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  1. I'm pretty new to this, have only been in one tunnel. Looks like the crew there have sound and safe routines. Are there many injuries in the industry? Cheers
  2. blouberg

    Newbie checking in

    I'm at 2:30 total time, Struggling with backflying at the moment. It's hard to keep track of position in the tunnel. Also I have a hard time getting up from the net from lying on my back. I have 15 minutes booked for tomorrow, more backflying (: Her's a promo video for my home tunnel, I'm in a short sequence backflying. Black and orange suite (:
  3. blouberg

    Newbie checking in

  4. blouberg

    Optimal flight time for learning

    Thank's guys for sharing your advise. It's easy to get hooked on flying so it's good to know how to get the most out of each penny (: Cheers
  5. blouberg

    Optimal flight time for learning

    Good advise to have fun, I struggled bigtime on backflying yesterday, then it's good to just "fly around" and feel the joy a couple of flights before the struggle continues (; Think it makes sense for me to go from 4 x 2:30 to 5 x 3 minutes sessions, even if it means some more days in between.
  6. blouberg

    Optimal flight time for learning

    I see the value of more time a day. I feel like I had good progress from the 10 + 10 session yesterday, a little sore shoulders today, but that's only a good reminder to do more stretching. Cheers
  7. blouberg

    Optimal flight time for learning

    Think it will be some time before I can do 45 minutes a day. Did 20 minutes today, as I'm still learning the basics it*s a lot to absorb, body holds up fine, but i get mentally worn out.
  8. blouberg

    Optimal flight time for learning

    Sounds like good advice (: The local tunnel have a membership option, probably the easiest way of finding people to fly with. Membership cuts a little of the cost as well. (:
  9. blouberg

    Optimal flight time for learning

    Thanks for replying, 90 seconds makes sense when practicing routines and formation work. So far I have only done solo flights (with coach). I'm trying to figure out the best way to learn and get the most out of the time in the tunnel.
  10. How much time are you guys spending when you fly? I know distance will factor in, but in an ideal world, how much time for a visit and how many flights? So far I have used 10 minutes a week, varied between 5 x 2 minutes and 4 x 2:30. I'm a little undecided on this, on one side more flights gives an extra chat with the coach, or to an extra look at the video between flights, on the other hand the ekstra 30 seconds are nice when I struggle with a move etc. Cheers
  11. blouberg

    Newbie checking in

    Hi dolphinka, thanks! I have looked at your videos, nice going! Can't wait until i get into some mere advanced stuff. I have stepped up the stretching, considering Yoga (: Living next near the tunnel is as you say a mixed blessing.. I ordered the Sonic V3 tunnel suit and the Skyhelmets Fujin. The suit will be here in a couple of weeks, the helmet arrived yesterday. (: Looking forward to try it on Monday. cheers
  12. blouberg

    Newbie checking in

    Thanks for the heads up(: I can se the need for padding when starting to do some more advanced moves, (: So far learning to bellyfly I've had no wallstrikes other than a finger between the helmet and glass. Have opted for knee and elbow pads in the suit i have on order.
  13. blouberg

    Newbie checking in

    Thanks @wan2doit, I'm having a blast flying, I love the learning process aswell, so I recon I have many many hours of learning and fun ahead. Cheers
  14. blouberg

    Newbie checking in

    Hi all, I'm a newly hooked tunnelflyer. 60 year Norwegian male. Got hooked on Tunnel flying thru a corporate event thing. (Meeting and a couple of flight minutes). This combined with a brand new Tunnel 5-6 Km from my home totally "sucked" me in. Current rate of flying is apx 10 minutes a week. I now have ca 70 minutes of flight time, and loving it! Nice to read about, and see, others journey into Tunnel flight. Looking forward to read more and to pick up pointers and advise from seasoned skydivers. Thanks to @vincearnone for an excellent article on gear. Suit and helmet are on order. I have a Youtube channel where I collect some videos from stuff I do (: Also some tunnel videos from the very first time to a week ago when I hit the 1 hour mark (: Channel name: fander2bike. There also some bikestuff in there ) Cheers