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  1. aeharding

    VOG audible altimeter

    As a follow-up... My friend just bought a VOG and has a Kiss and his no problems hearing it. He was anticipating problems because I told him I heard there were problems with the Kiss... but he hasn't had any.
  2. aeharding

    VOG audible altimeter

    Update to my original post after jumping: This thing is awesome... Complete altitude awareness. It's like a 6th sense.
  3. aeharding

    VOG audible altimeter

    Just got one. Pairing with my iPhone was absolutely flawless. The app is so important when products features "connecting with phone" to the point that I check app reviews to gauge the product. And when you look at the Android app store, the app has a very high rating. The app is simple but it JUST WORKS! It connects so quickly! First impressions are really, really good. Build quality is excellent - feels like the Airpods case (but slimmer). No instructions included, unlike L&B's instruction sheet nightmare. But, I didn't need instructions! Super simple - plug in to charge, download app and get going. There's no buttons on the device. I would like to see some things: a) Simulated mode to test b) Small instruction sheet, highlighting where to get the app, wireless charging, etc. Or at very least help page in the app. c) Micro USB cable included, with charger. d) Online USA store to order from e) More fun stuff in the box - pull up cord?? Also the box needs a redesign. The audible is not secured in the box. It fell out because I opened the box wrong side up. I'm really excited to see more features, like logging other than just a jump counter and more extensive settings/options/features (loud warning tone or "Pull, Pull Pull!" if you're travelling above a certain speed below a certain altitude?) I will post an update after jumping tomorrow...
  4. aeharding

    New SL/IAD "freefall" jump requirement

    Hi all, How do you guys feel about the change from "25 jumps" for an A license, to "25 freefall jumps"? For IAD, this effectively means there will be 5+ more required jumps to get an "A" license. Just thought I'd ask! EDIT: Personally I am troubled that nobody reached out to dropzones that would be affected by this :( At least not our DZ. Also, the ramifications of the change weren't emphasized (the effective jump # change for IAD/SL). I'm glad I didn't glance over the word "freefall" when reading the BOD summary!