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  1. I'm going through AFP and have been using the Alti-2 Altimaster Galaxy Altimeter. However, no matter how I adjust the altimeter, it moves. (I have small hands/ wrist.) This causes me to rotate my wrist more than normal to read the altitude. My instructor suggested a wrist mount. During my research, I found a hand mount by Parasport for the AloXs. What do you think? I'm looking for suggestions.
  2. I went to the wind tunnel to see if I could learn to fly my body. I did make progress!. I need to build up muscle in that arm/ shoulder... I do tend to let it drop a bit. But my instructor is comfortable with my ability to put me back in the sky. 😄. Thanks everyone for your input.
  3. How does he manage free fall with only one arm?
  4. I am a level 4 AFF student and was turned away from the DZ Saturday due to my shoulder issue. Approx 20 years ago I damaged my shoulder. (Never went to the dr, so I'm not sure exactly what damage it sustained.) Anyway, I no longer have pain in my left shoulder, however, I do have limited range of motion and it does come out of joint easily. Which brings me to the reason I was turned away. I have a wicked left turn during free fall. I think my shoulder may be coming out of joint in free fall... My instructor wants me to go to the wind tunnel in hopes I can learn to fly my body/ see if the dislocated shoulder is the source of my problems. I begrudgingly agree this is the safest approach... I bought some kinesiology tape in hopes of taping up this shoulder. Anyone have any idea if taping my shoulder will be able to give enough support to get rid of the dislocation/ turn?
  5. While I'm not deaf, I have hearing loss. Going up in the plane increases the pressure on my ears enough that sometimes the radio assistance (x2) is useless to me. While the drop zone has not used the colored paddles with me... I can tell you that being unable to hear the radio has forced me to learn canopy control/ landing sequence much quicker than other students. I'm forced to rely more on what I've learned on the ground... My first AFF jump I couldn't hear the radio what-so-ever. Take the time to go over ground instruction as much as you need to. It does make sense... My biggest difficulty from the hearing stand point is judging the appropriate time to flare... Anyway, being deaf shouldn't hinder you too much in this sport. In fact, you'll probably advance quicker because you won't rely on the ground crew to give directions. :) As for hand signals, everyone gets those during free fall. Blue skies!