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  1. gregpso

    Doing my first jump soon!

    Enjoy it mate a world of adventure awaits you !!
  2. Exactly......couldn't agree more. At the DZ I jumped at (Skydive Nagambie in Australia .. a good dropzone) AADs were compulsory. Might be time everyone followed that. A reserve is compulsory so should an AAD. I remember at ist jump course at bridgewater we were told an Australian champion was saved by AAD. Seems she could not find her reserve handle after cutaway. if that sort of thing can happen to such an experienced jumper it can happened to anyone. obviously the swoopers need a special aad. Compulsory AAds and RSLs would save many lives every year. However you good folk in the USA have a fear about the government telling you what you must do.. but thats a different story. I love the USA and its people by the way.. visit often. but you have a different mindset over there.
  3. gregpso

    Australian Skydive

    I did 3 AFF jumps there. After Skydive Nagambie owner Don Cross banned from AFF. Ralph the owner of Australia skydive took me on and it was the experience of a lifetime. Very very friendly Drop Zone. Great aircraft great vibe. Thanks ralph. 5 out of 5 stars.
  4. gregpso

    Skydive Nagambie

    I did alot of tandems there and a few AFFs but got banned from AFF by the owner Don Cross. For what ? asking too many questions! I have seen manifest there being very rude to new jumpers.(thankfully not to me) Definite Clique (esp a few female jumpers who seem to think they can chose who is welcome and who is not) and they are only low level employees.
  5. gregpso

    Just finished AFF!

    Well done mate !! or as we say in Australia well bowled !!
  6. gregpso

    Wanted to say hi.

    Hi mate Where did you do your tandem ??
  7. gregpso


    well done that man !! Keep doing what you are doing !!
  8. gregpso

    UPDATE-Riding the plane down-

    WEll done keep going !!
  9. I have only done 66 jumps but the feeling you felt is normal. Maybe do one more tandem and then go solo. You will not regret it. Great fun controlling your own canopy and landing and if you do as instructed its not that hard. have fun and enjoy !!
  10. gregpso

    New addict

    Welcome Ryan enjoy your AFF. keep us posted on your progress. You obviously enjoyed your tandems.. but then I have yet to meet or talk to any one who did not.
  11. gregpso

    My AFF - But it is a long story so....

    good stuff ken keep going !!
  12. gregpso

    Introduction - First Jump

    Well done .. nothing but fun times ahead for you. Keep posting your progress.
  13. Also to KGB and Golden Brown as well
  14. gregpso

    AFF Complete

    Well done that man !! Courage shown to keep going after injury Keep doing what you are doing !!!
  15. Good Luck with it mate. Its all ahead of you