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  1. Lazarus_762

    Jim Horak

    I knew Jim, I wish I had known him better. He was a geuinely good man, friendly and helpful, cheerful and positive...this is a sad, sad day. Jim, you will be missed. Blue Skies, Black Death, my brother...
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  4. Lazarus_762

    Reading Material for New Jumper

    I just graduated AFF this weekend, and I know one thing for are thinking and worrying and analyzing too damn much. As a fellow n00b, please take my advice - relax, listen to your instructors, do not expect to nail it every time, and do not beat yourself up when you screw up...cuz you probably will! AFF is a 7 jump course, right? Wrong! It is a 7 level of learning progression course, and most folks do NOT just cruise on thru is a set of learned skills which may require you to repeat a few jumps. It's OK, if you don't nail it each fact, you may learn more if you screw up a few of them! Let's just put it this way; I needed 13 jumps to make it thru this "7 jump course", my instructor needed 15 jumps to make it thru, and the best instructors are the ones who had to struggle some to figure it out... relax, smile, listen and learn, and go with the flow... seriously - smile! Big, huge grin, and just jump, baby! I know you can do it! If a knucklehead like me can learn this, I'm sure you can too!
  5. Lazarus_762

    I was afraid of this...

    welcome to the club...totally addicted. "My drinking club has a Skydiving problem!"
  6. Lazarus_762

    my first skydive coming up

    I'm a new guy, I weigh 222, I have a bad back and a bum knee...I have 8 landings, 7 sliding in on my butt, and one PLF just like they show in the books - no damage...don't worry about the weight, just concentrate on relaxing and getting a good PELVIC arch...DO NOT ARCH WITH YOUR CHEST LIKE SUPERMAN. Arch with your hips, like you are trying to put your zipper on the ground. relax, have fun, and listen to your instructors. yer gonna do great!