerosports
  10. Not to many, probably around 30 jumps. Would not say I nailed it. I did some flocking with wingsuits once. They rather had to brake than fly the suit in order to stay with me though. I imagine it to be more natural to fly a one-piece as your power is more in the upper body and hips and less in the legs. I didn't jump a trackingsuit since I changed to the Katana. But I might give it a try.
  11. Hi I am considering to buy one off these big monotrackingsuit and jumping it with my 107 Katana loaded at 1.65. What is your experience with these suits when it comes to bodyposition during opening? I wouldn't want to jump a wingsuit with this canopy, but a Trackingsuit seems to me like a possibility to join a small flocking group.