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  1. Did they say why? They said is was not designed for terminal openings. I dont have the feeling my openings are faster now, but I only have 6 jumps with the rds slider.
  2. Just to let you know.. I Had trouble with my standard VK slider on my vk 79 for about 20 jumps, couldnt reach it most of the times. Kept flapping up It sucked, got in contact with PD, they told me they dont reconmend rds slider for terminal jumps tried it anyway and this solves the problem for sure , awesome openings slider waits a bit up then comes down, even over the toggles by itself. Question, still have a rds slider for a comp velo 79, does it also fit a 84 ? There was something using the same size slider for 2 sizes wings. Anyone ? Thanks
  3. Hi, I speedride, speedfly a lot ... A big reason to have it on the front for me is safety. Sometimes these trim systems slip , or fail. If the front sytem slips, it wil make the trim of your wing flatter,. If the rear system fails, It wil make the angle of the wing steeper... I wouldnt want that on a small wing in my last turn...
  4. Great, we need more swoopponds in Europe !, still a bit far for me I think ( netherlands) Too bad the Belgium pond is closed. Any other ponds opening up in Europe any time soon ?
  5. Hi Guys , reading about the slider thing, I dont have a VK , have a comp velo 79 wit standard removable slider, anybody knows if you can customize it to make it collapsable ( drawstrings) I know its technically possible, but would it work with the extra bulk / stifnes/ cables of the PD slider. Anybody has this ? I use it for regular freefly jumps , sometimes its a bit busy in the sky, or Im a bit low,.. then I would like to just collapse it. I landed a few times with the flapping slider, cause I coulndt grab it, it has a great effect on flair. , it sucked . Next time I try pushing the risers towords each other
  6. Thanks for all the answers !, I did read the manual, I understand how the skyhook works, but I thought that after the skyhook did its job , it would always stay with the main , this is not the case I understand now. ( but it often does right ?) This remark in dont totally understand : When/how could this happen when with the skyhook system when you cut away from a open or partaly open canopy ?
  7. Sorry if it has been posted, I really tried the search... My friend had a cutaway/reserve, on a spinning main. with micron/skyhook setup. He lost his freebag , this was not connected to the main when he found it. I was quite sure that after a skyhook save the freebag would always stay with the main... So i would like to know could it be incorrectly assembled by the rigger. or this just happens sometimes . I know there is the possibility of him pulling the reserve first, but this is unlikely Thanks
  8. Thats a good question about leaving the canopy packed with sail material. I would like to know. On the peregrine you cant , if you leave it longer then 24 hours packed it will explode or something... Any advice for the lea on this ?
  9. Hi thx for the info. I have a 2 weeks old 306.. velo 84 is perfect for it , normaly it can take a velo 79 the guys at nz-sport said the lea packs a bit bigger then the velo ?
  10. Hi, I've ordered one last week ( 79). Coming from a velo 84 Took the rds option of course.. Still having doubts about the internal sail material for the ribs. Im worried it will pack bigger , maybe it will wear out quicker. effect on openings ? Is the difference in performance that much ? Any thoughts ?
  11. Maybe DZ in Rotterdam 150 km from Brussels . Weekend only DZ
  12. you have some more info on the asymetric harness ? I know it's nicer on skies. Thats why I took up skiing , since then I dont snowboard anymore. But I know quite some people who want to speedride and dont wat to learn skiing
  13. Hi, I asked for a demo in (live in the netherlands) There is only a 115 available. If I really buy one i would probl. take a 97 You guys think it would be interesting to try the 115 to get an idea how it flies ? or the size difference is just to big and the canopies would not be comparable? thanks
  14. Hi all. I don’t post but read a lot. But I have a question this time I can’t find in other posts. So here we go. I’ve been trying a xaos 27 98 for a few jumps now, it’s a used one which is for sale. I like the way it flies and lands. The opening I need to get used to. I’m 198 out the door. So that makes a wing load of 2.0 and a bit. Is that too light ? What would be the perfect average wing load for this canopy ? The dollar is really low at the moment, for me that’s a good thing (as I live in the euro zone). I’ve been thinking of maybe buying a new one. Would I be disappointed by the xaos 21 ? I like to swoop, but I don’t see myself doing any competition. What do you think ? Thanks
  15. Thanks guys that was a really nice jump. Sunset on da beach