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  1. richoH

    Beginner WL

    That's a healthy attitude for sure. What I read from your post is that you're trying to ask how to do the thing you've decided on is the solution, rather than trying to ask people how to solve your underlying problem. This is something I see really commonly in my line of work, and it's why it trips off my spidy sense. You're asking what you have to do in order to do big turns on your front risers, and I'm asking why you want to do that (I don't really care if you tell me, I just think you should make sure that you have a convincing explanation for yourself). If your goal is to swoop, you should just be thinking about how to get more power and consistency out of your turn, regardless of the rotation. If you're right at the edge of the pressure you can keep the risers down under, you're going to have massive consistency issues. This is why I'm telling you to get advice from people who've actually seen you fly. Good luck man, I hope you get it figured out.
  2. richoH

    Javelin Aurora

    Oh fancy! Do you take it off afterward?
  3. richoH

    Beginner WL

    I think others have covered most of it here, but I just want to echo.. not being able to do a 270 on fronts is probably the worst imaginable reason to downsize, and to give you some idea, I probably can't do more than a 270 on any of my canopies (Mostly in the 60's and 70's sq ft). There's not really any reason to, even in the context of competitive swooping, and if that's a goal for you I don't think downsizing will get you any closer to it. Get someone who knows you and has seen you fly to help you make a decision.
  4. richoH

    Same canopy different recovery arc

    It can be a ton of things. If your risers have shrunk a few mm that can be a substantial trim change in the grand scheme of things. I had 2 velo 84's on the same lineset, one opened noticably better, the other swooped measurably farther. Keep on top of it and try to get to the bottom of the reason, but don't lose sleep over it.
  5. richoH

    Javelin Aurora

    What's going on on the left hand side of your container??
  6. Sunpath really like F111 pilot chutes. Without getting into that debate (I am firmly in camp-zp-pilot chutes) you're probably going to have hella hesitations if you take super short delays with an F111 PC. You could screw around with your gear, but 2s is a really short delay for a hop n pop. I would just take an easy 5, and I bet your problem goes away. If you're just set on taking super short delays (This was me for a while, I had a katana with a Velo RDS and on it and the openings were.. snappy) try either a larger PC (sunpath will make you a 33", understand that this is a bad idea for terminal) or try a ZP one (personally I really like the VSE design, and did before I represented them).
  7. richoH

    Icarus GT-R

    Based on the one picture on insta, the xbracing looks very similar to what's in my HK. Interested to see more and hopefully jump one.
  8. richoH

    Pilot 7

    I agree that it seems to be more a matter of riser symmetry and canopy planform than WL. I cutaway an otherwise standard semi-elliptical canopy loaded 1.05 to 1 because I opened with some bodytwists and it started to spiral down fast enough that my leg wing reinflated and I was spinning on my back. While a higher WL wouldn't have been great, I suspect the only thing that would have made it better (gear wise) would have been a different canopy more resistant to spiraling around. I ended up trying a P7 and found the openings to be great. Really soft and on-heading. However, to my surprise the planform is still elliptical enough that I can turn fairly sharply. The turns are actually more aggressive than the same-size Sabre 2 I had flow in the past. I am not sure this is a good thing though. As a wingsuit canopy I kind of expect the flight would be quite boring and sluggish (like the PD Horizon) in order to reduce the seriousness of it spiraling down. I suspect Aerodyne added some level of elliptical-ness to the planform to appease to those who wanted a canopy that will open well, but still retain some level of fun in flight. To my surprise, they dub the Pilot 7's 'planform factor' higher than the nine cell Pilot which kind of seems like they were going in the wrong direction with that one. I am curious if this canopy will spiral down and put you on your back if you open in twists. Do you have video of this cutaway? What canopy and size were you flying at 1.05? I find it really hard to believe that you got anything to spin and dive at 1.05. FWIW here's a shitload of linetwists flying straight at ~1.4ish I guess? on a sf2 149.
  9. richoH

    Racer by Jump Shack

    I don't like the double sided RSL. I think it is a hazard even with proper training. People don't respond properly under pressure. That being said, there is a saying "Borrowed gear kills". The Racer's double sided RSL isn't the only piece of gear out there that has gotten people in trouble when borrowing gear. Freefly puds with tuck tabs, pull outs, and a number of other things have bit people in the ass with borrowed gear. I see what you're getting at, although all the things you mentioned, you won't bounce if you pull the cutaway handle and then the reserve handle after you have issues with deployment, which is not true of the Racer's double sided RSL. I hadn't really thought about it before I wrote that post, but as someone who jumps borrowed gear a bit and lend people mine, there are idiosyncrasies about my gear that I need to give people a heads up about, but none I can think of that are likely to kill.
  10. richoH

    Racer by Jump Shack

    I think I'm ok without the type of customer service that makes you come on a forum and yell at someone nearly killed by your product for being an idiot. Why on earth would you ever buy a rig that you can't loan someone without giving them a briefing on how to do their EPs differently if they don't want to literally die.
  11. richoH

    Wingsuit Cypres

    Have you like.. met wingsuiters? The vast majority of people I know flying big suits swoop their WS canopies.
  12. Don't learn to fly parachutes from the internet.
  13. richoH

    Reserve pack intervals

    Not for tandems - Australia is 12 months for Certificate Class B holders and above only. Students, Novices (Certificate Class A), Tandems and pilot rigs are 6 month repack cycles. well - as we are getting particular here.... Its ‘up to’ 6 or 12 Months depending on your Certificate etc as stated. I find this an important point as it is at the discretion of the packer / rigger to choose. for example, if they have a client who is jumping onto the beach daily in a tropical sun then perhaps a shorter repack cycle is a sensible decision (b) Student, Novice, Tandem reserve and Pilot emergency parachute equipment as well as tandem passenger harness, may be certified as airworthy for a period of up to six months by the holder of at least a Packer A signing the parachute packing record as required by OR 12.5.1. (c) Certificate Class B holders and above reserve parachute equipment, may be certified as airworthy for a period of up to 12 months by the holder of at least a Packer A signing the parachute packing record as required by OR 12.5.1. In this case, the use of a checklist (APF Form P3 or Certifier’s modified version) is recommended. What happens if I loan an A licensed jumper my rig that I packed 7 months ago?
  14. richoH

    Who's waiting/flying a Fluidwings

    I mean, don't rush or get your heart set on any given progression, because once you get to the pointy end all bets are off, a bit. But to give you an idea of what I did: VE96 VE84 VK79ps VK75ps then I spent a while flying whatever wings I could get my hands on, mostly various sizes of Petra 64-68, A few jumps on a HK71, a sleia 66, some smaller valkyries, at a ton of wingloadings while I figured out what I wanted. and then Scott managed to build my 67 HK in record time so I could take it to aussie nationals. Now they're trying to build my 64 in time for blacklist :)
  15. richoH

    Who's waiting/flying a Fluidwings

    I have a 67 HK, waiting on my 64 HK to keep it company :)