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  1. As a follow-up... My friend just bought a VOG and has a Kiss and his no problems hearing it. He was anticipating problems because I told him I heard there were problems with the Kiss... but he hasn't had any.
  2. Update to my original post after jumping: This thing is awesome... Complete altitude awareness. It's like a 6th sense.
  3. Just got one. Pairing with my iPhone was absolutely flawless. The app is so important when products features "connecting with phone" to the point that I check app reviews to gauge the product. And when you look at the Android app store, the app has a very high rating. The app is simple but it JUST WORKS! It connects so quickly! First impressions are really, really good. Build quality is excellent - feels like the Airpods case (but slimmer). No instructions included, unlike L&B's instruction sheet nightmare. But, I didn't need instructions! Super simple - plug in to charge, download app and get going. There's no buttons on the device. I would like to see some things: a) Simulated mode to test b) Small instruction sheet, highlighting where to get the app, wireless charging, etc. Or at very least help page in the app. c) Micro USB cable included, with charger. d) Online USA store to order from e) More fun stuff in the box - pull up cord?? Also the box needs a redesign. The audible is not secured in the box. It fell out because I opened the box wrong side up. I'm really excited to see more features, like logging other than just a jump counter and more extensive settings/options/features (loud warning tone or "Pull, Pull Pull!" if you're travelling above a certain speed below a certain altitude?) I will post an update after jumping tomorrow...
  4. The benefit is the Optimum has been out longer, so you're more likely to find one used.
  5. LPV Smarts are awesome. There's quite a few at my DZ in a variety of containers. They fly the same as a normal Smart. Absolutely nothing wrong with them. Also take a look at PD's optimum if you haven't already.
  6. What is the container DOM? Recently Aerodyne changed sizing on their containers. (Or at least, changed their recommendations for main canopy sizes.) Oldish nexgen sizing is different from Icon V/A. Even though they have a "nexgen" manual with sizing for Icon V/A. For example, I have a DOM 2014 I5 Nexgen that is recommended for 150-170 main. However, new I5 Icon V/A (which Aerodyne also interchangeably refers to as "Nexgen") recommend 170-190. Proof: Here's Aerodyne's website in 2014: vs now (page 10): I have a Sabre2 150 in my I5, and it fits fine. Definitely the smallest I want to go though in it. Go figure. Kinda annoying. Still love Aerodyne containers though.
  7. Hi all, How do you guys feel about the change from "25 jumps" for an A license, to "25 freefall jumps"? For IAD, this effectively means there will be 5+ more required jumps to get an "A" license. Just thought I'd ask! EDIT: Personally I am troubled that nobody reached out to dropzones that would be affected by this :( At least not our DZ. Also, the ramifications of the change weren't emphasized (the effective jump # change for IAD/SL). I'm glad I didn't glance over the word "freefall" when reading the BOD summary!
  8. I'd love to see the code open sourced on Github or something so that the community can improve upon it and analyze it. :-) Although I know you probably want to make a profit off if it, especially considering how niche the market is.
  9. I'm a new jumper (~50 jumps), and I am at a DZ that makes you pack pretty much from the very beginning. I started with heavily used F111 manta student rigs, which were easy to to a traditional S-fold. About around 40 jumps, I started using a Sabre 1 210 (ZP) rental rig, jumped many times. It was very difficult at first to pack, and I had to learn how to control the fabric a lot better. It was still difficult, up to when I got a new Pilot 188 ZPX in a new Icon NexGen I5 container. When I first got the Nexgen, I tried packing it three times and failed each time. Then, I tried the reverse s-fold technique, got it on the 2nd try, and I've been able to pack it since. When I go back the the 210, it practically packs itself, which is amazing considering I've only packed it ~10 times, and the first few attempts failed! Also, while the Pilot 188 is still difficult to pack, I've gotten better at it after practicing probably only 10 times (night and day from when I first started packing!). So if you're a patient person, you will be able to pack it. Definitely not easy, and very annoying when you can't get it the first time. The first time you pack it feel good though, even if you don't feel confident jumping it and tear it back down to try again. :P A couple tips I've learned: 1. Reverse s-fold. Do it. 2. Use a pull-up cord to get the first rubber band through the first grommet (helpful on brand new fabric so you can concentrate on controlling the fabric instead of getting the rubber band through the first grommet). 3. When getting the air out of the fabric, push it all under you and make sure the tail completely covers the ears, and that there is no air in the ears (since you're going a reverse s-fold, ears are first, and it's easier to control the fabric when you're laying on it) 4. Slide the bottom of the bag under the first s-fold, and pull the side of the bag (grab the whole side of the s-fold to hold) towards the back instead of the top or something like that. Pull the bag, don't push the canopy. Pilot 188 ZPX and Icon I5 is definitely doable, but a new packer WILL need patience, tips (from someone actually watching you), and practice.