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  1. I have 3 tandems and am considering doing my first AFF jump. I'm curious to experiences of how challenging canopy piloting was as a student. By that I mean just landing at the dropzone and avoiding hazards. How quickly did you notice improvement?
  2. Thanks for the encouragement guys. I'm practicing my circles and will continue to do so at home so that I'm not even thinking about it on my tandem 2 repeat.
  3. Completely botched a T2 dive. Got my circle and practice touches all mixed up. Did a practice touch instead of pulling at 5,500 feet. TM had to pull at 5,000 feet. In a very nice I was told I needed at least another T2 jump before doing AFF. Anyone gone through anything like this or mix things up on AFF1. Any advice on working through this will be most appreciated.
  4. I'm new to the sport and just watched cutaway. This movie is so bad but I can't help not loving it. Would love to get the opinion of others about how accurately it reflects the sport and dropzone culture would be most appreciated.
  5. Newby here wondering how likely it is that I'll experience something like one of the incidents on this thread. I know there is a very real risk, but I want to get some kind of feel for the likelihood.
  6. Newbie here curious about what to expect at dropzone parties and after hours at the dropzone. Any comments or insights welcome, especially about skydive dallas. I'm also curious to know how welcome newbies are at these things.
  7. Haha. Love it. Thanks for all the comments everyone. I can't wait to make some more jumps.
  8. I just did a tandem jump and am hooked. I'm giving serious consideration to getting licensed, but am curious about how frequently ill need to jump in order to jump safely once licensed. I'm thinking that I would be able to make it out to the dropzone at most a couple of times per month. Once licensed I'm thinking ill just stick to pretty plain vanilla solo jumps. Is the frequency I'm thinking of with these kind of jumps realistic for staying safe?