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  1. Died peacefully in his sleep. R.I.P. BSBD.
  2. Yup. Skydivers. Never fall into the abyss when you can jump into it.
  3. No need to apologize at all. I thought that your post was great, and I'm sure that sissy pants will think so too when she sees it :-) As a matter of fact, other than the "cute little twat" typo, it was perfect :-D BSBD.
  4. I don't think that she's going to find a wise old sage like that in Duanesburg. Anymore :-D
  5. Shut up and jump. You're welcome :-D
  6. Well, if he's a lawyer he will know the answer to this question: Q. If a criminal lawyer, a civil lawyer, and a divorce lawyer all jump out of an airplane at the same time with no parachutes, which one will hit the ground first? A. Who gives a S**t.
  7. Here you go, if you're afflicted with skydiving, you might as well become afflicted with mathematics and science as well. It will give you something to do on rainy days. Have fun :-D
  8. Yeah, yeah, yeah... You need your coefficient of drag, AND YOUR MASS (CALCULATED FROM YOUR WEIGHT OR VICE-VERSA REALLY), AND THE SQUARE FOOTAGE THAT'S EXPOSED TO THE AIR. AND take into account that the air density changes with your altitude.
  9. In the 1st second you will fall about 16 feet. At the two second mark you will have fallen about 64 feet. At the three second mark you will have fallen about 144 feet. At the four second mark you will have fallen about 256 feet. At the five second mark you will have fallen about 400 feet. I say "about" because I am not taking aerodynamic drag into account. At the start of your fall, the drag is not significant, As your velocity picks up, it starts to become more and more of a factor. The total distance (in feet) that you fall in a given number of seconds is about: 16 times the number of seconds times the number of seconds again. X = .5 x g x t^2 The velocity (in feet per second) would be about 32 times the number of seconds that you fall. Again that's not taking aerodynamic drag into consideration. V = g x t If you want to take drag into consideration, you need to know your coefficient of drag, and you need to know how to do calculus; or just look at the chart in Dan Poynter's book.
  10. Long pilot chute in tow, pulled reserve without cutting away which led to a nasty entanglement. Untied 257 tension knots and cut away on a windy New Years Day 20 years ago, with about 40 jumps experience at the time. Luckily enough I had enough common sense to initiate deployment at an altitude high enough so that no one on the ground could hear me screaming, "Save me Jesus!" Also, luckily enough, I had the good judgement to jump on a day that was windy enough to carry me far away from the DZ so that no one on the ground could hear me screaming, "Save me Jesus!" during the wild ride and landing on a 26' Navy Conical. 240 ft^2 Strato-Cloud main 26' Navy Conical (with sea cups) 180 lb exit weight Other factors that influenced my actions: I will probably go to hell for not going to church every Sunday for the rest of my life, as I promised Jesus I would. Luckily enough, I am sure there will be plenty of skydivers there for the same reason. I hope that they all bring the beer they owe...
  11. Bob's obituary:
  12. By skymama: "The purpose of this forum: I thought the forum name was pretty obvious, but recent posts are making me think that I need to explain the purpose of this forum. As the description states, "This is where we remember our friends". Quite simply, this is where you can post memories, pictures and condolences of your fallen friends. If you have something negative to say about someone, this is not the place to post it. The real friends and families of the deceased are already experiencing enough grief; it is improper and rude to come here and post negative comments about people who are dearly missed to some. Please remember the phrase, "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." This is your warning. If you choose to ignore this warning, don't be surprised if you are banned from this forum for a very long time." Thank you for your kind words dannydan. Blue skys brother :-)
  13. Bob "Senor" Raecke D6934 went in this afternoon 9/18/2011 at Saratoga Skydiving Adventures in Gansevoort, NY. BSBD. Fly free Senor.