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  1. Rossco_DJ

    4 Ways to Avoid Pilot-Chute-In-Tow Malfunctions

    I check my PC 5 times when packing. There's a few opportunities that don't cost anything, even if you're a little short on time. 1. The flick after cocking it to make sure it inflates. 2. When I'm lying on my main before doing my s-folds, i sort out my d-bag and untwist my locking stow bands so its ready to go - can see if the bag is far from the bridle attachment point or theres kill-line in the d-bag, its probably not cocked (or cocked fully). 3. When I'm placing my d-bag at the bottom of my container after stowing my lines, i grab the bridle and flick the PC over to me - it'll inflate on the way over. Like the flick you do after cocking, just horizontal. 4. When i bring my D-bag to the back of my container after stowing my lines, i grab the bridle and give it a flick toward my to bring the PC over. You'll see it inflate then (or not if you forgot). 5. When I'm packing my PC, i do it the same way as Barkeeper below. 6. I do a gear check immediately after packing, and immediately before gearing up - can check the bridle window at this point.
  2. Rossco_DJ

    New girl in SoCal

    Welcome!! I did my AFF back in March-May this year. loved it. For what it's worth, i didn't actually enjoy the first few jumps in the same way i did going for a tandem, mostly because i was too focussed on what i was doing / supposed to be doing, instead of just going along for the ride. A bit tense, nerves, etc. From stage 4, though, it all started being fun again. SO if you have a similar experience to me, or it's not quite what you expected, don't stop! I'm 55 jumps in, now, and I've got no interest in stopping. Chances are you'll love it though!
  3. i finished my AFF a few weeks back. I know exactly what you mean! Just wait till you get stuck in to your B-Rels and you start to take a bit more control over yourself. Glad you're enjoying yourself, keep us posted with how you go!