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  1. probably i have the same exact dolphin hahahaha ... flying chinese dolphin will occupy the skies.. well i know that will be a zoo dive just for fun . i will discuss your approach of exit with my instructors . my main concern is that when i say goodbye to the dolphin will not end up in the flight path of the plane. our pilot is over 20 years skydive pilot and skydiver himself.. Anyway thanks sharing your experience stay safe stay tuned and blue skies . if we accomplish the jump i ll post some epic photos
  2. we are planning to dive with an inflatable dolphin from a cessna 182. i have about 250+ jumps so the other 3 guys (280/ 220 /250) .. a 4way is advisable or not. anyone tried it before , we could use some help or safety advices.. we thought that the best exit is 2 outside of the plane the dolphin wrapped around the one that will dive exit followed by the fourth with also dive. probably will end up to a back flight spin or maybe someone grab and stabilize it.. can someone please give us some directions?