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  1. I made my first 12 skydives over a 4 year period at 3 different dropzones in Texas. All 3 have since closed their hangar doors ... well, actually, one didn't even have hangar doors: RIP Skydive Caddo Mills, Eagle's Nest, & WesTex Go ahead and feel free to post an obituary for your home dropzone of yesteryear.
  2. And on a side note: The first man to land a wingsuit had 800 skydives before he made his epic leap... I wonder how much "mad skill" mx19 had when he ONLY had 800 jumps?
  3. I would probably say that with 3500 jumps in 5 years mx19 probably didn't start jumping until he had a midlife crisis and still pays a packer to this day ;)
  4. That's a great question. One of my best friends and I took our first jump course together back in 2007. He ended up making 26 skydives but never completed his check dive to officially get his license -- one jump short of being a full fledged licensed skydiver. He came so close but never sealed the deal :(
  5. What type/size of canopy were you jumping?
  6. Bieber knows whats up, @#$% the tunnel!
  7. I'd recommend using an audible if you're going to be jumping a GoPro. It's pretty easy to lose altitude awareness on a camera jump.
  8. This is straight from Skydive WesTex's website: Regardless of how you made your first jump you can continue your training with Skydive Westex to become a licensed skydiver and earn your A-License from the United States Parachute Association. The price of your jump includes instruction and gear rental. First SOLO Static Line Jump - $150 Second Solo Static Line Jump - $50 Practice Rip Cord Pull - $50 Practice Rip Cord Pull - $50 Practice Rip Cord Pull - $50 First SOLO Free Fall - $50 5 Second Delay - Falling Stable - $50 10 Second Delay - Heading Control - $50 10 Second Delay - Heading Control - $50 15 Second Delay - Heading Control - $50 20 Second Delay - 90 Degree Turns - $50 20 Second Delay - 180 Degree Turns - $50 20 Second Delay - 360 Degree Turns - $50 Total Program Cost: $750.00 Once you have passed all stages of the static line training program your instructor will graduate you to the coached phase. All jumps in the coached phase are the same for skydivers regardless of the progression you choose to get you to that phase. These jumps are made from the highest altitude and focus on learning the skills needed in both freefall and under canopy. Coach 1 - Forward and Backward Movement - $75 Coach 2 - Fall Rate - $75 Coach 3 - Tracking Skills - $75 Coach 4 - Swooping in Freefall - $75 Coach 5 - Acrobatic Maneuvers - $75 Total Cost of Coached Jumps: $375.00 During the final phase of training you can make solo jumps to practice your skills for the $50 solo rate, or you can elect to have a coach jump at the $75 coached rate until a minimum of 24 skydives are completed. Once you have completed and passed all of the levels of training you will complete your A License Check Dive with one of our USPA instructors. Upon passing the check dive you will be welcomed into the world of skydiving with your very own A License!
  9. You all @#$%n suck, I didn't even get ONE lowsy "LOL" for my drunken cum joke. You all @#$%n suck! *except you imfromwales
  10. Lol, I didn't actually pull low, I just tried to dock on this guy at five grand on a tracking dive when we were suppose to be breaking off. I realized he didn't want to play anymore and was trying to track away when I saw the look of terror on his face.