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  1. Have just done one tandem but might do a few more over the next year and half till I can start AFF , (no time or funds to commit to AFF). Should probably just save my money buuuuuut I mean once this year and two times next year isn't much really. My mum is thinking about going sometime. So if she jumps I am defs going with her! She actually started on static line back in the 90s and has jumped 9 times (stopped when she had kids).But still pretty cool that she has tried it. I know she would support me getting into the sport I would do tunnel or static line but there's none around me.
  2. yeah good point , by the time i do 4 tandems I could have visited my friend on the gold coast and there's an ifly opening there soon !
  3. any skydiving movie / book suggestions also greatly appreciated
  4. Sadly no tunnels in New Zealand , there is this thing though it doesn't look super promising, but would defs do it for fun if I am ever around that area. I might be visiting my friend in the gold coast of Aussie sometime towards the end of next year, will try visit the ifly there if I do go !
  5. what your saying makes a lot of sense ! thanks for your input . defs finishing uni , ill see how i go with getting a good job after though
  6. i work the weekends already and work full time over the break. Have to save up for a car this summer! Nearest DZ is an hours drive away so that's an essential . I don't want to start aff then have a massive gap before I go again so that's why i was thinking a couple tandems in the meantime. I had a hard time breathing during freefall and I am a bit iffy about my upper arm strength so doing some canopy stuff would be worthwhile I think ? just as a confidence thing.
  7. // I just want someone to tell me all my time spent flipping and dancing around a few metres above the ground with only silk to hold on to will somehow translate into making me a natural at skydiving I am really good at developing skills that don't apply to much haha
  8. I'm not sure student debt is so bad for me. I'm in New Zealand so my student loan is interest free unless I leave the country for more than 6 months straight. They do deduct your pay automatically to pay it as soon as your over the payment threshold (which is like min wage full time, so that can be a bit rough). I already have four years of uni that I'll have to deal with. So what's another six months right? ... possibly a really bad way of looking at it , but hey. Its also a really economical way of getting 200 jumps. If I did that I would be looking for work at a dropzone after. Its more the fact I just went once and am already sort of planning this , totally new direction and I would have to move to a new city , Is that crazy? 20s are for being crazy right? How did you know that this was what you wanted to do ? instantly ? first time in the sky ?
  9. Hoping to do another tandem in november and a couple next year . I guess what I was wondering is how many jumps do people do before deciding it's something they really want to commit to ? After one tandem seems a bit soon so I will do some more tandems/ can't afford AFF right now anyway. But at the same time I feel like this is something I could really get into !
  10. So I went for a tandem as a 21st one off and ,yep you guessed it, no longer want it to be a one off! Literally cannot stop thinking about it , so have been reading dropzone and watching youtube videos lots. I wasn't nervous at all just excited and in awe of the view (easy when your attached to someone doing all the work ) A couple questions ...... I am too poor right now to start any training Is there anything I can do in the meantime to prepare fitness wise? I know people say you only have to be moderately fit , but if I want to get really really good there must be some fitness that helps? I do a bit of aerial silks and yoga, is that helpful ? I figure flexibility and being able to hold positions is a biggy but I don't know ... I hear upper body strength can be an issue for ladies ? Planning to start when I finish up at uni and start working full time. so in about a year and a half . I have two options: go for my aff at my local dropzone or there is a skydiving school that would get me 200 jumps in six months (including aff)- which I can get a student loan for . But I am unsure of moving and committing to something like that after only one tandem?! Yet I feel like this might really be what I want to do - Thanks in advance Chloe